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    MSI h110m
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    16GB G-skill Trdent
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    NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 970 Gaming 4G
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    Tecware Quad
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. so there's a metal piece or plastic I think that's blocking it. which is very weird because it's my first time seeing something like this. can this be opened? is there a mechanism for it? my friend bought it from newegg it's an ibuypower pc. it's using an asrock z97 anniversary motherboard and I've built a computer with this mobo before and I never really remembered seeing something like this. so I'm guessing it's not the default IO Blackplate? she really can't plug usb's into it.
  2. I've been recently trying to update my windows 10 but the problem is once the installation is finished and it restarts I get a BSOD. I've also done sfc scan now problem is it's stuck at 25%. I tried another command line "Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth" however it gives me error 193 and the process cannot continue. I've already done registry scans but to no avail. I am using genuine copy btw. thanks to whoever can answer
  3. hm it started ever since I've been playing it. I bought the game like 3 weeks ago since there was a sale...
  4. So i'm not sure what's really going on with the game or it could just be my specs... whenever I play campaign mode I get 60 fps at ultra no problem and stable. but, whenever I play multiplayer I've been having a lot of fps drops. I would understand when there's a situation where the explosives are all over the place but I get 60 to 20+ to 30 drops at the start of the match and it goes back to 60 and comes back down to 30. it's kinda annoying.... here are my specs i5 7400, MSI GTX 970, 16GB DDR4, and the game is in an SSD.
  5. thanks bud guess I'll have to check the shops today.
  6. oh I use the phone and connect it to the pc. I was thinking it could be formatted if I used a media card reader but that means I'll have to buy one ughhh.
  7. it's this. wasn't even sure with the brand tbh but it was cheap so I'm guessing it is locked or something.
  8. it's a micro sd card. doesn't look like that although it could be lock I guess I'll have to find some info about this card then.
  9. So I got this 16GB SD CARD that keeps unmounting itself. I was wondering what should I do to fix this. various forums suggest a reformat to fat32 problem is windows can't format it. if I right click on the drive format options are unavailable. I have also tried formatting using the phone itself still no options for it.
  10. ah! well this makes it easier thanks bud. I was getting concern because my shop can't find any x30's I guess I can just find some single rad AIOs like the h50
  11. So, I kinda won a raffle in my local computer shop and I won the Kraken g10 gpu watercooling bracket. after reading the label it appears it doesn't support gtx 900 series. so my question is anyone using a 970 or 980 using this bracket? right now I am using an MSI gtx 970 and if the bracket doesn't support this card then I guess I'll just sell it.
  12. RIP the price of the rx 470 is the same as the 1060 so the 480 is a no no darn.
  13. I'll have to check if its the same price as the 1060 3gb. for the 480 I mean
  14. hmm good idea I'll have to see if I can squeeze a 240gb for it. because it was just an additional 30 dollars to make it 16 GB if I convert it.
  15. I'll be using this mainly on gaming and a bit of word processing for work and Router UI testing. I won't be using pc part picker because I don't live in the u.s and the prices aren't the same. all I'm asking is, are the parts okay? i3 6100 (stock cooler) zotac gtx 1060 mini 3gb msi h110m 120gb Crucial SSD 16gb g-skill 2400mhz RAM 2 8gb's seasonic 620 watt 80+ bronze Tecware Quad