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  1. Yea I know. I tried to run a ghost monitor for a while. With a dummy plug but that is just bad.
  2. File EVGA GeForce RTX3080 FTW3 Ultra GAMING 10 GB OC Enthusiast Grafikkarte - Grafikkarten PCI Express - computeruniverse _ computeruniverse.pdf
  3. That is exactly what they are doing. If you google the URL and use the google cash you will see that today it was available for sale and google cash saved it. https://www.computeruniverse.net/de/evga-geforce-rtx3080-ftw3-ultra-gaming-10-gb-oc-enthusiast-grafikkarte Sure they have not directly stated in an email that they have not sold any...... Or admitted to selling any but. I saw such links pop up as drops over the week. When I randomly went to the website. Sure a lot of it is in the legal grey zone.... And yes I am overreacting probably. But I am getting a
  4. You can turn off XMP profiles in BIOS settings refer to you motherboard manual. By testing the memory sticks one by one I was referring to trying to take out one of the stick running the system see if the errors keep happening. Then try the other stick.
  5. They basically forcefully refunded me...... The email exchange is still ongoing. I will have a call with my friend Monday. And will consult him what can be done. And if it is worth doing it. Literally the money came in as the email chain is still ongoing. Usually those take a long time to process seems somebody wants to be rid of me as soon as possible..... I am debating if I should dispute the transaction with the bank.
  6. As I said I have an invoice from the company as a PDF that states delivery and states that the invoice was payed.
  7. Edited post above. When I ordered they clearly stated in writing on the invoice delivery in 10-14 work days. Then next week it changed to unknown date.
  8. No they were selling as delivering in a week or two. Then it changed to unknown date. My first invoice states delivery 10-14 business days...... Then they started updating with status updates and emails. Until cancelation. I did not preorder or anything like that.
  9. Thank you for the input. I did give them a time span in which to respond. I will first hear what lawyers think some people I know and worked with. For now they tend to agree that this is fraud. They are unsure however as you said how that would go in court. As many of the arguments can go either way. Also as I use this PC for business purposes I have damages claim that can go pretty high. The thing is them selling the cards at a higher price and not honoring previous sales agreements can basically be seen as admitting system
  10. Look. Fair. I think this is fraud. And you fail to address the most basic arguments. They took the money promised something they did not deliver. How is that not false pretenses? The law clearly states that I own the item after I pay for it. Point me to somewhere that states differently? Has nothing to do with delivery it is just in somebody elses custody. Custody does not include the ability to resell it. They might have sold cards other people bought to somebody else everything points towards that and made a profit. They are openly advertising
  11. Look it is getting out of hand in this topic. Just to clarify I did not buy this as a business. But I use it for business. If you want to continue this lets move to private messages or hey even voice. I seriously think you misunderstand the situation and are actively going out of the way to protect speculative market behavior. There was a market failure. Companies now expect the consumer to pay for it. They as a business took a risk. To me it seems you are going out of your way to prove that that should be tolerated if not rewa
  12. So you can feel better about yourself? I am sorry have I struck a nerve with you? Is it all because of CyberPunk 2077 there there they promised to fix it this year. All will be good. Mama and daddy Corpo will make it all better soon they promised. I am sure you have many other toys and games to choose from in the mean while......
  13. As to reference to my education I also happen to have a Bachelor in IT. Now if they are shipping other 3080 at a higher price then what does it have to do with the IT system they use? This shows intent and business practices. Also what does it have to do with Cyberpunk2077?
  14. Yes I do. And I stated that in the opening post of this thread. And I will go to more media outlets to apply more pressure. This is why the media is protected by law and has certain privileges they fulfill a function. With social media like LTT they might lack a lot of the legal protection but they represent the community. This post was not aimed at LTT but at the community. I think that it is important for the EU side of the community to be informed as this is a big player in the EU market. I am voicing my opinion that this is fraud. And trying to argument it a
  15. I have proof of ownership I have a paid invoice.... I want to know where that item is that I own. They have sold a comparable item and probably even identical items at a higher price and delivered while refuse to deliver to me. Is that not proof. Let us start by them clearly stating where is the item I purchased if they are selling identical items at a higher price. Now in reference to your first point. I work in IT and it is a huge inconvenience to have an unfinished build and not being able to migrate to the new CPU. Yes the GPU will not really improve