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  1. While I chose to uninstall honey after the purchase this reeks of a desperation play by Amazon to ensure that it's own internal analytics are the only collection of each persons shopping data on Amazon, if someone else has it too it's worth less.
  2. Looks like the modem/gateway my ISP gives out, except mine is white: I dont have a picture of it but even the ventilation grid on top is the same
  3. I heard about this but didnt realize they were owned by VIA. Many x86 patents are expiring soon and I assumed they leveraged those.
  4. When I cancelled, I gave the reason of new ownership. Well guess who emails me back today with this pure damage control: Note, I didnt "reach out" to customer support, this was a reason box in the cancellation process. The link takes you to a longer form version of this damage control. They must be seeing a good number of cancellations. We did it, not reddit!
  5. I just hate that they are called passive when it's really active cooling. These cards cant run with only passive heat dissipation but I guess no one wants a new word for heatsink that doesnt have a fan but requires a fan not attached to it to be blowing through it.
  6. 1. When was multiplayer announced and how does that work? 2. Pretty disgusted by CDPR blatantly lying about this until now. Guess we could only get so lucky for so long. I dont care if it's just cosmetic or doesnt impact gameplay. This was their supposed stance, and they betrayed themselves and their fans.
  7. I'l switch when mixer/yt/facebook pay me too. Until then, these streamers departing mean nothing to me, and I have to assume that most of toast's audience didnt decide to start using fucking facebook gaming of all things.
  8. I was so excited when they first announced stadia, thinking it would be similar to Xbox game pass in terms of being a Netflix for games with Steam's "play anywhere" functionality but rendered on their cloud. Not only was I let down by that but they can't even get the fucking service to work at all. Good job Google. Multiple months old reports of Chromecasts overheating if left in the sight of a sunny window or very hot climate. How did they not see this coming and still deny heat issues...
  9. Annnnd it's gone (uninstalled)
  10. Well I guess I won't be renewing once my pre-paid 2 years expires in the spring. Kind of suprised cyberghost sold out to these guys too and even acknowledged it....they must be offering insane amounts.
  11. True but H series is a specific mobile family of usually 35W+ processors. But yes fair enough socket 1440 is usually used for H series
  12. What confirmation do we have this is an i5 or H series? I also love that the processor code name is still Kaby Lake
  13. I wonder what this means for Oracle now. Hard to say it was biased towards AWS now that azure won
  14. Nobody ever got fired for buying Intel....
  15. Oh man, I guess AMD and other Nvidia cards just magically work huh? The largest install base being 10 series cards, just really needed that extra "optimization"
  16. Because that's how gpu drivers work? Granted there is more rockstar can do and less nvidia can do on a dx12 title but pascal is clearly having some issue no other architecture including nvidia's own turing. The fact that it runs pretty much fine on every card/arch from both vendors other than pascal tells me this is a driver problem imo. It's not like pascal has some optimization that say turing wouldnt that rockstar would include or not. What? Are you guys trying to give rockstar shit for it not being game works or something??? It literally is their responsibility that's why you get game ready drivers and I'm pretty fuckin sure Nvidia knows about the RAGE engine by now. Considering that Turing seems unaffected, and this is an engine well versed with Pascal, do you really think rockstar fucked up here? Maybe they somehow only contacted Nvidia for Turing and then Nvidia just didnt mind that pascal is shitting the bed???? What kind of logic is this?
  17. I think people are more mad because ryan shrout keeps either making or linking to these articles and he used to be highly respected independent tech press. It's hard to respect this, but not unexpected from Intel, sure
  18. This is why we can't have nice things. The optimization would only come from Nvidia's side. Rockstar isnt tinkering with things that are on the architecture level. When people cry UNOPTIMIZED at a game because it has advanced and taxing settings you encourage them to release Ultra settings that dont look any better than high or artifically limit what the game engine could produce. RDR2 uses more advanced technologies than GTA V a game known to run like ass if you ACTUALLY make EVERYTHING max settings including advanced graphics options. Almost every video of gta v that claims to be max settings isnt because they dont max out msaa or turn on nvidia txaa if available or dont max out everything in the separate advanced options. This is true although I think nvidia fucked up or may have done this intentionally. They arent like Radeon, they ARE the leading GPU maker. If anyone has enough engineers it's Nvidia, imo. Seems to me like Nvidia is about par on both but AMD should probably stick with vulkan no matter what. The game does default to it so not much risk there but I wouldnt waste time benching both on AMD.
  19. Yea just dont run ultra. Default balanced is mostly high with some medium and some ultra. My 580 is oc'd to 1550 which is about the same boost as a factory rx 590. Make sure Anisotropic Filtering is 16x, it's free, and use vulkan.