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  1. Ooh so is that good because I was to cheep to get 3600mhz
  2. Is there any way to get online then because I need to send a message from a wii
  3. I can’t access any website other than google.com from my wii it says error 40
  4. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpower-1500va-battery-back-up-system-black/3938817.p?skuId=3938817 That is the one I have been wanting so maybe it will work for you
  5. Probably go for a large air cooler or max out your h115i
  6. Cant I tried but my parents threw the box away and Amazon won’t accept it now I may just get a 750 watt so I can upgrade eventually.
  7. The nice think is you can customize it to your liking
  8. Abs seems like a good idea I used that for my jettison nano case
  9. It dose not turn on I did that to make sure that it was not overheating