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  1. whats so special besides of touchscreen? (not a fan of fingerprinted screen)
  2. around that, coz i could build a decent custom pc for $500 or so , just want a non bulky , not too slow sys for less
  3. fine , whats a good chromebook? any non google makers?
  4. they know how to do office works in windows, not that dumb ..yet
  5. meaning a fuse did its job but from pic , dmg area is more than just a fuse
  6. migrating soon (start from zero) , want to see if any laptops worth getting for parents 60+ , youtube / online shopping / banking etc, windows os prefered i am only familiar with custom pc so i need some advice on laptops. are intel cerelon / atom must be avoided, and at least go for i3/i5 ? is ryzen laptop mature yet? seem also have overheat issue.. what are there some good deals? does brand pref come 1st in laptop? could $300 get a decent laptop?
  7. im not into cad or any software for space clearance, simply cut some cardboards to see they fit
  8. i recall that gta loading speed isnt much diff from 550mb ssd and fast nvme, so size of game dont really matter in thos case, but on the software side inside games code
  9. "movie" is just a camourflage of.... anime and other bad boy stuff
  10. any one also have this habbit? i filled up 2tb ext drive and 3tb int drive in short period of time, by getting movies i dont really watch...
  11. this does nothing i paired a hd6850 with 4k tv it just works