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  1. I would try youtube tv but it was asking $60.00 US a month here and that seems high to me. I dumped my Satellite TV couple years back and I don't regret it. Over the air broadcast network TV has gotten so bad too. With watching free youtube along with using my iPad to just watch the movies and shows I really like. It's like a whole new world of "just what I like entertainment" for me now and I like it. I'm even considering getting rid of the 55" 4k TV and Sony 5.1 surround system. The way things are I hardly even use it anymore so why keep it. Looking back now I think I should have bought an iMac instead of the TV and surround system. I would have been happier.
  2. While their doing this lawsuit maybe they could do something about the crap search results I get now. I used to get great results when searching for something on google. Now it's like they handed me off to some guy in some small town somewhere who don't know what he's doing. For the last few years most every time I search for something on google I get bizarre crap results that just frustrate me. I like google but it doesn't seem to like me anymore.
  3. I love apple stuff but I cant really afford most of their products except iPads. Really though didn't they kind of build their empire from the beginning with crazy high prices. I wish apple sold a cheap laptop to compete with windows for people. I've been wishing for that for years.
  4. I think it depends on what country you live in. If you live in a somewhat normal environment in the USA. High humidity periodically during the summer probably won't hurt anything. I have pretty normal weather for the most part but sometimes it rains constantly here in the summer. To the point where I feel like I might have to build a boat to live on and it has never hurt any of my computers. On the flip side I have heard people from Australia complaining about getting corrosion on the parts inside their computers. What is your environment like and what country do you live in?
  5. I updated my iPad 7th gen to iOS 14 and now the Books App only displays in two page mode like a newspaper. I couldn't find any settings to change it to single page, book style mode. So I talked to apple support and the guy said to me that this is a known problem. I was just wondering is anyone else having this problem?
  6. Yeah I don't understand that either. I mean through the private business' they can find out anything about you anyway if they really want too. Our privacy is already out the window for a lot of stuff anyway and personally I trust the government a whole lot more to enforce rules of privacy over private business. I think people in my state on medical aid already have all their health info digitized and tied to cards they carry. So doctors can easily look at them. I think its been done that way for years.
  7. I know what your saying. There are so many interruptions with adds on some of the videos I almost forget what they are about. When I think about all the data they get and money they are making from me watching. I just don't feel like I should have to pay extra for youtube premium either. These are not big Hollywood hit movies they are giving us. Honestly I think they should be sending me gifts every now and then for watching regularly.
  8. Sometimes physical exertion is good for chasing away the down stuff. Maybe try running or weightlifting anything really that appeals to you and make it a part of your life. It might help. Not to be a jerk but really for a lot of people being lonely is the least of their problems. Think about all the bad stuff people suffer all the time and how many of them suffer it alone all their life. Your body gets used to your work after a while so sometimes you have to do something extra. I think in a way doing hard physical stuff in addition to work reminds the body/brain of that fact. That things could be far worse then just being lonely and often is for a lot of people. Good things also happen all the time. Hang in there dude.
  9. I enjoyed watching this video. I'm sure it looked beautiful on that OLED but I could never game on a screen that wide.
  10. Me too. I still have Crysis installed on an old vista pc I use to play Halo multiplayer on upstairs. I fire up Crysis every once in a while to play the single player along with FEAR single player and other old games I liked from back then. I just don't want to throw all that stuff away when I still enjoy it. I wish they would remake all those old games with new versions for windows 10. Games seem like they've gotten worse to me with less adult themes, less gore and more cartoonish graphics since those days. They are just way less interesting all around to me. It bums me.
  11. I had the same problem in the last version of iOS and that is what I did. Just signed out of it in the settings. They are all about hard selling the subscriptions now it seems. The thing for me is that they don't seem to take the time to make the content highly desirable to me. So I would actually want to pay the subscription prices. People are weird sometimes.
  12. I'm not sure what your really talking about movie wise? Horror type movies with gore or just movies with some gore? Could you give a few examples? I do like gore in my movies if it fits the story. Gore just for the sake of gore in movies though is boring to me personally. What is weird is that I love ridiculous amounts of gore in my video games.
  13. I'm just curious what are the hardware specs for that pc? I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it was me I'd just bundle all the cables together as neat as you can and zip tie them. I think lots of times in prebuilts the companies lay out these systems without too much cooling because they plan for the temps. The hardware is often much lower end or custom factory made for that line of machines. So an HP desktop for example might not really generate as much heat as something put together off the shelf for gaming.
  14. I think it would be better to put tiny data center boxes in every refrigerator sold. They are running all the time in most homes anyway. It's like everything digital in a way. It is not about big giant things but billions of little things all connected. It would give companies the incentive to put in high speed connections to every home. To run the last mile everywhere. A good thing for people.
  15. I think something like this in the USA would be ok but might have pitfalls. Like medical records traveling with you is great if you agree with the diagnosis but what if you don't. Some doctors won't contradict other doctors I've found in the past with my mother before she past. Sometimes you will get a better or more correct diagnosis of the health problem. When the doctors at a different hospital in a different city far away from the small town you come from don't have records to look through. Another concern would be with technology of the day surely at some point being incorporated into the system. That your week to week or even day to day health stats might be easily accessible to the system. Like the gadgets people wear that collect some health data even now. Your health insurance costs could rise as the system becomes more comfortable passing that information to insurance providers over time. Data collection is big money. Health data collection could maybe be the next big money business' ? How much would I hate it if things got to the point where I couldn't enjoy junk food during the holiday season because big brother health insurance combo will make me pay extra every month for indulging. "Oh no Mr Bits you have to pay extra until you get all these numbers back within our guidelines for healthy living."