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  1. Ya_Mi

    Voucher Code

    One time in my entire life, iused voucher code for my phone and i still remember it. I got some of the letter wrong or mixed up i am not really sure, but when i use it, i got double the amount/value of that voucher and my voucher is still valid. So, maybe i got lucky but that's not what i am trying to say here. My questions is, i have tried that several times i even use so called code generator and i never got it right again. But its possible to get it right, the thing is, its not easy. So, if you can somehow made up a random code or guess and got it r
  2. It's an old HDD, heck i even forgot what's in it. I guess its do or nothing then...
  3. So i hooked my old HDD from my old computer to my external hdd dock through my laptop running Windows 10. It won't get detected at first but stupidly, i accidentally change the MBR to GPR and now i lost the partition. I didn't do anything to the hard drive because i knew it could overwrite the data/partition contained within. What i am doing now is trying to recover the partition using partition recovery wizard. Luckily the HDD is only 80GB and the software managed to find the partition despite the difference in partition table. So i just want to be sure, if i
  4. Most mobile games are very mediocre at best, most of them use the same formula and its getting pretty boring now. You can browse the Playstore, tons of game with different title but they are basically the same. Pls recommend me or just give me a list of PC Games that has been ported to Android. Thanks in advance
  5. Ok so photoshop, in which process/task does the single threaded workloads happen? As for Cinebench, i am talking about everyday apps. Wait, premiere use single threaded? i thought its a video editing software Not really, i am just wondering
  6. As the title suggest, can someone give me an example of single threaded workloads or application that use that? Because afaik, almost all modern workloads are multi-threaded to some extent.
  7. Cyberpunk should be released in 2077, it's not finished lul

  8. No i mean, if the creator already in the YTPP and we use adblock, do they still get the money from those blocked ads? stupid question but i need to be sure
  9. I am using vanced, i am curious if we use adblock, did the creator still get money from the ads that is blocked? my guess is NO..right?
  10. I've heard that Youtube updated it's policy. As the title suggest? is it true and is it in effect now?
  11. Not exactly free roam open world 3D but it looks good..thanks ^^
  12. i have updated the thread, walking dead has issues with modern phone especially the control. As for LIS...i am touchy guy and that game has too many touchy moment..too many feelings.
  13. Redmi Note 8 Pro user, i was wondering if there are any storytelling games similar to firewatch for android aside from LIS cause..i don't have the courage to play it and the walking dead cuz the devs abandon it. Thanks in advance ^^