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  1. So there is a setting within Windows itself that i had checked that enables wake from sleep with mouse.keyboard. But I was unaware there was a separate setting within BIOS.
  2. So I built my PC and whenever my PC goes to sleep I have to wake it by pressing the power button. It will not wake up from moving/clicking the mouse or keyboard. I checked the power management settings under device management and they both checked to wake from sleep. Not sure why its doing this.
  3. My second monitor wont work unless I unplug my first monitor. In settings it says the second monitor is plugged in but not active. It was working just a minute ago. What caused it was I noticed my 144hz monitor was only running at 100hz. So I unplugged my second monitor and then it let me set my first monitor to 144hz. I then tried plugging in my second monitor and it would not turn on. I set my frist one back to 100hz, restarted my pc and it still will not work. I tried uninstalling the drivers and that didn't help either. Now I'm not sure how to get it back on. first monitor is 1
  4. I'm brand new to linux. I've got linux mint installed, all drivers are installed. My issu is I have a 1440p monitor and a 4k monitor. My 4k monitor is running at full 4k so everything looks very small, when I try to scale, either using hi-DPI or by using the drop-down box and scaling from there, it becomes very blurry. Is there a way to fix the blur when scaling?
  5. Totally new to Linux, I'm trying to get Mint, I got the universal USB installer, and downloaded mint. Followed a youtube tutorial. When booting from the USB drive I get the option to run Mint. When I do this however I get a message saying "no irq handler for vector". Then my screen goes blank. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my specs: ASUS Tuf x570 moptherboard Ryzen 3600 corsair vengeance ram (2 x 8gb) rtx 2070 super
  6. So I swapped to a new motherboard, got it all set up, turned the pc on, and it doesn’t boot to windows. It recognizes my ssd, however says it isn’t a bootable device. What gives? What do i do?
  7. I'm sure the iphone is connected to the same signal as the PC. I've tested both the 2.4 and the 5ghz signal on both devices. Windows is reporting similar speeds to ookla.
  8. distance is about 20 feet (with walls) no large metal objects antenna are oriented properly Iphone that I tested was in the same spot as the PC
  9. regular walls. Maybe 20 feet from router (with walls in the way) though my Iphone is being tested in the same spot as my pc and gets significantly more mbps.
  10. So I have this wifi card. On my office PC I am getting only 25 mbps. My iphone in the same room gets the 150mbps. What could be causing this huge difference and how could I fix it?
  11. I’d like to run an Ethernet cable from my router to my pc, the Ethernet cable is have to buy would be 200ft. Would that slow down the speeds or increase latency significantly? Would a wireless signal be better in this case?
  12. How much better would my connection be, specifically my ping, if I had my pc connected by ethernet to one of my google wifi access points? Would it make that much of a difference since I'm only connecting to an access point and not the main router?