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    Intel Core i5-4790K
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    MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming
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    4x4 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro red
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    Asus GTX 970 Strix
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    Cooltek UMX2
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    1 TB Samsung 850 Evo
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    EVGA Supernova G2 850W
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    Asus PB278Q
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    bequiet! Dark Rock 3 topflow
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    Tesoro Durandal G1NL w/ Cherry MX Brown
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    Logitech G900 Spectrom
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    Phillips Fidelio X2
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  1. Try to build a PC for $1000 - which is the price of the glorious Apple Pro Stand - that outperforms the all-new cheese grater MacPro base model. Sounds like a stretch, but if anyone can pull it off, its you guys! ?
  2. Das mit Dishonored istdurchaus wahr. Davon ist man dann durchaus besseres gewöhnt. Ich kann auch das neue Dishonored empfehlen was ja eigentlich als addon geplant war aber ein standalone ist. Allerdings nicht für mehr als 15€. So lang ises nicht.
  3. Hab mir auch irgendwann mal Thief zugelegt und n bisschen angezockt. Find es auf den ersten Eindruck etwas casual, alle wertgegenstände blinken im dunkeln... wtf? Metro 2033 hab ich ganz genauso gespielt wie du, ca 3-4 mal angespielt, ungefähr bis da hin wo man sein erstes rüstungsupgrade bekommt und dann aufgehört, weil meh. Ich kann Wolfenstein sehr empfehlen. Wenn du The new Order noch nicht gezockt hast, wäre das ein günstiger Einstieg, und auch das neue The New Colossus ist einfach der Hammer. Grade was Atmosphäre, Mimik und Gestik der Charaktere und einfach nur ge
  4. hab 60 stunden für ein playthrough gebraucht und hab am ende bereits gerusht weils so ätzend war. nach ca. 15 stunden hast du das skillsystem voll ausgereizt. das spiel an sich is auch voll für die tonne. besonders im vgl zur originalen triologie. ich möchte dir deinen günstigen kauf echt nicht vermiesen, aber wenn du bei origin gekauft hast würde ich rückgaberechte prüfen und mir stattdessen die originale triologie kaufen. kostet ca genauso viel, dauert genauso lang wie andromeda und ist 10000000x besser.
  5. I'm searching for closed back headphones with a high sound quality and pristine clarity in the 300-400€ area. The boatload of headphones you can find in the internet is too overwhelming for me to disect a clear winner myself. Note: I have bigger ears; I listen to a lot of bass-heavy music, however this does not mean that I want to sacrifice on other frequencies; I drive my headphones off of my motherboard (RealTek ALC 1150) and the quality of my music is Spotify Premium. My current main headphones are the Philips Fiedlio X2. I really like them, but i miss the "inside yo
  6. I don't want to get back into that pls.
  7. Jupp, i saw that. But if you google it, there are a couple of Faceook or Twitter messages between users and TB which indicate that you are (or were) able to pay via PayPal. I'm just not sure if this is still the case?
  8. Quick question: Can you pay for TunnelBear Premium with PayPal? Am I missing something? It looks like the only payment method is a credit card, but I don't have one.
  9. I currently already use a Tesoro Durandal G1N - which is awesome - but it's not RGB. The GRAM Spectrum would fit perfectly into my RGB setup!
  10. Yes, they are all PWM headers aswell as fans. It is like Nacho Marco Segui said, Nothing happens when i use "Manual" instead. Manual Mode for me really is Manual. When i set the tick at "Automatic fan speed" my fans jump to random fan speeds and stay there no matter what i do with my fan curves. My fan curve is the usual hysteresis curve from 30°C/40% to 80°C/100%. I only told Speedfan to monitor one temperature, which is my GPU temp, all the other ones were showing funky stuff like CPU at 128 °C or Auxiliary sensor at -31 °C, so i deactivated them. The
  11. Hey people of the internet. Today i watched Jayz2cents' video on how to set up speedfand and i wanted to give it a try. However there is a problem when setting it up. What you are supposed to do, in order to control your fans automatically by a fan curve is go to "Configure", "Advanced" tab, select your Chip and change the "Value" of each PWM Header to "Software Controlled". However, there is no such option for me, i only have "Manual", "Thermal Cruise", "Speed Cruise", "Smart Fan IV" <-(which is the default one, wehre it uses whatever i have set in the BIOS) and 10 times the setting "DO NO
  12. I wouldn't igve too many cares about rankings. Sure its hard to decipher which university is better than another if you don't know anybody who studies there or if there is no other objective comparison, but rankings don't necessarily represent the level of education your are going to recieve. I'd also try to move to a nice city - what good is a highly ranked university if the city is crap. I personally don't know much about Duisburg, Essen and Darmstadt, never been there, but the others here might. ^^ I can only tell you that munich is a nice (yet expensive) city to study in. I my
  13. I think that 1 year of just learning german is more than enough to be good at it if you train every day. On the other hand it surprises me that there are no universities offering electrical engineering with english lectures. You should definiteley write an email to the responsible professor at the university of your interest if it is possible to hold the lecture in english. In life sciences this is generally more often the case but it might be possible in an engineering class aswell. At my university (i study chemistry) the professors are even tied to do the lecture in english if there is a fo
  14. I'd really enjoy the keyboard because i already have another, different Tesoro Keyboard and it is awesome!!