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  1. What Graphics Driver are you using? Are you running under wayland or xorg?
  2. Gnome has been making a lot of changes for better scaling support recently in Wayland, so I'd recommend you to use the newest Version 3.38 and log into a Wayland session.
  3. If I interpret this right, you have made a bootable USB Installer for FreeNAS? Did you install it on the computer yet or are you just trying to boot form the USB Stick? What Error Message do you get?
  4. I wouldn't use honor's own software anyways. If you can, a Custom Rom is highly recommended to not give all your data to the CCP.
  5. Eventually the pressure from ARM would have gotten a lot more intense, but I don't think they would have offered too much more performance. Maybe Hexa-Core i7s with HT, Hexa-Core i5s without by now.
  6. What about a portable Server Rack, so he can have a Workstation, Rendering and File Server, Portable 4-Modem Mobile Connection and a UPS so there won't be power spikes when running it off a generator. /s What
  7. Please answer the following questions: 1. What is the exact Model of Thinkcentre you're installing it on 2. What happens when you try to boot from the Drive 3. Are any enterprise security features in the BIOS active?
  8. If you are asking about Benchmarks, he has used applications form the Adobe Suite, the typical Blender Renders or SPECworkstation before.
  9. You will constantly be doing Real-Time Playback, so you should really consider upgrading your Desktop instead of getting a Laptop, especially as you're planning to use it docked on your desk most of the time, for the following reason: Any Laptop with a good enough cooling system - that won't get annoyingly loud when constantly under load - is barely portable anymore and thus I don't see the reason why you would get a Laptop for your animation work. If want have to work at other places and they have good internet, consider using a Remote Desktop Solution to access your
  10. Could you please elaborate a little more on what exactly you are trying to ask?
  11. You can install it in a Virtual Machine or onto a USB Drive if you have one that's fast enough.
  12. What exactly was your problem with the scaling, by the way? Is everything to small when you leave it on 100%? I would recommend you to use Gnome and Wayland (for example with Stock Ubuntu) instead of KDE if you want to set different Scaling factors for different displays.
  13. KDE and Gnome (which popOS uses) are Desktop Environments, meaning the Interface and and Applications that come with your distribution. The Distribution underlying is Ubuntu for all three of them. KDE Neon - Ubuntu and newest KDE applications Kubuntu - Ubuntu and stable KDE applications popOS - Ubuntu with Tweaks and Gnome