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    Intel Core i7 5820k
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    4x4GB (16GB) Gskill Ripjaws 4 DDR4
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    AMD Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    120GB SM951, 500GB 850Evo, 1TB SSHD, 2TB HDD
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    Corsair HX1000i
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    Asus MG279Q 144Hz 1440p
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    Corsair H105
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    E-Element RGB (Black switches)
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    Logitech G303
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    Kingston Hyper X Clouds
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    Windows 10

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  1. Currently atleast; Statistically AMD gives better performance over all, and per dollar. Also has more recent technologies like DDR4 and 7nm. Also again statistically has lower return/rma rates and lower failure rates... Lower power comsumption. Lower heat output. Also you claim to be upgrading from an 8700k. Which means you have no experience with modern AMD processors. You act like AMD is inferior but it's well known that currently intel is inferior in every single way imaginable. Buying intel currently is not only inefficient monetarily but in many other ways such as heat/power. Your anecdotal "I was unlucky with an AMD processor from 2011 or older" means nothing when even statistically currently return/rma/failure rates on AMD parts are lower than intels almost across the board. You'd also think that'd be a big complaint in reviews like Linus' or GamersNexus' no... instead they're both very consistently chastising intel for currently not having one singular product worth buying.
  2. I mean something like the Bose QuietComfort 25, and an Antlion Modmic would probably do everything you need easily.
  3. I'd to be honest step down and say a 1660 Super.
  4. intel used to have HT on i3s... Gen 4-7 atleast it was i3= 2c4t i5= 4c4t i7= 4c8t So intel could maybe go along the lines of something like that except with all the numbers doubled. Or they could just go the AMD route and have it be all hyperthreaded just adding 2 cores at a time.
  5. May I ask why you wouldn't? Just the hassle of it for clear upgrade? Because I'm just trying to think of the alternatives... if I sidegrade to the 2700... it'd nearly be free given the current going rates of my hardware on the used market. and it'd net me 2 more cores of similar speed new with an upgrade path towards more ipc in zen2/3 (since zen 3 is rumored to still be on AM4 next year) versus right now my only upgrade path is in terms of core counts given Haswell to Broadwell nets nearly no ipc gains, and I could still use the more cores for my non gaming tasks. idk like I said I'm really on the fence mostly given the hassle and the fact I know I'd be giving up a lot of potential pcie and such expansion. Infavor of better upgrade potential. But I'm starting to think you're probably right and maybe I should be looking towards other upgrade options I'm just starting to get an itch to upgrade and right now I'm seeing deals on Zen+ that remind me of the deals that got me on X99 in the firstplace.
  6. Yeah it used to do a lot better; but I had some complications a few years back and wound up moving a lot and for a short while I lived in a location with a very poor power situation and ever since then it's had issues. I originally was able to get 4.1 for like 1.2ishV (forget exact number) but then a brown out caused instability and it's been much worse since then... and unfortunately intel isn't so friendly since it still works and if I mention the OC I know they'd just blow it off. I did get my powersupply fully replaced by corsair after ward though but sadly that didn't fix my clocks (but was nice of them and did give me extra confidence in my psu) Yeah 3700x would be a slight stretch for me monetarily at the moment given I'd have to also buy the motherboard at the same time and likely a new cooler unless I could get corsair to ship me a new AM4 bracket for my old h105. The sales on the 2700 are whats making me consider jumping aboard to upgrade later, which is actually why I even got my 5820k originally; a best buy near my home at the time was closing down shop and had killer sales tbh... so I got it for basically the price of a 6700k and the motherboard for a very similar price to a Z170 board. The quad channel ram was really my only upcharge between the two because the best buy store didn't have any of the skylake stuff I couldn't get those on deal. I was just thinking "if this lasts me a while I'll have killer upgrade potential with all the pcie lanes and with e5v4 xeons later down the line" now I feel almost as if the Ryzen 7/9 line ups and my lack of pcie usage almost invalidates that original game plan; and it still has upgrade potential since amd recently even announced ZEN 3 to still work on AM4. Currently I can only go from 5820k to e5v4 or 6950x but with a B450 I could still go with even a theoretical Ryzen 9 4950x... So I'm sitting here unsure what to do... side grade to Ryzen 1/2000 and go with a later huge upgrade to ryzen 3/4000 or just wait for Xeon e5 v4 prices to drop the way v2/3s and x58 xeons have... but that (the xeon route) only really would help my productivity and not my fps. Plus by the time those prices drop my 5820k's worth will also drop. Right now it'd almost just be the price the board to get the 2700 (or anything below that in the ryzen family) because my 5820k alone would nearly sell for the price of it (according to my searches 5820ks are selling for around $125 meanwhile new 2700s are $160)... and I could even sit on my x99 board to buy a used xeon later to turn it into a NAS/Server or other productivity machine because as x58/x79 have shown boards are what become scarce. Or sell it to basically pay off the new b450 board. TLDR: Ryzen really has shaken up my gameplan and the markets in a weird way for me.
