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    Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi
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    G.Skill Flare X 2x8GB 3200MHz CL14 (F43200C14D16GFX)
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    MSI 1080Ti Gaming X
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    SX8200 Pro 1TB (ASX8200PNP-1TT-C) + BarraCuda 2TB (ST2000DM008)
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    Dark Power Pro 11 650W (BN251)
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    Acer XB271HU bmiprz
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    Dark Rock Pro 4
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  1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Rocket League Played Gartic Phone with the crew yday as well ;).
  2. Aim Lab is free, so I guess you could start with it and see how well does that work for you. Kovaak, as far as I know, has more scenarios so potentially should be better. But if you buy it and then end up running it once that would be a waste of money IMO.
  3. Ultimate Chicken Horse is a great ad hoc game that runs for ~7USD on sales. Apart from that there's Warframe, CS:GO and planty other free games. Depends what she would like.. Also, Spelunky Classic is free and with Spelunky SD mod you can play online with a friend :).
  4. Deponia series is a nice point and click game. You could also switch to tablet for the time being.
  5. Metro Exodus, Ori (both parts, actually, even though 1 has 6 years already), Control
  6. I've been thinking about it, came up with few titles I enjoyed which are graphically really dated (Heart of Darkness, ONI, NOLF 2, MoH:AA) but then I thought how they done some of the old games I enjoyed with remakes and remasters and I'm not so sure I'd really like to see that... There was always something that didn't seem right to me. And those old games were what I cherished anyways and modern graphics or not they still have a special place in my memory. On the other hand, a next entry in the franchise done with new technology and especially in the spirit of its predecessors sou
  7. Ok, so the question is fairly simple: what are the dimensions of the tempered glass panel on this case? Hopefully someone on this forum has this case and could measure it. Preferbly in SI(mm, cm) but if not it's obviously not an issue. Asking as mine shattered for whatever reason while I was holding it in hands and since this one seems to have reached end of life stage there's no chance to buy the part from Silverstone - I don't even know if they would do that in my location (btw, here's the link to the case, although I haven't found the data in there: https://www.silverstonet
  8. I would say Rocket League as it's fast paced and at the same time hard to master. It also requires you to make decisions in real time and each game you have to adjust to teammates (unless you choose 1v1's) so there's additional factor to measure and take into account each game. But if you really prefer the mind aspect why not playing GO or chess online?
  9. For a once in a while sitting there's nothing like Ultimate Chicken Horse :). There's also Pummel Party. Castle Crashers was mentioned already but oh well :D. Plus there's Deep Rock Galactic if you feel lke being more cooperative. If you're willing to waste shitloads of time in a game then some MMORPG might be the choice - and since there's so many of them you can choose what would fit your liking the most.
  10. I have a very similar build (you can check my profile for details). Generally less but faster low latency RAM, 9700k instead of 8700k (pretty much the same performance, yours has more threads) and bigger SSD (1TB). With it you can play pretty much anything, except newest titles, in 1440p on ultra, so I believe you're set to go unless you want to have multiple titles installed at the same time then maybe, as others suggest, you could buy additional SSD space. Currently I have 15 titles with the biggest one taking almost 60 gigs (CP2077), so you could have at least 3 like those simulta
  11. Most captivated by: Bioshock Infinite, ABZU Lost track of time: HoMM 3, Darkest Dungeon Still haven't played so many games that, I believe, have the potential (e.g. Subnautica, Outer Wilds, Ethan Carter)
  12. How about The Division or Warframe? In April Outriders should be out, too, so maybe that can be up your alley as well.
  13. Bioshock (especially 1 and Infinite) Ori (both Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps) Outer Wilds Mafia 1 & 2 Metro (all 3 parts)
  14. ULTIMATE CHICKEN HORSE! Plus I support Maury on Trine, was planning to suggest it as well ;). Drawful 2 is also fun but would require at least one more person. Castle Crashers is a pretty fun couch co-op. Human Fall Flat is worth a try. I had a blast in it with friends but she might dislike the controls as they are pretty unique. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a typical co-op people suggest. Personally haven't fired it up, yet, but am planning to do so in whatever future. You could also try good old Borderlands 2. To end the list I have somethi