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    Intel i7 6850k
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    Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming
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    16GB (2x 8GB) 3000Mhz EVGA SuperSC DDR4
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    ZoTaC AMP! Extreme 1080Ti
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    RaidMax Delta I
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    Samsung 32" UJ590 UHD
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    Logitech Z200 (desktop); Roland RH-300 (headphones)
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  1. Glove Box. Or Map Box. UPS is basically a battery pack. You'd be better off with an AC inverter. I'd go with 2K watts to power the PC, monitor, and likely some sort of hotspot/internet access point. Good engine coolant temperature is about 175-180 F (80-82 C). If you go through the trouble of doing all that to the PC, you'd be better off mounting the PC's radiator in front of the car's radiator (or cut out one of the fake scoops that most cars have now).
  2. I've not used it, but PCPartPicker has a sister-site that would be of interest to biking folks. Might be of some help, or be a means of mapping out an upgrade path. I don't know the bike scene.
  3. Your arguments for why its valid are completely nonsensical, and sounds like someone who has a vested interest in software lockouts being successful in any industry.
  4. As the saying goes, if you want to make a million in racing, start with 10 million. Though, auto-racing and PC gaming are at opposite ends of the spectrum due to auto-racing being the test bed for new technology, whereas esports is using already tested and released tech. In reality, running on the thought that this is true, if Apple is really trying to jump in to the "gaming/esports" waters, they've already been working on some way to make the transition easy for gamers/developers. The towers you see at esports competitions, though, are not $5K machines. They aren't custom-looped water cooling setups. The machines for big competitions are exactly the same, and provided to the players at the event, by the event sponsors. Actually, Apple has a pretty good chance of digging into the scene with a consistently steady system, even if it isn't a 2080Ti, because most of the games played in competitions don't even need the 2080Ti, or even the 2080. And since they end up all being set the same, nobody is going to have an advantage of better hardware, more fps, quicker polling keyboard/mouse, more colors on the display, etc. It ends up boiling down to player performance. Apple's biggest hurdle is going to be itself. The brand image is not one of 'fun'. When I think of Apple, I imagine a sterile, white room with large windows, clean lines, simple and elegant, minimalist, reserved, order. How are they going to step into the world of gaudy, loud, colorful, complex shapes, and anarchy? If this ends up being an Apple sub-brand, though, it may simply end up winning over customers who are tired of the current aesthetics of 'gaming' products.
  5. Ah, yeah, I couldn't tell if those were 6s, 8s, or 3s. But that makes sense. And yeah, that's understandable, because I recall VANOS is a pain to work around, so its often easier to just leave it as is. I'd be interested to hear it when it's all done and running again.
  6. Dang, I wonder how well/quickly this could be implemented into video games. In a game like Bethesda's epics, allowing characters to go off on tangents, as well as understand the player, and important NPCs can then guide the conversation back on topic "naturally". Would make for a whole 'nother other level of immersion. Or having characters have full on conversations you could eavesdrop on, instead of millions of pre-recorded dialogue options that repeat after a few times.
  7. Wait, just one? Where's the other one? Are they in separate boxes? Do they not come in pairs?? Those specs also look purdy. 250 intake and 242 exhaust, at 1mm duration means the valves are open for at least 1mm for that many degrees? Man, I wish Forza had custom camshaft tuning to match the rest of their tuning... Also, I'm heckin' jelly of the 4 post boi coming your way. Heck, I'd be happy with a 2-poster, even... Dagnabbin' rental homes.
  8. That's not research, though. You are judging how much you value someone's opinion based on how much it matches up with yours. How do you research the candidate, if all the sources are biased? If you look at Source A, then at Source B, and then decide to go with Source B, what influenced that decision? What information was in Source B that wasn't in Source A, when both Source A and Source B are known to have invalid data? If you go with "what I like and what I don't like", that's not research, that's confirmation bias. And where does advertising come in to the research part? Would it not be easier to ignore the advertisement, since you already know it's false information? Comparing two bad data points doesn't put you any closer to an accurate conclusion than not having any data points. It could even do more harm by giving you the wrong conclusion. Or, you are not to blame, because the information you based your decision on was false. If you can't find accurate information because you can't tell the difference between good and bad information, how do you make a 'good' decision? The underlying theme to all of these questions is the validity of the information you are being fed or digging up, and how do you judge what is good information versus what is bad. That is fine, you are allowed to vote however you want. I just want to make sure that the information you receive to make a conclusion on who is the better candidate in your eyes, is accurate, untainted, and valid. As much as possible, anyways. Because the information you have access to should be objective. And reducing advertising is that much less misinformation that you have to try to cross reference and fact check. Misinformation has become such a viable tactic, because it works so well on everyone. (Seriously, if you want to be scared about anything you think you know, look up historical misinformation campaigns.) The whole political landscape needs an overhaul, but for now, I'll be satisfied with getting less advertisements.
  9. What research does one do? How would one begin to look into whether or not something is a lie or is the truth? If the advertisement is understood to be untrustworthy in the information it provides, what is its purpose? Why have an advertisement at all, if you are just going to look up the information about a candidate anyways? What qualifies as valid research data, if you can't trust what you read and/or hear? How do you know your research isn't tainted with false data? I'd like to understand your perspective, but I currently see too many holes, or am missing too much information.
  10. To add to the brilliant post from Arika, when you know what hardware you are developing for, it's easier to optimize for that specific hardware. Where do you draw the line at what not to support? Look at the market, and you'll see what build/partslist is most common, and it's stuff that is roughly equal to consoles, but different enough that you can't optimize to the same degree without spending that much extra time. Agree wholeheartedly.
  11. That is exactly the problem! You shouldn't be a politician for the money. Government isn't a for-profit business. If your goal is to get into office, to fill your own pockets, please, please tattoo that on your forehead so people know who to avoid outright. That's a terrible personal preference, if I'm being quite harshly honest. You governing body shouldn't be running for office just to squeeze more money out of you. They also shouldn't be twisting facts, smearing their opponent, and trying to get mobs after someone because of some bullshit make believe allegiance to a color or political party regardless of how it impacts the population. Doing your own research should be about finding out what your candidate is about, not finding out what untruths are twisted out of perspective, or an outright lie. You shouldn't have to sift through shit to find any information about a candidate. Especially today, when literally everything can be faked, twisted, blown out of proportion, and lied about, including your own memories.
  12. My guess would be pressure relief so you could safely fill it without having to wait for it to cool down, but it is also my understanding that the whole point of coolant reservoir is to allow it to be filled/checked without having to hassle with the coolant in the radiator (i.e. coolant under pressure). What is the year, make, and model?
  13. Same ratio, yet it won't let you choose the lower resolution? That's odd. Wonder if it's because it's not an exact multiple (i.e. its 1.333.. instead of 1.2 or 1.4), maybe? Right, but common as a work monitor is still uncommon in the grand scope of things. And I was running on the assumption it was a consumer monitor. I guess I should have said as much, though.
  14. I have a 32-inch UHD monitor. Samsung. It's nice. only 60Hz, though. What is the resolution set to now? 1920x1200 is 16:10, which is an uncommon ratio for widescreen.