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    Ryzen 3 3300x
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    AORUS PRO B450
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    G.SKILL Flare-X 2x8 3200Mhz CL16
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  1. Okay I fixed it, but thanks for replying
  2. Yes Ive done that already I tried also to make it so I listen to myself through my headphones when I talk that doesnt work as well, I tried front IO not only that it didnt work but it kept on asking me what I want to use that jack for even tho I already selected Mic In, meaning it couldnt read it Im assuming?
  3. Somehow it automatically rolled back to 2018 version, without me doing anything. And now I have audio but my mic doesnt work Got the Blackshark V2 X
  4. It just says Sound test failed, and I tried front IO still doesnt work
  5. After updating my sound card drivers the was no sound, I tried updating BIOS that didnt work, I tried rolling back to old driver still doesnt work, it fails and gives error code when I try to sound test it from Sound settings, what do I do B450 Aorus Pro
  6. Using the Ryzen Master right now and it shows that on default my 3300x is at 0,83125V, isn't it supposed to be at like over 1.2V? When I manually set it at 1V and all I hear is trrrrrrrrrr and the computer freezes until I restart it. Why? My base clock is at 3.8Ghz I'm not sure if I really need more so I would leave it at that, since at Auto OC it goes to 47C idle instead of 29C when its on default and I always like when I keep my parts healthy and not too much power consuming. So what voltage should I set it to or shall I leave it as AMD decided it should be?
  7. Thats what I wanted to check out myself. If it's worth using it and to hear the difference and have my own opinion. But I can't because of the problems I have trying to turn it on. Most people say it's trash. A friend of mine has Kraken 7.1 and he uses it all the time saying it makes everything sound better. But taking into consideration that he thinks the Deathadder Elite built quality is awful (which is not true we both have the same mouse, he just treats his stuff like sh*t) I wouldn't trust him with that. Thanks!
  8. Hello there, I 'm experiencing difficulties trying to turn on my 7.1 Surround on my Razer Blackshark V2 X . If anyone has those headphones can you tell me if you can actually use it properly or is it just for the V2 and V2 Pro models?
  9. Oh cool, thank you! I will try it out
  10. So it technically has to look better while producing less frames per second?
  11. In the display settings and in game settings I have an option for 3840x2160p which is 4K but my monitor is a 1080p one, so why does this option appear. I mean I tried running both ingame and display settings on 4K and it does work indeed but I prefer not to use it since I have an RX 580 and that card is for 1080p gaming.
  12. Noooo, It wasn't Jay who said the thing about multiplying by 1.5x. I really like his videos and he's helped me on multiple occassions with tech related problems I've experienced so I do not agree with you.
  13. On Jayz's new video about PSUs he says that how good a power supply is depends on it's capacitors and components. If I were to upgrade to a 750W in a couple of years which one would you choose, what are the best options?
  14. /I'm a noob in PSU talks so don't judge my actions / I built my first PC about 7 months ago and I didn't think about upgrading back then and I bought a CX550M (550W) as I thought that would be enough. A week ago I watched a video about choosing the right power supply where the dude in the video said that whatever pcpartpicker says my wattage usage would be I should multiply by 1.5x. I was curious to see how much it'll be for me and I went to pcpartpicker and put in my parts. It said 369W, I multiplied it by 1.5 and it was 553.5W. Does that matter and would it cause problems in the long t