  7. Unfortunately I got pretty unlucky with my 5820k, which doesn't like to do above 4.1 Ghz without more than 1.35v in recent years (when it was newer I could do 4.3 at 1.35 but eventually had instability) Yeah I figure that Zen/Zen+ were about on par ipc wise with Haswell/Broadwell (E) like I mentioned part of the reason to upgrade would be for more 2 extra cores and upgradability to Zen 2/3 down the line (as I sometimes do virtualization stuff, as well as stream/record and render videos) I also do play at 144hz 1440p but esports titles primarily as I'm a pretty competitive person having been Diamond+ in League of Legends, Overwatch, and H1Z1 (back when that was a thing) but I don't use many pcie lanes... just 16 for a gpu and 4 for an nvme drive should be all I need.
  8. I mean tbh I'm an avid HyperX fans, I got the original clouds when they released but no... things like the above mentioned Drop PC37xs are better now at the $100ish mark. Kingston's release of the clouds really changed the market at that price bracket for the better, the Clouds are now really only worth getting on sales, which they often go on... I'd say the cloud 2s are worth like $60-75 which they go on sale for regularly, with the Cloud cores being worth just below that at maybe $40-60... they really are great value and still a good headset, just no longer at their original msrp due to them having created so much new competition in the markets. And Drop doing things like the 37xs
  9. I'd honestly say no... unless you really need more cores right now. Zen to Zen+ is only like +3% IPC, and only slightly better clocks and memory support (assuming your bios is relatively updated) So it'd be much the same for you ignoring the extra cores you'd maybe get 5% better performance; If you can get a 3600 though that'd be much more significant or if you can wait for Ryzen 4000 as AMD's hinted that'll be out early/mid (1st half) next year.
  10. You know this seems like the perfect place to ask... But I currently have a i7-5820k in my main system on an X99A SLI PLUS from MSI... But with current workings of the pc market I'm debating trying to get a decent b450 board (like one of MSI max's) and a good deal on a r5 3600 or r7 2700 (especially with blackfriday/cybermonday coming up)... anyone got opinions on that change and if they do; what do they think I should do with my current board/chip? should I sell one or both? I have no use for another system at the moment. I'm debating what I should do? I'm kinda leaning towards the upgrade but I can't really figure out how much of an upgrade it'd be not many compare 5820k to Ryzen... those that do compare it to the 1600 not the 2700 or 3600. Like I know I'd be giving up on alot of my current expansion pcie/ram wise... but I'd be gaining upgrade potential(whether immediately upon release or years afterward on the used market) to Ryzen 4000 like a Ryzen 9 4950x but I do currently have xeon e5 v4 or 6950x upgrade potential and lots of PCIe lanes...
  11. It's okay last I played CSgo I was Silver 2 or 1? I forget which... so yeah good on you. I suck at fpses... It's okay in league I'm hardstuck Diamond(and have been for years) if you ever want help or to play just let me know.
  12. Honestly; unless you're some pro typist or keyboard expert that often uses several different keyboards like say Linus or some other tech youtuber... You probably can't tell the difference between outemu blue and cherry blue. Ages back cherry's patents and manufacturing methods all went public; Outemu, Kailh, and many other companies now just blatantly copy cherry as much as they can... To the point again unless you're some sort of expert any perceived difference is likely a placebo. Even Cherry with all their expertise still has batch to batch and even switch to switch variance; in the keyboard I'm using right now; the Gskill ripjaws km570 RGB w/ Cherry MX speeds. Some switches still feel slightly different than others even in this one keyboard; That's either placebo or variance. Same could be said when comparing much larger samples of switches from either company.
  13. The ones @fasauceome suggested are likely much better ventilation just look at them they fabric and mesh at that both of which help with breath ability. I'd also suggest cleaning your headphones a bit when you get the new ear pads (before putting on the new ones) with some sort of alcohol mixture, just spray them down, wipe them down, and let dry for say an hour to be safe.