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    I5 2400
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    Asus P8H61-M LE
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    4gb kingston ddr3 1333 mhz
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    Asus Gt 710 Gddr5 2gb
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    Cheapo Case
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    1 Tb Toshiba 7200rpm Hard drive
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    450w Cheapo Non 80 plus
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  1. Thats the whole point, YouTuber just hype 5600x then everyone recommended it. 6 cores is enough for gaming now, if you looking for the future get something else that suited your needs. We are out of topic actually
  2. I think we go out of topic for quite some time now. But every cpus have a specific use case for each users
  3. Agree but the value for money still a consideration. You don't need 8 cores if you just gaming. Even a 4 cores can do that. Just different people have different use case on specific hardware choice to accomplished the needs.
  4. This video is pretty interesting. Do you have any comments about this?
  5. Ya, It perform slightly better then people just see benchmark and ryzen 5600x destroy intel. Am I wrong? The truth of the matter is 6 cores won't last very long because zen 4 and alder Lake is coming soon. They developed 16 cores or 20 cores processor because its is the future. 6 cores will be a budget machine when they come out. What about people that multitask, open chrome while playing game, is 6 cores enough for those thing at once? I'm not hating 6 cores processor, 5600x is a great cpu especially gaming. But 8 cores is gonna be mainstream sooner than later.
  6. Imagine how a 6 cores become $380 now. I remember 3600 drop to $159 before this thing comes.
  7. Good suggestion but no 6 cores in 2021 for me
  8. I have i5 2400 with gt 710 4gb ram, what I can upgrade
  9. I'm deciding to get i7 10700 or the F model. Which one should I get? The F model is cheaper. Do the igpu have any use?
  10. 1080p should serve me well in several years. 1440p is not too demanding for me but I'm not playing a lot of AAA games, only play like apex Warzone valorant etc. 4k is just too demanding to play like next 2 years buying new video to keep 4k 60fps in games especially AAA games. As for upgrading the gpu, I was not intend to do it because I might as well keep it as a secondary pc and build a new one that time. This is just my plan. Any comments?
  11. Hi, SpiderMan Do you agree with the statement that MarvintheParrot said the cpus is too good for 3060 Ti and should go for 8 cores instead? Or do you have different perspectives
  12. How different is in 1080p. How the cpu gonna bottleneck gpu, rarely happen. Gpu mostly bottleneck by the cpu of choice?
  13. Is you again, what a coincidence. 3060 Ti is just almost 3070 performance. 3080 is just too much for 1080p.