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  1. Man, i didn't know Windows ever had such feature. Thank you so much, it really help with my productivity
  2. Hi community, i need to crop thousands of images and will do it via photoshop automate batch feature, but since some of the images aren't in the same resolution, i can't batch them all. So what i can do is the organize the images based on their resolution and then do batch crop on all of em that has the same resolution. But sorting it out is a pain as i need to hover my mouse to see the resolution, so does anyone knows some kind of organizing software like TreeSize but can show the resolution of each image? that way it'll be easier for me to sort them later on. Thank you
  3. Have you compare both specs and feature? Pulse is the affordable line up whereas Nitro+ is like above it. Usually the difference is on the clock speed and RBG lighting.
  4. So this is how the biggest computer retail store in my country sell their "pre-built" PC.

    They literally put a budget PSU to power RTX 3060, just so they can sell it at the aimed price.



    May be an image of text that says "PAKET PC E-SPORT EN TERKOMPUTER HITMAN BEST CHOICE! ......... nIDIA intel) COREi5 10THGE RTX BUILO YOUR PC HERE Intel In1160 Core i5-11600K 24116.000 26119 IDR. 23.999.000 Geil DDR4 SUPER LUCE SYNC RGB LED 3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB) MSI B560M PRO PRIME A-[O] WHITE 1 GALAX Geforce RTX 3060 12GB DDR6 -DUAL FAN ADATA SX6000 Lite 256GB 2SATA PCIE GEN3X4 日 Windows 10 Trial quiet! Pure Rock Quie Effectiv Cooling Antec NeoECO MODULAR 550W 80+ Bronze I @enterkomputer D-Link 300 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter @enterkomputerofficial @ente kompute official"


    May be an image of text that says "PAKET PC ENTERKOMPUTER BLACKHAWK BEST CHOICE! A”D RYZEN NEOREE F BUILO YOUR PC HERE AMD Ryzen 3300X 11420.000 IDR. 11.299.000 福 GEIL AMD EDITION ORION DDR4 3000MH Gigabyte B450M DS3H CUBE GAMING HOLL BLUE KLEVV SSD CRAS C710 256GB NVMe PCle Gen3 ×4 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 GV-N1656D 4GD Windows 10 Trial PCCooler FX-120-3 LED Color Fan quiet! SYSTEM POWER Iam @enterkomputer -Link 300 Mbps Wireless Adapter f @enterkomputerofficial @enterkomputer.official"


    May be an image of ‎speaker and ‎text that says "‎PAKET PC E-SPORT ENTERKOMPUTER GALVANIS BEST CHOICE! RYZEN n VIDIA GEFORCE RTX BUILO YOUR PC HERE bequiet! AMD Ryzen 3600 22.808.000 IDR. R.22.699.000 瞳 P”antom ۔ing ASRock B550 GEIL DDR4 EVO XI RGB LED (2x8GB) Gray Heat- Spreader quiet! Gaming Case 500 Black 0 GALAX Geforce RTX 3060 12GB DDR6 DUALF Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVME Link 50 USB Antec NeoECO MODULAR Bronze Im @enterkomputer Windows 10 Trial @enterkomputerofficial @enterkomputer.official‎"‎‎


  5. So my phone fell on accident and the screen broke (Gorilla glass my a**). Since the screen cost 40% of the price of the phone, i am looking for the best option to protect the it. I am not a fan of screen protector because it reduce the overall image quality, but after the incident, i think i could tolerate that. So, there are only 2 option atm that is TG and HydroGel, i've looked around for some information and i got a mixed review. Some say TG affect the image quality, some are not, some says the Hydrogel is not as strong as TG and vice versa. So, i am wondering if one o
  6. Anyone knows the best preferably free (i know haha) software to view EXIF and METADATA for videos and image, maybe one you have used?
  7. So i disabled wifi scan throttling and the problem still persist. Around 5KM
  8. Yes, its up to date Yes, same thing, random cut off Will do that and get back to you once i can...thank you so much
  9. looks like a faulty display to me, return it for RMA if it still have a warranty
  10. Yeah, i wonder why they still sell that fairly ancient CPU at such a high price
  11. Well i know that, i just wanted to know if its going to run as it should (100%) Thank you for that, i need your opinion is it worth to upgrade the CPU tho?
  12. So what are you saying? will the bandwidth be enough?
  13. Hi everyone i have a Lenovo H530 pre-built PC with 280W PSU, as for now it has Intel 4th Gen Core i3 CPU and GT 720 (DDR3) version. I would like to upgrade my GPU in the future so i can play more games and i was wondering if the PCIE bandwidth will be enough for say GTX 750 Ti with no power pin? And i also wonder if it worth upgrading the CPU to Core i7 4770 because, that CPU is still fairly expensive around $120 USD in here. And if i cannot find GTX 750 Ti, what is the equivalent GPU to that but with no need for power pin?