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  1. qBittorrent just works for me, never have any issues with it.
  2. That will erase the virtual harddisk that was created when you set the disk space for the virtual machine. Everything on your windows installation is safe.
  3. Started off removing 1 button. Now almost all are gone
  4. Never even noticed them until now.
  5. Well he definitely isn't going to play now, but GS are probably gonna play a lot better since it would be their final home game and they got momentum from Game 5. Then if it goes Game 7, GS has the mental advantage and experience. So there is a chance.
  6. Before you used to be able to, but because people were modding accounts on PC then porting it back to console they stopped allowing it.
  7. Not just Apple, It is a thing many large companies have probably done. If nobody knew about it before why bother letting them know about it even if it is fixed. It just opens up a base for other exploits to start from.
  8. Not possible, the HDMI port on your laptop will be an output port not an input, so it won't work at all.
  9. What has this got to do with a forum feature?
  10. I would say go for the ultrawide, a 1080ti is capable of handling it.
  11. Yh but that relies on his internet and computer being up all the time.