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    2x XEON E5 2670
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    ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16
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    32 GB of ECC memory by Samsung
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  1. DieselWeasel

    HDD > SSD Migration Tool

    You can use any software you want. I used EaseUs Partition Master a few times and I was very happy with it.
  2. DieselWeasel

    Looking for a monitor for video editing

    Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't looking at the ultrawides before because most of them are curved at this price point and I don't want that. But the LG 34UM88-P and Dell U2718Q are the main ones we are considering right now.
  3. DieselWeasel

    Looking for a monitor for video editing

    Can you guys suggest some monitors? The monitor is mainly for video editing and office use. Budget is around 600$/€. It should be 27" or above, it's important that it has good colors (most people in the office use Macs if that changes anything for you). It would be nice if it's 4K and has a nice stand (pivot, tilt, swivel). I'm looking to just take the best Dell Ultrasharp for the money. I have a Dell ultrasharp at home and one at the office too and they are really great monitors, so if possible I'd like to stick with the same brand, but you can suggest other brands too.
  4. Where I work we all use premiere and after effects, but I'm interested to look into DaVinci Resolve for it's color grading. I've heard a lot of good things about it. But if you're just starting out, I think PP would be the best, because it seems there are the most tutorials for it. And once you know what you are doing, I think you won't need more than a month to switch to whatever NLE.
  5. DieselWeasel

    Setting a MikroTik rb951g-2hnd router as an access point

    Ok, I had the time today and I succeeded in the second try. (on the first one i F* something up when trying to assign a static IP to the router). Thank you again.
  6. DieselWeasel

    Setting a MikroTik rb951g-2hnd router as an access point

    Wow thank you for the detailed explanation. I'll try it one day when I'll have time and nobody will be home.
  7. DieselWeasel

    Setting a MikroTik rb951g-2hnd router as an access point

    I think its 6.22, but I can't check because I can't access the webGUI anymore. The configuration seems to be working though.
  8. DieselWeasel

    Setting a MikroTik rb951g-2hnd router as an access point

    Yeah it's a modem with fibre, sorry. I've fixed the DHCP range and deleted the static ip on the MAIN. On MikroTik I gave it a static IP under Internet and the same IP on the Local network, disabled DHCP and NAT. Now my desktop is getting an IP from the MAIN router's DHCP range, but I again lost the ability to enter the web GUI of the access point.
  9. DieselWeasel

    Master build editing plus gaming pc

    ryzen 7 3000 series or someting like an i7 from Intel with 64GB of ram and 1080ti/2080ti should fit into your budget and will give you the most for your price point. The extra cores from AMD processors might give you some more performance in transcoding and zipping files, but PP and AE (I'm guessing it's the same for LR and PS) benefit a lot from high core speeds and not so much from the number of cores
  10. Yesterday I've spent 4 hours trying to set this router as an AP, but with no success. Well at least not in quite the way I want to. This router has so many settings in so many tabs that I have no clue what I'm supposed to set and what I should leave untouched. We have 3 wifi routers in the house and until now they have all been working with their own network and their own ID. Now I'm setting them up so that they are all a part of one network with the same ID so that NAS and Plex server are accessible all over the house. There is an ISP's router with IP: (I think this one also has a wifi option, but it has been disabled since the beginning and I'm not sure why. I haven't even tried accessing the settings for this router) MAIN router (a bit newer tp-link router ) (physically right next to the ISPs router): with the gateway to of course. It's set up with DHCP range from 2-254 AP #1 (older tp-link router): On this one I set a static IP with gateway to and DHCP disabled and it has the same SSID as the MAIN <-- this configuration works... I think Since the SSIDs are the same on both and the AP doesn't have DHCP with it's own network I'm not really sure. I might just be connecting to the MAIN since the the routers are again not that far from each other (AP1 in on ground flour and MAIN is on 1st flour right above it). And the thing is that once I do this setup i can't access the AP1s Web GUI anymore. (while I'm setting it up I'm connected directly to LAN port 2 with my PC and the GUI opens up on tplinklogin.net ) after I set it up, I connect the AP1 with MAIN on that same LAN port - leaving the WAN empty. The only thing that makes me think this setup is working is that I have a TV box connected to this router and it's working. A wired connection to a PC also works. (Devices get an IP from the MAIN's dhcp) https://prnt.sc/mgupjs this is a screenshot of the connection list on the MAIN router I'm not sure what are the two (unknown) devices on .126 and .145 are , but they might be the WiFi switches my brother is playing around with (you know for turning on/off lights and such). The third (unknown) device with IP I think is the AP1 since that is the IP i think I saw during the setup. The web GUI doesn't open up if I enter that IP (while connected directly to AP1 with cable) AP#2 OK, so on the main router I see the MikroTik router(AP2) with the host name MikroTik. I wanted it to have a fixed IP address of so under the DHCP tab on the MAIN I set it up with that IP. http://prntscr.com/mgv06y I factory reset my AP2 and connect to it on over ethernet on LAN2. In the tab Wireless I open up wlan1 and set it as AP bridge. In the main tab of MikroTiks web GUI (Quick Set) I want to set the acquired IP address to with gateway to 1.1. Under local network I disable the DHCP - I've tried leaving IP address under Local network as or changing it to - both options (coupled with the changing to static ip address) results in loss of connection to the internet and I cannot access the routers GUI on any of the IPs - after that I just have to reset the router again http://prntscr.com/mgv8p6 <-- this is the configuration at this moment. The router always acquires 1.26 and uses dhcp with 88.1 for all the devices connected to it. So on the computer I'm writing this post on I get the IP address with gateway to .1 . With this configuration i can access the main router's GUI on which as far as I know, you can't do unless you are on the same network. But I still don't see the NAS or the Plex server on my network. Please do help me navigate trough this mess. Also is there an option to change the firmware on the mikrotik router? To something easier, openwrt or whatever is the go-to option right now I've used dd-wrt in the past and right now on the Main router there is Gargoyle installed (My brother was always the one changing the firmware on routers but for a few years now he just won't touch the networking in this house and I haven't installed firmware on a router before)
  11. DieselWeasel

    Floatplane Support

    I've already canceled the payment within PayPal, but this page didn't change. It's as I remember it from yesterday... no buttons http://prntscr.com/l704zy . Ofcourse now that I've already canceled my subscription the buttons shouldn't be there, but there was nothing there before.
  12. DieselWeasel

    Floatplane Support

    I'm on the old 30$/year plan that expires tomorrow, but I don't want to renew it. I don't see any options to cancel the agreement. Is that because the option for yearly subscription is gone? Will my agreement expire automatically without being renewed or am I missing the cancel subscription button.
  13. DieselWeasel

    100% GPU usage at idle

    Try to install NoCoin extension for Chrome. Maybe it's one of those mining things.... I've never seen them use GPUs but try it anyway.
  14. I don't know much myself but I can tell you from my experience that even though you can't see the computer you can still access the files if you know the name of the computer you want to access. you just have to type in the folder location into the file path box. I think it goes like this: for a computer named Tower you just type in \\Tower - that is if the sharing is working. I've been in your place a few times myself and I've always had problems Kudos to those who can actually work with network sharing on Windows
  15. DieselWeasel

    Installing windows 10 from a USB

    You can't just copy the Windows ISO onto the USB and boot from it. you need to use software to make a bootable version. I use an old windows 7 USB boot tool that works with 10 too.