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    Security and technology in general.
    I also love cars! My dream car would be the Shelby Mustang GT350.


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    16GB DDR4
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  1. Wouldn't that bottleneck the graphics card though? I was initially thinking maybe a newer Ryzen or something similar. P.S. I like your name
  2. To give some background info, I've primarily game on Xbox for the past few years. Most of my friends are on there but I would really like to not exactly switch over to PC but to also game on it. I was planning on a build a long time ago but never got to it. I have a EVGA RTX 2080 XC Ultra, two 1TB Samsung 970 Pro, and a Noctua NH U14S Cooler. Now here's where it gets complicated. I'm 18, not a lot of money and I'm not sure if I should finish it. If I sell all the parts I can get around $1000 I can potentially put into savings or something. I don't currently work either but I
  3. I'm looking for a mic solution while keeping my own headphones for Xbox party chat. I've watched many mic reviews and tests of both but can't decide on one. Some videos the Yeti sounds awful compared to some videos with the Modmic. Gut feeling tells me the Yeti should be better. I can get both at around the same price so I really can't decide.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll definitely look into the forum you linked. I assume its similar to something like r/personalfinance on Reddit? Or does it have a broader range?
  5. I wish. This is for my graduation gift.
  6. The $3k was including tax. I should've clarified that, my apologies.
  7. I really do want a job, especially now when living with my parents. Though as someone dealing with social anxiety it's extremely difficult for me.
  8. I can choose between a sub $3000 PC or $2000 cash as a gift. I really don't know what to choose. I currently have a decent laptop but more power would definitely help. Gaming on it is especially bad since it's a work centric silhouette. I'm 17 and don't have a job, also never 'officially' worked. I have about $4000 saved in the bank. I would some times splurge for things but not thousands... I was thinking maybe this can help future endeavors like buying a car in the near future. How much does a PC of this caliber usually depreciate?.
  9. My laptop had the Killer 1535 and the performance was "okay." Things like wifi speed slowed to a crawl when using bluetooth or occasional dips/inconsistencies with connection (could be router though). I just swapped it out for the Intel 9260 and am wondering what tests I could run to see if there are any changes. There aren't any reviews I could find either so feel free to let me know how yours performs.
  10. I'm currently thinking of building my own little setup in my room. This means moving the xbox from the living room to my room. I had a problem with the xbox before where there would be huge latency in games and causes me to lag, the Ethernet cable swiftly solved that problem. (Would be great if anyone can tell me what the problem was) Given that I have to use the Ethernet cable I don't know what I can do. The router is downstairs in the living room and I won't and can't wire an Ethernet cable from there. I was thinking of getting another router/modem but am not sure if that would work. I'
  11. Which one is better screen quality wise? I've read from tech review sites that the U317W panel is actually worse than the previous iteration, the U3415W. The curve is more pronounce on the U3417W and it also has a bettter design/IO. The user reviews generally say the U3147W is better but the fact that these review sites are saying the opposite is bugging me. Does anyone have experience with both of these monitor?
  12. Hello all, I'm looking to buy a ultrawide monitor, the extra real estate and the immersion is awesome. Productivity wise my laptop would have no problem running it but I'm not so sure when it comes to gaming. I'll be running it with a mobile GTX 1050 while playing gaming like Heartstone, CSGO, R6S, and OW. I know I won't be pushing out 100+ frames but am wondering if I'll be able to maintain 60+. Resolution of the monitor would be 3440x1440p, I know I won't be able to run it at that resolution and so I'm here to see what compromises I can make. If I play the game at 16:
  13. What do you mean? The Note battery life is inferior to the S series?
  14. Should be ok. I primarily game on xbox anyway with PC gaming here and there.