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  1. play a game that you never played before or try different genres.
  2. Is it true that it can damage the CPU? In certain tests...
  3. GTA IV has mods too for enhanced graphics.
  4. How reliable has this console generation been compared to last gen (PS3/360) when it comes to failure rates? The PS4 is an extremely reliable console, at least in my experience. What are your thoughts about this?
  5. 1. GTA IV (more advanced physics than V) 2. GTA V 3. Vice City
  6. Can anyone guess if next-gen with Zen will be a bigger jump than last-gen Xbox 360 to Xbox One? Curious about that.
  7. Is it dependent on the architecture how easy an emulator is to run?
  8. At this point im wondering why PS4 isn´t backwards compatible. Would it technically be possible to play ps2 games on it or even ps1? Sony does not care but anyway.
  9. I like consoles since they are basically plug & play without having to worry about anything.
  10. How much of a difference will it be when going from jaguar to zen cpu in terms of performance? can anyone guess?
  11. I guess this always changes with a new consle generation. I mean, games only really started using quad cores like in 2013, the same year the PS4/ Xbone came out. Or is this just an coincidence?
  12. I would believe it's more healthy for your PC to leave it on. Also depends on power consumption whether or not it makes sense.
  13. How reliable is this tool? I mean if there are only blue lights, it really means that your HDD is without issue?
  14. Topic. Also give a reason why it is like that. No matter the platform. For me it's Watch Dogs 2 because of it's immersive and varying city.