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  1. You haven't provided what you are looking for with this upgrade. It also doesn't help that your current ones are open-back and DT's you're looking into are closed-back. There's no mention on what you plan to hook them to - TV, PC, something else? If PC what are they running on, integra? What's your budget? Shitload of questions people would immediately throw at you because you weren't descriptive enough. And then they would start discussing about those suggestions they posted :D.
  2. I already know how will this thread go...
  3. As far as online FPS goes, the one that gave me most fun in my entire life was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There might still be some servers floating around, give it a try. Also, I heard good stuff about Hunt: Showdown.
  4. @Comixbooks Skill Up, after having the opportunity to play it for 5h, said it's awesome. That guy never let me down.
  5. My order would be SSD > monitor > new GPU. Assuming you currently have only HDD. Jump by just one GPU generation won't give you that much. And if you already have some kind of SSD, then the order would change to: monitor > GPU > SSD. 144Hz or even 240Hz (highly unlikely to buy IPS for a decent price) will surprise you with it's smoothness. This will give you a lot more compared to just few FPS ;).
  6. Stalker Deep Rock Galactic Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy (totally not an FPS, but fun and story mode boxes can be checked) Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Deus Ex series Bulletstorm Painkiller Shadow Warrior series Dishonored series?
  7. As for the main question: how do we keep on enjoying games - sometimes it's a habit of coming back, sometimes it's friends you play with, sometimes it's drive to get better, sometimes it's the fun you get out of messing with them (breaking mechanics, non-meta playstyle, figuring out stuff), sometimes it's the journey they take you upon or something completely different not included here. Best if it's few of those that you gravitate towards. As for the 'I have no friends to play with' - you can always find a game you think you'd enjoy, try it out and if it works search for people that play it as well. People with similar approach to the game you have. As for the game prices - only new ones tend to be really expensive. Often times you can buy older games below their market value at key reselling platforms such as Eneba, GMG, Kinguin or others. https://gg.deals/deals/hot-new-deals/ is great to check game prices. As for Subnautica - I don't believe it tells you you didn't do stuff as if was supposed to do. It may tell you you need some particular stuff to make it work, like additional power reactors or something. But such stuff is tied to requirements set within the mechanics of the game. Also, this game is all about exploring with gathering and crafting mechanics which are meant to provide a sense of freshness, progress and accomplishment. League - you can play bots all you want, this option is never locked, so I don't get how it 'forces' you to abandon it. And if competitive is not for you there are also normals and ARAMs... I play it with friends and if you're in the same region (EUNE) feel free to join us ;). Although the squad is way smaller than it was years back. When you wrote about Doom it sounded as if you really enjoy action-packed titles. MORDHAU comes 1st to my mind. Or Mount & Blade. Dying Light was cool and 2nd part is coming out soon. Dead Cells? Enter the Gungeon? I heard many good opinions about Deep Rock Galactic - and apparently it's easy to find lobby and the community is awesome. Maybe Borderlands? Here's a solid list I just googled, maybe you'll find something for you: https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/genre/date/action/pc Also, create an Epic account - it's free and each thursday, as already mentioned, you get some free titles. This week there will be Into the Breach, which I highly recommend, and currently there's Hitman. As for games with solid storyline there's plenty of those, even a number of threads on this forum with discussions about it. Lastly, for my personal favorite when it comes to fun, is Ultimate Chicken Horse. I don't know when was the last time before it that I played something I enjoyed so much. But I really like to banter with friends and that provided a great playground for it. Also, as final thought - maybe if you no longer enjoy games just don't play them. At least for a while. I really liked what @VeganJoy wrote about finding joy and fulfillment in other stuff. And it can be pretty much anything like solving Rubick's cube, drawing, painting, singing, computer graphics, sports, carpentry, knitting, building some stuff. Options are almost endless.
  8. Hah, wanted to post almost the same list. Mine would be: Post Scriptum Squad Hell Let Loose Hunt: Showdown America's Army
  9. Do we know which company is making the port? I would really like to avoid rocky beginnings similar to RDR2 and given they posted almost exact same requirements (some just a step above) there's a possibility they just copy pasted it from there and have no clue what's it really like due to lack of extensive testing.
