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    Cavite, Philippines
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    Computer, Hardware, Overclocking, PC GAMING, Books
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    I'm just a derp in college who really want to play games and have a business in the future. I currently have my own job in school and this is what I use to buy my own PC parts. Since I became a college student I don't usually rely on my parents to buy me things because I want to be independent as early as possible.
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    Financial Markets Researcher


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    Intel i5-3570
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    DDR3-1600 Mhz 8GB
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    AMD RX 560
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    Recycled HP case
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    1TB WD Blue
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    Generic AF
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    BenQ GL910WAL 19" Wide LED Monitor
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    Intel Stock Cooler
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    Corsair K70 RGB MX Brown
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Kingston HyperX Cloud
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    Windows 10

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  1. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, you're right regarding the price since the value of my country's currency is whack for the past few years and prices of cameras here are a bit inflated. And yes, this will be my first camera and as you've mentioned, I don't really want to spend too much on it since it would more likely be just a hobby for the meantime. If I may ask, what type of lenses should I buy for landscape, night shots, portrait, macrolens, and b-roll? I'm leaning on the 800D atm based on @xQubeZx's advice. Any advice or product suggestions would help a lot!
  2. Thanks for the advice! Value-wise, is it better to get the 750D or 800D? The 750D is sold at 779-ish USD here while the 70D is sold at 640-ish USD. I've put the 70D in the poll because I've found it at around 711-ish USD here although there is no warranty and stocks easily come and go. Price isn't a deal-breaker to me but I really want to get the most of what I pay for since I'll be stuck with it for a while. Also, is it better to buy the body alone or buy it as a kit?
  3. Hi guys, I've been planning to get into photography for a long while and planning to get into videography down the line. Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge of what to look at and to consider on choosing a good camera. I've put a poll on the cameras that I'm considering based on some random websites and my budget. It would help a lot to know the reason why you picked the camera in the list. It would help if somebody can suggest or tell me a comprehensive comparison between the choices. Any suggestions and advice would help a lot!
  4. Yeah the actual plan is to get a 980ti but the budget is $250 lower than the budget said to me by my friend. I'm thinking of getting the 970 since it is way better than a 980 in terms of performance per dollar and they can always slap on another one.
  5. Yeah I actually need to ask about that since my friend's dad really insists on getting an i7 and I don't actually know if they edit a lot of videos. I do however, know that their whole family is into PC gaming.
  6. Hey guys! I don't know where to put this post so I'll just put it here. I was wondering if an i5-K with a 980 will have a better performance than an i7-K with a 970. Is there any significant difference in terms of gaming and overall performance? I'm concerned that the 980 won't run on its full potential in an i5 setup compared to a 970 in an i7 setup. Really need your help here. Thanks!
  7. I want it because of its small form factor. My room's very small and a normal atx case uses up a lot of space. I want it because it's a space saver and also has less power consumption than my PC(my PC right now is basically stripped down atm).
  8. How hot does it get? I owned a Zenfone 5 and it's like I can fry an egg with my phone every time I play some games and use 3G
  9. Hi guys! Basically I'm going to change my phone and I'm currently choosing between these three only. I need your help to what to choose and why. Any advice or criticism about these phones would really help!
  10. I'm loving the 4K video capture! :wub:
  11. "and much patience from the wife" Hahaha.