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  1. So they're using bot, that explained it. Thanks kang
  2. So shopee Indonesia announced that they will sell iPhone 11 for 1.000 Rupiah, which is 0.069 USD and the flash sale will begin at midnight which is around 7 minutes ago when i wrote this post. But the thing is the product went out of stock in a mere second, like 2 second at best which is absurd and is impossible because to buy a product you have to tap on the product then tap buy and then begin the transaction and those stuff requires time. Flipkart does the same thing afaik and people think that is fake as well, that its just a marketing strategy to create urgency or just pop
  3. Then you should've use "Quote" so that i know you're responding to him. Anyway, which one do you prefer?
  4. That's where you're wrong, i don't want to spend more money to replace the parts unless i go with the Cloud probably that is cuz they're in a horrible condition. As for the Stinger and Siberia tho, they're in a good condition, some even have brainwavz earcups installed on them. PS: I DON'T HAVE A HEADSET
  5. This? I never use any cuz i got potato PC so
  6. Natively, afaik NO. You have to use some 3rd party software and they're usually kinda task your system tho it depends on your specs
  7. I am in a very tight budget and there are a lot of dirt cheap gaming headset on sale on my local marketplace and i got 3 option -HyperX Cloud (For $30-$35) -HyperX Stinger (For $20-$25) -Steelseries Siberia 200 (For $10-$15) I once used a HyperX Cloud and i love the build quality and the sounds but for my option which is "USED", all of em are in a horrible condition like the headband and earcup is worn out and peeled out. The other 2 tho, are fine. I am really attracted to the Siberia 200 despite of its horrible mic quality but hey, its $15. So what do you
  8. So apparently, Xiaomi is starting to do what Apple does after MIUI latest update that if your phone used a 3rd party parts, that part will stop working.


    1. Murasaki


      Wonder what made them decide it now after such practices have been known for a while.

    2. Ya_Mi


      4 hours ago, Murasaki said:

      Wonder what made them decide it now after such practices have been known for a while.

      Maybe because they wanna go that way? i mean, here in Asia Xiaomi smartphone are known for their cheap replacement parts because..well its a 3rd party parts and that is the main reason on why people here choose Xiaomi. So if Xiaomi really want to go that way, i am afraid it won't end well for them atleast in here in the Asian market especially 3rd world country like PH and Indonesia.

  9. Already did, waiting for the answer from them
  10. That's the thing, i am not from USA but the person who sent the money is from USA. Hmm, i'll talk to my student about it. Thanks for the info
  11. How do we know that whether we send the money as family and friends? and about the currency, i have set my primary currency to SGD to receive SGD and PayPal still charge me for it. That's why i got so confused about it.
  12. So i am a private japanese tutor who charge $10 per hour and most of my students are Asian. My primary currency is USD and PayPal always charge me 4.4% for the fee. But when i received money in USD, they didn't charge me anything. How come? i am not familiar with PayPal so someone please shed a light on this.
  13. I am trying PrimeOS rn, if its not good enough then i'll try what you recommended. Thank you
  14. What is the best Android OS i.e Phoenix OS for Windows? because i live under a rock for so long..also are there any iOS equivalent to that? Thank you
  15. Can't seems to find it on Steam and the official website only direct me for the Nintendo Switch version. Anyone?