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  1. that won't stop me until someone asks me it just slightly helps my sanity
  2. i want a switch to also hook up some pi s and my other computer to the nas to but it just has an add in card that says 10 gbe
  3. my nas i got has a 10gbe port on the back and a 1 gbe my friend maid it so i have no idea what it is inside tough
  4. my budget is $50 and i have no idea i like servers but have no idea about networking the motherboard i am getting has 2.5g if that is the same
  5. can these reach 2.5 gee speeds i don't know what that means
  6. is 2.5gbe switch under $50 my friend told me they are a lot faster
  7. i don't know what managed dose and i do not need poe
  8. i have a budget of $50 usd and i want a fast reliable 5+ port switch and i don't know what to look for
  9. i have a 3200g and i am looking for a new pc to host it as a dedicated server my budget id $500 usd i have a slow plan but next month we are upgrading to gigabit because of school
  10. id rather have it hosted locally as a remote/lan server
  11. what parts should i consider for a minecraft server for 30 people