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  1. I have a HP laptop with a GTX 1650 can I get any bucks at all by mining using nicehash? Or is it just waste of energy! Thanks...
  2. The new Asus zephyrus G14 / G15 are the best ones right now. It will be available in a month hopefully
  3. I just wanted to know whether Fedora and Ubuntu use totally different terminal commands like python and C++ do.
  4. I've never used linux before, but now I have to so I'm planning to install Ubuntu. I've learnt a bit of Unix commands which I used in Fedora, will the same commands work in Ubuntu and other linux OSes? Thanks
  5. I don't think it will make a difference The Samsung tab S7 cannot run cod at higher frames rates with good graphics so it's pointless to upgrade If you are into less graphic intensify racing games maybe you will see a difference. And 60hz is probably a good experience in GTA
  6. I have a laptop with a 1TB hard disk. Whenever I boot up or shutdown and even when not in use the hard disk makes audibly loud clicking sound (like 2 metals hitting) The performance is stable and has no issues. Should I be concerned about the sounds? Thanks.
  7. Does humidity affect computers or laptops. If so what is the optimal level for it. This maybe a dumb question. I'm just curious and a bit concerned!!
  8. Will this be available for mobile AMD CPUs, like the 4000 series.
  9. So if I run a game or Photoshop will it use the GPU? Thanks a lot by the way!
  10. I have an HP pavilion 15, which has AMD 4600h and GTX 1650. My laptop display is running on the integrated amd Radeon graphics and not nvidia. I have the latest drivers and also tried reinstalling them. Please help! Thank you.