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  1. i downloaded the apache haus distribution of the apache server for windows and am trying to set up php, and i see the following lines in the /conf/httpd.conf folder: # PHP FastCGI # # Edit conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf to match your php location # and uncomment the Include line below. # #Include conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf one problem: conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf doesn't exist. is there a copy of the fastcgi config file somewhere, a way to re-write it, or an alternative way to provide php to my webserver?
  2. skipping all the files with errors just skips everything i was trying to move, and it seems like it's just the history.ie5 folder stopping me. the first one seemed to me like a shortcut error, so i deleted most of the shortcuts.
  3. how does this work for moving from a disk to a folder?
  4. i'm attempting to transfer everything on my old windows install so i can back it up and reinstall, but at the last part when moving the users folder, i keep getting these errors (for most of them) (for only this folder, as far as i've seen) there may be more errors, but i don't have the time to skip through all the files, considering there are over 750,000 files with transfer errors. does anyone know a fix for these errors and/or how they were caused?
  5. my audio driver recently stopped working in windows 10 and i can't troubleshoot it easily, so i switched to windows 8.1 temporarily, but the start menu is just genuinely annoying, and i honestly don't like the way the classic start menu and open shell work and i prefer the windows 10 style start menu much better (though it is nice to drag programs around in the all programs menu). is there a way to get a windows 10 style start menu in windows 8.1? also here's how i prefer to have my windows 10 start menu:
  6. the wayland versions seem to not crash kwin as much, but might be a bit glitchier in some ways. the cursor in full wayland is slightly drifted but enough to drive you crazy, and won't change. assuming that normal plasma is running on xorg, xorg seems to crash more, but wayland seems to have some bugs.
  7. it's the default environment when installed with kde, the sddm screen says it's using plasma, and i can select between icewm session, plasma, twm, plasma (full wayland), and plasma (wayland)
  8. it seems like kde plasma is having weird glitches with running in vmware (kubuntu having weird ribbon glitches, opensuse leap shell crashes, etc.) is there something wrong with vmware that causes it to have issues with kde plasma 5? if so, is there an easy fix?
  9. https://discord.gg/ltt also discoverable in the discover section of discord
  10. local account option isn't there, it might be some weird microsoft family limitation
  11. this is on an existing pc, how can i log out?
  12. i want to temporarily disable my microsoft account on my device (so i can disable licenses linking to my account), but the local account option isn't there. is there an alternative way to do this? windows 10 version 20h2 (2009)