  10. One up top where he takes the medicine from and one on the ground floor in front of the stairs. That's why I called it so, I know the difference. And while some of the changes are good (e.g. snow on the road) I had a hard time accepting others. Even Vito's face gives me a hard time and while the original pale one is definitely far from perfect the new 'Trump' one looks really meh at times. They went from a vampire to indoor tanning abuser. Also, the new one just looks meaner - same goes for Joe. And those are supposed to be protagonists... As for the cliff face we can agree it's better but only because anything other than repeated texture is better. The new one looks fake as well as I don't see such 'stone blobs' being an option in real life either. Plus it's not that important for me as I never payed any attention to that detail in the 1st place as speeding down that road I was focused on avoiding to hit other cars. And if I did but forgot then I most likely laughed it off and accepted it as a grand fuck up by devs. The main reason it was unimpressive to me is the fact that those graphical changes were such a minor improvement and at times I really preferred the original ones but mostly because they downgraded the game in some aspects. Especially removing clothes' physics. And the gazette selling dude being mute is a cherry on top. While giving DE to people who owned the game already is nice it was the only choice they could make. Otherwise they'd be called out as cashgrabbers and maybe even boycotted by players and they knew that well. So yeah, it was the only good marketing decision.
  11. Mafia 1 & 2 Bioshock 1 & Infinite Valiant Hearts Metro 1, 2 & Exodus Was also considering Baldur's Gate II
  12. Same as you guys above ;). Since unimpressive Mafia 2 remaster I haven't even put remaster of the 1st part on my radar. And that says a lot given first game is one of my all time favourites. Just checked the trailer above and there's a lot of good stuff that I can say for now, but some criticsm as well. While I was watching and formulated my initial opinion on it I thought "OK, but I wonder what will they do with race mission and stealing cars mechanic" and then I got hit by that 2:45 and went "dayum, that looks real nice". Although that 2nd part is still a mystery, will see how it goes. The overall graphics look really good, I kinda dig the new voices - let's be honest, most of the original ones were terrible - I just hope they preserve that Italian feeling. New 'not so accurate' shooting mechanic - I can understand that approach and it seems valid but it would be good if they added some kind of progression in that regard. Cause you really think a person wouldn't get better at something they do so often? I really dig addition of more destructible environment to this game, enhances gameplay so much. If I remember correctly, before there were only explosive barrels. I also think icons for guns are too big. Especially compared to original minimalistic Mafia 1 HUD. And finally something that needs a lot of attention: faces... unfortunately most of the characters look like they were made out of clay - especially Paulie. And that poor sync of lip/mouth movement and voice line makes it even worse. Uncanny valley unnatural... 6:59 is a great example: Voice line: - They're cops, Tommy. Mouth/lip movement: - I'm a carp. It honestly feels at times like Mafia: Andromeda edition. As for nitpicking - I really don't like how they made environments affect the train and power line at 0:33. Both shadow or reflection of, I think, a tree and power line almost line up when the train goes by and it doesn't look good. It gives a feeling as if the power line is a medium darkening the train color. Anyways, hope it ends up good and if anyone from the team ends up reading this: please try to polish that face issue before release.
  13. I have a strange feeling you (OP) incorrectly associate boredom of games with resolution. IMO you're just tired of games at some point, then feel like you would want to get back to them and buy a better monitor hoping it will reignite that drive to gaming. It sure changes something, gives it a new feeling, because you're now in a new, fresh environment and thus you're reinforcing that belief in resolution being the factor while it's only an excuse to start over. Excuse which works but only for some time. I believe the reason you get bored is different, you just haven't given it a proper analysis.
  14. They seem to be aware of the situation, so just go here and get it: https://register.ubisoft.com/ubisoft-forward-reward/en-GB
  15. I honestly don't see a 6yo enjoying FTL... ABZU, Flower, Journey, Portal - only if you sit with him while he plays and provide help during levels, World of Goo, Pokemon games, arcade racing titles and sports games, some easy logical games (e.g. Fireboy and Watergirl), Unravel, Little Big Planet, Mario Kart (or its clones). And maybe old Ace Ventura, Samorost and other point-and-click games? Or Kingdom New Lands?