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  1. I'm still holding a grudge against Rockstar Games because they cancelled the single player DLC that was in the works for GTAV, they cancelled it so that they could re-purpose the assets and focus on making more money with GTA Online. What pisses me off even more is that the casino was meant to open in the single player DLC but they abandoned the single player game and opened the GTA Online casino. If it wasn't for Red Dead 2 i'd be ranking Rockstar down with the likes of EA, i feel like GTA Online and the way it was monetized has corrupted the company like cancer.
  2. That sounds a bit harsh, i remember paying $150 AUD or so to trade mine in but i got rid of some games i didn't play anymore too i guess.
  3. Honestly, the trade in price to step up from a slim to a pro isn't that massive and you'll be able to trade the pro in for the PS5 later on too, there's no way i'd be playing Part II on anything other than a Pro + 4k TV.
  4. I'll definitely be getting a PS5 at launch, The Last of Us is my favorite game of all time and Part II looks amazing, i'll definitely be wanting to play the best possible version of that game when the system becomes available, plus the whole thing with haptic feedback in the triggers will be so cool when pulling the string back on your bow as you're about to shoot someone
  5. Playstation has a heap of good single player titles and exclusive stuff to give me a reason to buy a PS5. I honestly have no reason to buy an X-Box though, i have a good gaming PC and just about all X-Box games can be played on PC soooo To me, the gaming holy trinity is PC-Playstation-Nintendo, that'll cover just about all of your gaming needs. Edit: You should add Fable to your X-Box list, they're making a new one of that franchise, once again though, we'll be able to play it on PC lol
  6. I prefer the whole "just the facts ma'am" approach, i first starting Linus back when he was just doing stuff for NCIX Tech Tips and then started doing some of his own but he was a lot more down to earth and to the point, i don't really watch any of the zany antics he gets up to now.
  7. The current generation top tier X-Box is heaps more powerful than the PS4 Pro too but Playstation absolutely crushed this generation, so long as Sony keeps focusing on their amazing first party single player games, they can have my money
  8. Lets be realistic here, all phones these days are just similarly sized metal rectangles with an all glass front and some camera shit at the back, there isn't exactly a heap of room to move on the design front.
  9. I've had a collapsed lung and had surgery on it while conscious, they cut a hole in the side of my chest and pushed the ribs apart and then poked around in there with some tubes and instruments, i was coughing up blood mixed with local anaesthetic (it had pooled in the bottom of my lung from when they deadened the point of entry) at the time, not much fun lol
  10. World of Warcraft, played it pretty hard through vanilla, BC and WOTLK but ever since Cata i take it or leave it here and there. Must have over 600 days played but the lions share of that is probably afk in the AH while my addons run scans and deal with my auctions.
  11. Honestly i don't really care if they come up with the most bad ass and powerful console ever, if they don't have much in the way of first party exclusives or single player narrative driven titles i just have no reason to buy one. If this generation is anything to go by, i'll have my gaming PC as my primary device and then i'll have a PS5 for Sony exclusives and maybe a Nintendo for Zelda but that's it, give me a reason to want an X-Box, Microsoft!
  12. Are you seriously trying to say that God of War looks like shit? Red Dead 2 (before it came to PC) looked like shit? Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy looked like shit? You need to have your eyes examined, or maybe they're covered in shit from your head being up your ass
  13. I watch a lot of the Digital Foundry videos where they do comparisons between PC and different consoles and honestly it's pretty hard to pick the difference between the PC and "top tier" consoles, sure if you pause and zoom into specific spots you'll see some extra jaggies or pop ins but when i'm sitting back on my sofa i really couldn't give a fuck about such minor things. I love my PC and it will always be my first choice but if there's anything to be taken away from the current console generation, it's that the best graphics don't always win the rice. The top X-Box shits all over the PS4 Pro at a hardware level but Sony absolutely crushed it this generation because they focused on single player experiences and quality first party stuff. I just wish people didn't have this us v them mentality when it comes to PC v console, there are so many cool games out there and it would be a shame to miss out on games like The Last of Us (and Part II), God of War, Spiderman etc etc simply because you think it's cool to hate on consoles.
  14. I just want them to make a small model again, i don't need a phablet/supercomputer in my pocket with a crazy camera, i just want something the size of the original 5 with smoother edges and basic smartphone functionality.