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  1. !: did you check your bios and 2: did you make sure to have something plugged into your cpu fan header
  2. Maybe try to make a multi gig switch using those and a few gigabit cards in an old pc so everything has access to the server.
  3. I don't have a use got a server at the moment i am just trying to learn i have almost everything running on a mix of raspberry pies and old dell pcs
  4. i was browsing trying to find some old servers and i came across this( https://www.apple.com/macos/server/ ) and i am now curious the differences between mac os and mac os server
  5. i dont know much info either i dont have the slightest clue i just dont even know if a pi could run java
  6. i dont know but it is being made for an entire school system it is not not necessary it is for convince so my mom wont drive to her friends house
  7. sorry if this is the wrong thread this was my best guess
  8. i am trying to help my my mom do a large project in java script but i have no idea how intense java script coding is would it run on a raspberry pi 4b 8gb