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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/ Joining this subreddit is on your own risk. You mind end up spending more on keyboards than your car.
  2. I'm really waiting on your review on a XPS 15 OLED, when it's available. They actually put OLED option cheaper than the 4k Touch IPS one, and market it towards content creators. And because of it not being targeted towards Gaming the whole package seems to make more sense
  3. We need the review for the new Alienware m15 now!
  4. Hey guys, was wondering whether it's possible to replace a MacBook Keyboard to switch it for example from ansi to iso or the other way around. Just replacing the keycaps won't work, am i wrong? Oh, and how much would it cost o do it diy. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the reply. Maybe you could make a video figuring it out
  6. First off: A great video, Alex! Clearly the best one you have done in a while. Actually I find it amazing how this little computer can handle all the heat at such a small size. Maybe ordering an option without GPU and installing an Gefore RTX could be an option. But one thing caught my interest: Is it normal, that you can run an i9 9900k on a C236 chipset? I thought those would be for low end xeons? EDIT: If you look it up on Intels Ark side, it only lists the 300series consumer chipsets. Is Compulab doing something special?
  7. bequiet cases are a good choice, tho pricey in the US. Otherwise any recent case from NZXT, Corsair, Phanteks, Cooler Master... around that price range they don't differ too much
  8. I think the title is misrepresenting the video content. There is a Laptop which is slower than intels offerings and also cheaper and has ok battery life because the chip doesn't need much power. How is AMD crushing Intel in Laptops then?
  9. Seems like buying a 9900k and an EVGA Z390 Dark (One of the best OC boards) would be way cheaper than a 3700x and a proper board.
  10. If you don't care about the new features, you could get a 9900k for cheaper.
  11. Do yourself a favor and wait for AMD Ryzen 2 and (if there is a launch at all) Nvidia Super. Like that you will save money or might be able to go for the better parts right away.
  12. Record directly from the Audio Feed of the microphone, I am sure you'll find a line out on your PA. Everything else will be shitty quality.
  13. caspar!


    To be honest, I don't see the sense in taking vitamins at all. If you live a healthy live, are exposed to sun and eat what your body needs, there is no real benefit. Thousands of years ago we didn't have vitamins either. Our bodies are able to be healthy without all those nutritional supplements. Actually I would go even further. There are many people on this planet with special eating diseases who only eat for example Beef or Bread or something else for their whole life. When being medically examined it turns out lots of those people don't have any shortages in their body at all.That is, because their bodies have actually adapted to the situation. Clearly I would not state that everybody could just switch to only eat one food - your body isn't adapted to that. But it shows, how we often over-engineer our own health. We often underestimate our own immune system too. Today many people take antibiotics because they have a cold, while in many cases (tho of course not all) it would be better to just let their own immune system handle it, so that it ends up stronger. And no, I'm not an anti-vaccine one. But I do think that in these days we have way too low of a trust in our own bodies and often times overreact. Regards
  14. He wants to have the Turbo Boost on 5Ghz or did I misread it?