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  1. You don't suggest that nvme drive because that one tends to love getting HOT just get a 970 evo plus
  2. Which case is better the Corsair 4000D Airflow, or the TD500? Corsair 4000D is A. TD500 is B. Mark the answers like this 1. A 2.B 3.A 1. Best thermals? 2. Easiest/Less of a headache to build in? 3. Best Cable Management? And what does it come with?
  3. Thx im gonna weigh each of my fingers now
  4. Thx If the Less actuation force does it mean its faster?
  5. Do you guys kow the actuation force and everything else about herry Silent Reds and the Kahil Silent Pinks? And which is Quieter? (On the Ducky SF Keyboard)
  6. I suggest getting the HDD becaue 250,and 500 is small becaue games are getting bigger Get the HDD and then later on in the future start upgrading your storage
  7. For windows just get it from CDKeys its really cheap and works and there is almost no difference between pro and Home.
  8. Look into the GK61 And I saw this video in my recommended and I figured it will help you a lot.
  9. Pandora1


    If you are looking for Wireless Hyper X cloud II Wireless. And also look into the DT 770 Pro.
  10. You can try out the Glourious model O wireless or the Model D wireless The diffrence is how you position your hand. And the dimensions.
  11. I know this is old but Look into the Fifine T669 or the Rode Podmic.
  12. I most likely wont notice but I will feel the difference.
  13. im going to be a competitive gamer so I will get more Hz than Pixels. 1080p is fine for me.
  14. Im going to get a 240mm Aio because it will be negative airflow im gonna use the fans that the case comes with and buy 1 corsair fan.