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  1. Whow mobile pascals were a real leap.:), time to look at the cost of building a rig centered on at least and RX 480 or in my case since they are similarly priced a 580.:)
  2. Actually RX 480 and 580 in my country is priced the same.0.0, so i guess anything lower like a gtx 1050ti would be close in performance to a mobile 1060?:) btw thanks for the replies.:)
  3. Hey all,I'm planning to buy a gtx 1060 6gb specc'd laptop but i might lower my budget and get a 1050ti instead (for work and lan parties with friends) in order to make my very first desktop (I'm getting that itch to build lol), now my concern is what specs does my rig need to be at minimum to outperform a 1060 6gb specc'd laptop cause to my knowledge mobile pascals cards now have close performances with desktop cards.:), need some insights if it is even worth to cut my budget to make a build or just be happy with a laptop as my daily driver.:) Thanks all, having a hard time looking for dire
  4. Cool i would wait for your findings and it's very much appreciated.:)),and yeah that's really the bummer since the UHD is too expensive and thats the only one we have here with no info of release on the FHD one, does your 501JW themral throttle? a lot of people said to avoid the 501 due to it's thermal throttling.:))
  5. Is there anyone in any part of the world that owns this unit?, its the skylake refresh of the G501JW, sadly the one available here in the PH is only the UHD Panel and it costs 2 arms and a leg, and i've heard that the US will se their first G501VW's late march. Anyways i would like to ask if they changed anything in the design, lets say in the cooling and throttling department since thats the part where it has issues or is it really just a spec upgrade?:)) Thanks as this unit is a total mystery still
  6. is the G501 a good buy?:)), reading pretty mixed reviews and feedbacks online about its cooling and throttling, im aiming for slim-slightly slim laptop (max 1.1" since anything more is just too thick)
  7. So pretty much everything else is the same except for those spec refreshes?:))
  8. Seems to put a check on all of the things i want on a laptop.0.0, i have no problem with the refresh rate, maybe, since i would mostly play Moba's and light Lan games on it, i have a desktop to handle the other games.:)), really liking the design of this one it's so sexy.:)), thanks for the feedback, oh and was the specs the only thing that they changed on the 2015 model? (gtx 960m)
  9. i'll take note of that if i would buy the unit, those hardware issues aside how is this laptop? is it still a good buy?:))
  10. I don't think its the touch version.:)), ohh are Y50 hinges weak?:(,though it was rarely used in those 6 months hence the reason why they are selling it.:)
  11. Speaking of the Y50, a good deal just turned up here i can buy a 6 month old one for almost the same price as the Dell 7559 but it's the updated version: Display: 4k 15.6" CPU: i7-4720HQ GPU: Gtx 960m 4gb Ram: 16gb Storage: 512 SSD Would the Brand New Dell still be better or shall i pull the trigger on this Y50?:))
  12. As far as i know returns are just 1 month from purchase, you could try and just service the laptop for repairs to them since it would still be covered by warranty.:)
  13. Actually the difference in gaming performance of that particular locked i7 and that unlocked i5.:))
  14. Afaik too only laptops have dual core i7's, well the 2 processors i mentioned are both quads anyway.:)
  15. now that i did not know i always viewed them as 2 very different things.:))