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  1. What i'm trying to figure out is, what is the shortest password I can have using non-random (so words/phrases) alphanumeric characters (plus one symbol) that is virtually impossible to crack and decipher? For example, let's say the worlds most powerful computer could take 4 years MAXIMUM to decipher a seven character password, but eight characters would take 102 years, therefore 8 plus would be sufficient for the current day. I understand a randomly generated pattern of characters is the MOST safe option, but I have over 8 emails and many accounts etc and don't trust th
  2. Ahi I see. So in layman terms, it is sort of a snowballing system where the bigger the demand, it automatically gets upgraded to more server space etc. If that's the case though, why do some websites still crash when receiving high demand? Even some bluechip websites I have seen go down when demand is high.
  3. (First of all, I am a not a server/network techie and this post is purely for informative purposes.) When a small online business is running and they release a new product that has somehow been waiting in anticipation for years and lets say they get increased traffic to their network by 1,000-2,500% for 3-5 days, how would an online business counteract this? I know you can just 'rent' more servers, but how easy and quick is it to set-up that process. Just curious.
  4. The question was specifically targeted at females. This is because generally, the majority of gamers are predominantly males by a large margin. I have nothing against the LGBT community or whatever, but it isn't relevant to ME the OP in this scenario as for one, i'm hetro and could care less about whether gay guys or similar game. - Feel free to make your own topic if you want to know that bad. Let's not turn this into a gender/equality post please.
  5. Browser, version and OS: Windows 10 Pro Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? Commenting on LTT forum What happened? Self-explanatory. Not sure how long it has been happening but only noticed today. What did you expect to happen? +1 post per comment or thread Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: This one. Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: See this post lol
  6. The Saggi / Kabia one is my fav! Nice to see another Yugioh lover on the forum
  7. Let's just say it involves some of my 'hobbies', lol.
  8. I recently watched LTT's triple set-up monitor video gaming at 4K. I have always been a fan of potentially creating my office into a triple monitor + vertical chat monitor, back-light LED's proper gaming man's cave. However, i'm concerned about the perception it will bring when trying to hook up with women. I am 27 now and don't have a partner, but where I come from the ladies are a little more classy who aren't big gamers. I haven't brought a girl back in a couple of years, but I just know a lot of them wouldn't be so 'keen' with a 6 CONSOLES set-up (+1 if you know the meme )