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    Colorado Springs, CO (United States)
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    Code, Linux, Websites
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    C++ dev mostly
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    Your guy's friend


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    half a byte
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    like a byte or 3
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    3 minutes without being at a charger
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    my legs (SOO HOT)
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    This brought up my country when I typed it in??
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    Logitech for mouse, also use track pad
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    Depends, often Ubuntu [or a flavor of such], sometimes pure Arch, Fedora/OpenSUSE as well depending on the work for that month.
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    ASUS SonicMaster X555QA

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  1. RIP my old account, may I always remember my password or use my self-created password manager

  2. Yes it is. https://github.com/ubuntucinnamonremix they have a few repos and I also host a few repos for them here https://salsa.debian.org/Nettly_-guest All the code is here.
  3. Ubuntu Cinnamon 19.10 So recently I have seen [and partially helped with] a recent project called Ubuntu Cinnamon. Working on becoming a full flavor it has its first real release based on Ubuntu 19.10 and like any other flavor is just plain Ubuntu with a different skin which is how it differs from Linux Mint [which adds a lot of extra software]. TL;DR There is now an Ubuntu Cinnamon flavor that released but currently unofficial.
  4. This confuses me as I myself have a Blue Snowball (Ubisoft Black) that worked fine (if not better than other microphones I have had in the past) on Pop!_OS specifically. Are you sure the software is set up right and that everything with your snowball is in working order?
  5. restart your pc... then if that doesn't work, try reinstalling windows... or whatever that game is
  6. Debian with LXQt, Linux Mint, Tiny Core Linux, and those are probably the best ones to try first
  7. I use Ubuntu Linux for it is stable and has everything I need. Pop!_OS is my 2nd-ary and Zorin and Feren are 3rd and 4th respectively
  8. Welcome MakinBacon to the LTT forum, hope you have a good time here

    1. MakinBacon


      Thanks! It's great

  9. Welcome to the LTT forum!! Hope you have a good time here

  10. Works faster, better, stronger, easier
  11. Okay some cool things to do: is how you install packages is how you edit files in terminal Removes a file Removes folders AND files. (I hope you know not to use the forbidden command with this.) Removes a package that you installed My favorite, make custom aliases (for commands) by doing alias <aliasname>="<WhatYouWantItToDo>" and also don't forget there is much much more but thats what I use a lot
  12. C/C++ Now before you comment let me explain. C/C++ is a harder language to learn yes, however it has aspects almost all languages build on. C++ being originally an extension of the C programming language, both revolutionized the industry. You wont learn C++ to code unless you REALLY like it in the end however C++ gives you the core fundamentals of what every programming language has (including functional languages, even though C++ is Object Oriented) it will make the gateway to any other language you want to learn. Go, Java, JavaScript, Clojure, Python all are a few examples o
  13. I will change my name on the 19 to what it should be