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  1. Hi, has anyone used Nvidia Voice/Broadcast to denoise audio that was already recorded - not denoising it in real time. Can it be done? How did you do it ? I have a podcast recording that has some reverb and noise and I would like to get rid of it.
  2. Oh yes, and much better value than the iMac we have. We recently got a new 2020 IMac and it's very impressive for its mac price - at least when you try to compare it to a simmilarly priced iMac Pro, MacPro or Macbook Pro 16"... This machine is about 10-20% more expensive than the 2020 Imac with i9-10910 and a 5700xt, but it has almost twice the performance in some areas - some very un-optimised things are almost the same in performance - I'm looking at you After Effects and Premiere Pro We have someone doing 3D now and my PC is almost 2,5 times faster then that iMac for rendering. It is all
  3. I can't answer you becuase I don't know, but why even bother with this if your computer is working? I just asumme my ECC memory is working it's magic. I have no reason to doubt it becouse there haven't been any problems.
  4. Haha, my boss/company ofcourse. I could never afford something like this. Look at the picture of my current home build.
  5. Hey, this won't be much of a LOG, but I just wanted to share the build I did a few weeks ago. It is my workstation at work. The whole office is Mac based so when I started working there about two years ago I had no choice but to get used to working on macs, but this time arround my boss gave me the oportunity to go with a PC (after much debate ). Because I am sometimes required to edit on set I started out by planing for a combo of a dell XPS 17 (having a lot of thunderbolt ports was a requirement because of all the thundebolt devices we use in production) and a 3700x (I kne
  6. Oh... I see now that with the 3000 series the 00x cpus launched earlier in the year and only the ryzen 3950x and the 2 threadrippers were released in November and then the 64 core 3990x launched in February.... Admittedly I've stopped following tech news closely a few years ago, and I'm trying to catch up now that I'm buying a PC again. If the new threadrippers aren't launching until February then I'm going to go ahead and buying the 3970x now. I've assembled quite a nice "little" workhorse Can't wait. After editing video for 2 years on a top spec macbook pro this should be quit
  7. Have there been any news about the launch of this generations Threadripper processors? I'm in the process of buying a workstation for the office and I'd hate to buy the 3970x now if the new generation will launch in november with the rest of the ryzen lineup (as I've seen that in previous years they both launched on the same date. ), but there is no point in waiting any longer than that for me.
  8. I like buying a quality PSU and I'm not going to skimp on that part in a 3000eur build. I still have to check it against the PSU list on the forum though. I might lower it down to a 1000w now that the 3090 in out of the picture. You are right about the motherboard. I was looking at the x570 version on the partpicker, but put the threadripper one in the basket... I need thunderbolt and 10gbs - B series motherboards don't have that. Yes I don't need the extra speed of 4.0, but I also don't need more than 2TB I agree with you on the case - the bigger fans wou
  9. I would absolutely need at least two if not more thunderbolt connections on the laptop - because there are a lot of thunderbolt devices that I might need on set. That is why the only possible solution would be the XPS. I've looked at some of the AMD laptops and while they have better performance at a much lower price, they do not offer some of the premium features and build quality (presumably). I think this is the best deal I can pitch to my boss: It's about 1k more expensive than the 16" macbook that we were looking at, but this laptop should offer comparable pe
  10. I just googled what ffmpeg is and what it actually does and ... F*** that. I'm not going to transcode files every time. It's true that I'm only using Davici for grading (still learning) and not delivery - meaning there are not that many different outputs, but it's too much work. Are you an editor/colorist yourself and use this workaround? Honestly I wouldn't even consider buying "thicc boi gaming laptops". Maybe something like the Dell XPS or something, but then it's again easier to just go with a macbook... I'll have to do some more research to decide. Right now it looks like I'll
  11. I've just heard DaVinci doesn't export ProRes on Windows or something? - I'll have to look into it more closely now. I know Premiere got ProRes on Windows in CC19 or maybe 20, but has AE gotten it too? Yeah, I don't know what is going to happen with the ARM thing... they are confident that they can make it work, but when I watched that conference where they announced it and they said that the programmes can be re-compiled (if that's the right term) at installation and perform just as good if not better I had a big question mark above my head It seems very unlikely to me th
  12. Hi guys, I want to know if somebody here has any experience with working in a mixed OS office. I work as a video editor for a video production company with all MAC systems and I have an opportunity to upgrade my workstation and I am wondering if there would be any problems regarding workflow that I'm not aware. I was given a macbook pro when I started out, but now I can make a free choice, but I don't want to have too much trouble. I'm already aware that some programs that we are using don't offer the same options on both systems and I would have to work around that somehow (
  13. Thats good to hear, I'll look out for the release of the wifi 6 model. What would you say are the benefits of buying my own (unifi) gateway and not just using the provided one?
  14. Have you tested the wired speed? Where is the router in relation to the computer? What is the speed if you are standing right in front of the router with your computer? What computer are you using? And like stated above by Lurick , I doubt you will be able to get gigabit on wifi