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  1. Vinyl will only start to melt at 100°C, so unless you plan on using your figure as a heatsink you're gonna be fine.
  2. Do I buy a proper chair or a monitor?

    You can get both a good chair and a monitor for that. I can recommend the IKEA Markus chair, which I still find comfortable after 4 years of sitting on it for at least 3-4 hrs a day. It hasn't worn out much from everyday use. I'm about 185 lbs and 6 ft. in American measurements, so pretty average. Of course what makes a good chair is very subjective, so if you have an IKEA nearby just go there and try it out. I thinks it's around $200.
  3. Should i delete my account?

    Yes #deleteLTT
  4. Stupid law

    Well your laws let you drive a car at 16, so at least you have that going for you.
  5. Buying hardware outside the US

    I never knew that, I thought that was only for digital goods (like steam keys). But I checked amazon UK and sure enough they only charge me 19% VAT which is the German rate. It's actually hard to find any official info on how this works but from what I gather it depends on how much turnover the seller has in the country he would export to (In this case Denmark), so if the yearly turnover in a certain EU country exceeds a limit which is set by each indivual country (apparently DKK 280 000 for Denmark), the seller will then have to charge the VAT rate of the country he is exporting to rather than the country he is based in. (source: https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/vat-customs/cross-border/index_da.htm) I don't know if that's an official site or not, and what I wrote is only my understanding of it. So you can forget about Amazon because they will surely exceed the yearly limit and charge your local VAT, but you may be able to buy it from a smaller German store for example and only pay 19% VAT.
  6. Should there be internet censorship? (Assignment I had to do)

    Censorship? No. Censorship laws tend to always be abused to silence opposing political viewpoints, block foreign media, etc. This however does not mean that no laws should apply.
  7. Google Maps Slave

    In my experience this only happens as frequently as you describe it after you accept the local guide badge on your google account. If you ignore it for a while it will stop.
  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I know, I read a lot about bugs online. I was just talking about my personal experience. What did you run into?
  9. It's happened. Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian

    Anyway, I can't really wrap my head around the fact why they would have that X-shape pavement there... (where the accident happened). Even if they put up signs telling people not to use it - which just makes the pavement completely useless, that was an accident waiting to happen, self driving car or not.
  10. It's happened. Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian

    Actually in a lot of places in Europe that's how it works. Cities here aren't designed around cars and laws favor pedestrians/cyclists over drivers. If you're involved in an accident with a cyclist and you were driving, you're in for a bad time. (I'm in no way a fan of this, because it let's bicyclists act like idiots in traffic... during the summer you can often see them in groups, next to each other using up the whole road trying to re-enact the tour de france) Also a lot of streets in smaller cities are really narrow so there's a speed limit of 30km/h anyway. Then again, we have a lot less intersections and a lot more roundabouts. I guess this is also why I only ever heard of tests of autonomous driving here on the Autobahn, not in city traffic.
  11. It's happened. Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian

    I thought those privacy laws were a lot tamer in most of the US, especially if it comes to filming in public. Apart from that, it would only make sense to have a dashcam in there in order to document what the self driving car is doing. For evidence and research purposes.
  12. Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 Mail users to open links in Edge

    It only makes sense MS would want to push their own software. I don't use Windows Mail so I don't really care. What bothers me more is how annoying it has become to change standard apps. Like not even Office can set itself to be the standard apps for its supported file types, you gotta do it all manually as far as I know.
  13. It's happened. Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian

    What if the pedestrian/cyclist just stepped right in front of the car? Even if the AI could react much faster than a human, it wouldn't be physically possible to avoid the crash. There's not enough information to conclude anything yet. Do self-driving ubers have dashcams?
  14. 'Phat' PS3 Owners Have Until April 15 to Claim $65

    That feeling when you own a GTX 970, fat PS3 and a Volkswagen Diesel but live in the EU and don't have class action law suits.
  15. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Combat becomes much easier as you progress. In the beginning, if you're outnumbered you're pretty much f*cked. A soon as you're about 2/3 thru the main story you can easily take on 2 or 3 opponents at once. I'd almost say combat is too easy towards the end. btw, anyone here like Sabaton? About the game being buggy: With the 1.3.1 patch they fixed a lot of things but in return they broke things that worked fine before. For example in the beginning after you fled to Talmberg, the cutscene with Sir Radzig doesn't trigger. Random encounters during fast travel are broken at least for me and many others. I played thru the game once before the patch and while there were some bugs (some of which just seemed like oversights if you didn't do quests in a particular order... and at one point in the main story the game even tells you that some quests will fail if you continue.. but all it does is place map markers out of bounds ) none of them were game breaking for me.