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  1. Nah, I don't think inking your body is a great idea because it looks cool only for some days and you regret it later for not able to get it removed without a surgery. Go for temporary tattoos that fade away in a few days. Permanent ones appear useless to me.
  2. I was wondering if it is worth buying a DIY 3D printer for the business uses because I have seldom seen people looking to assemble 3D printers.
  3. I faced such an issue some time ago with my PC. Turns out that my UPS was misbehaving and I then needed another UPS. But it would restart even while working and even while playing games. It was not biased in the favor of games.
  4. You mean you read each and every service agreement before installing your application? Strange. I am from US but I still don't care what permissions they ask for while installing in your smartphone. I must be an Indian then. Such crappy thoughts.
  5. I have hard about how the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi has been talking about developing new apps in the country and making the country self-sufficient. While this is a great initiative for the country, it definitely is a red sign for the Google.
  6. I am really living upon Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V with a little bit of access to Ctrl + X as well. When I have to use the Microsoft Word Doc, there are lots of shortcuts that I cannot even define are so handy. These shortcuts have made the life so simple.
  7. If you have any such issues, the best solution is to go for a Windows format or restoration. You will lose your data in the process, so if you can, take the data backup and keep it secure.
  8. Which Personal 3D printers are really good at the low cost? Suggest DIY and assembled ones both please.
  9. My university was like a dream. Come and go at any time and nobody cares. No issues with the attendance and lots of free time as well with the classes. And mass bunks were always supported by all. Was worth living it again.
  10. Benjamin22044


    Welcome pal and have a good time. Wish you all the best for your posts and hope you have some news.
  11. I would really like to have a 3D printer for my personal needs. This technology appears so intriguing but I can hardly convince my parents to get me one.
  12. That might be a big loss for Facebook as they have a lot of users in Europe. But I think they will find some way.
  13. I don't think the schools should be too harsh on the teenagers to check the accounts of each and every child but they can check a few initially to induce fear in the mind of students and prevent them from any unwanted activity.
  14. Computer Engineering is not a bad thing in the scenario but you need to be very specific with fields such as IT, Hardware and Software. It appears that you wish to be a Hardware Engineer in future and you can go for it.
  15. Most of the computer parts in other countries are imported from countries like USA and China etc. and this is why they are costly. Not that USA manufactures such products but the country likes to put a heavy tax, earning a lot of money.