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  1. this is what happens right now. it is supposed to show my disks, like in the tutorial I was following
  2. I don't have another pc to run this on. I see it in the disks but i can't see it when creating pools i don't know what that means A solution to see my drive when creating pools
  3. Ok, so I have 0 knowledge of networking, but I was following this tutorial(On a VM(virtual box)), and I got stuck on the step where I have to select a disk from available disks in storage>Pools. I checked storage > disks and my disk shows up I tried googling my problem but I didn't understand them. this is my virtual box storage configuration please explain like you would to a 5 year old or just give me instructions Thank you for your time
  4. i live in a hdb https://www.google.com/search?q=hdb&oq=hdb&aqs=chrome..69i57j46j0l6.2415j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. So my room has no internet because my house is very long and there are many walls(2 concrete, not drywall) between the router and my room. I cant move the router because of the fibre optic cable's length. Its too expensive to the ethernet all the way to my room(~$600) in my area. My house is quite old(~20 years) so im not very sure about powerline. What is the best option for me to get internet speeds as close as possible as direct ethernet? budget around $300 usd
  6. bluestacks lags a lot for me and it is simply not playable at all. is there any way that you can play mobile games not too badly?
  7. im creating a model of the pc im going to build so i would like to know how thick the panels of a case are. thx for help. sorry if i wasted ur time
  8. i need help choosing an ssd at my local hardware stall but im not very well versed with different ssds. The prices are in sgd. please tell me what u think is the best for the price. they are all 1tb this is going to be used as the C drive for my school and gaming computer SATA Crucial MX500 $189 Crucial BX500 $189 Crucial BX300 $189 WD Green $185 Transcend $185 Adata SU800 4185 WD Blue 3D $230 860 QVO $230 860 Evo $230 860 Pro $428 Barracuda $209 Lexar NS100/ NS10L $158 M.2 SATA Adata SU800 $225
  9. so i found this mouse a few years ago in my house and i don't remember where i got it from. I tried to find out what mouse it was so i checked the bottom of the mouse. i googled the model number(M-00003). The picture on the website(https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/rival-100?color=black) showed that there was rgb. but when i look at my mouse the logo is just paint. I used a flashlight to try and shine through it but it was like shining light on a wall. I thought that my mouse was a copy so i downloaded the software from their website and the software recognized it! I then thought there was a
  10. how much does overclocking the cpu and gpu help in terms of fps?
  11. I was trying to revoke a permission on a file using the command: cacls "C:\Users\Jon Hall\Desktop\test.txt" /e /r "Jon Hall":F but it keeps coming up with: "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done." then when i check the permissions nothing has changed. Please tell me where i went wrong. Thank you