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    Intel Core i5-9600k
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    Gigabyte Z390 UD
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    16GB 3200MHz G.Skill Aegis
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    RTX 2060S XC
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    Segotep 600w gold
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    Deepcool Neptwin V2
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  1. Just going to invest it since I don't want or need anything.
  2. Have you tried talking to him about his financial situation? Maybe he's one of the numerous people that don't have a job anymore due to the pandemic.
  3. Nice. No point in letting our enemy data mine our citizens.
  4. Well it's something you should seriously look into doing. Maybe try to get professional help for it if you are have trouble doing it solo.
  5. I used to have sleep apnea and had to use a bipap machine to stay asleep and not wake up tired. I eventually lost a bunch of weight and no longer have to use one anymore.
  6. Some mod that helps increase your fps in minecraft.
  7. The java edition has always ran like shit. idk if optifine still works but maybe download whatever the latest version is and try that out.
  8. I like this. They should have done this a lot sooner.
  9. Bruh, this happens to every online retailer. I guess every community is toxic by your logic.