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  1. A colleague of mine was constantly kicked out of the matches as well. None of the suggestions provided in some guides worked, even the 'clear cache' one which seemed more in-depth than 'fix the file integrity', 'restart connection', 'restart PC' etc. What actually ended up helping was found in a comment section of one of those articles and it was about disabling particle effects in options. I think in case of my colleague those were shadows, but my memory might not be accurate. While surfing for solutions I also found some comments from people who dealt with it via GPU drivers u
  2. Saints Row 3 Remaster is still free today on Epic. Grab it and check it out. Apart from that maybe MORDHAU or Chivalry to switch up that FPS a little bit? Forza, Fallen Order?
  3. As a titbit - ok, interesting. As for the game - don't bother.
  4. So I've got a Logitech Z533. Some time ago I noticed the problem - as the product was very close to end of the warranty period. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the receipt and complain. Now it's past that period anyways so I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction so I could get that fixed myself. So what's it all about? The thing is when I turn them on they work just fine but after a brief period (haven't counted that actually) the right speaker kinda 'goes off'. It still receives AC as it buzzes but doesn't give off any sound. I
  5. Hah, seems I will place second on the list as far as chronological order of release date goes (after Pong). Few days ago I just finished the very 1st Tomb Raider game (1996). Actually after giving a 2013 version a shot I thought it's atrocious I still haven't played these games through so I bought all but the latest one on Steam on sale (cheap as heck) and am going through the whole series to create my own opinion on it. Before that I only had a brief experience with Tomb Raider 2 years ago - you know, the one where you close a butler in the freezer :D. Apart from that I al
  6. I will base my recommendations on my impression of your character. And my impression is as follows: you are to gamers just as law students are to students in general, as crossfit folks are to anyone who trains regularly, as vegans are to diet freaks as well. You want to be edgy for the sake of being edgy, to feel as you are a better version of the person you really are. That tends to be common feature of people who like to label themselves as this or that. But enough of the psychological evaluation... Outer Wilds - apparently a step back to old days when nothing was laid bare for the
  7. Some time ago I've seen Rocket Sledge's video about it. Looking at the video desciption and pinned comment joining the linked Discord channel should give you answers you need. Here's the video:
  8. The idea of verified authentication method - or something similar - lines up with you not receiving 2FA messages when they get it. Also, how come their accounts aren't banned, yet? Haven't you made screenshots of those messages they leave you and added that info for support team? They should even be able to check their connection details and permaban them from accessing Origin. It's not like they plan to spend money there anyways. Ofc unless they use something to change their details e.g. VPN.
  9. Reviews are harsh. Curious to hear an opinion from someone who actually bought it.
  10. As for the ones already mentioned: Minecraft - seems like a good idea and there's tons of mods but isn't cheap and might be addictive Celeste - was given out on Epic so if the kid has an online access he might already have it Ori - IMO very good proposition although he might lose interest as he'll most likely die a lot. On the other hand you can save very often and dying a lot might teach him patience Cave Story - don't know that one Thomas was Alone - same as above My propositions: Portal - is cheap, mechanically a puzzle/problem solving game, has dec
  11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Rocket League Played Gartic Phone with the crew yday as well ;).
  12. Aim Lab is free, so I guess you could start with it and see how well does that work for you. Kovaak, as far as I know, has more scenarios so potentially should be better. But if you buy it and then end up running it once that would be a waste of money IMO.
  13. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a great ad hoc game that runs for ~7USD on sales. Apart from that there's Warframe, CS:GO and planty other free games. Depends what she would like.. Also, Spelunky Classic is free and with Spelunky SD mod you can play online with a friend :).
  14. Deponia series is a nice point and click game. You could also switch to tablet for the time being.
  15. Metro Exodus, Ori (both parts, actually, even though 1 has 6 years already), Control