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  1. Whenever you make/receive a call or send a text using mobile tariff minutes or texts, you connect to your most local communication mask tower. This means your phone can technically be traced somewhat when looking at historic data and your mobile phone provider and authorities would be able to see the rough location of the phone if switched on. Is there any sort of software or hardware solution that would counter this privacy issue? (I know VPN's exist and can be used for mobile data and Wi-Fi...I am looking for a similar solution but for phone/text communic
  2. I see, so the internal 32GB should be enough just to play Overwatch (cartridge) then?
  3. I am thinking of buying an Nintendo Switch Lite to play Overwatch handheld during periods of downtime as I get a lot of free 'intervals' of time. So, do I just need to buy the device and game? -Does Nintendo have a free online service? -I think the Lite comes with 32GB installed. Do I need a memory card like the old PSP/Vita consoles? -Anything else? Thanks!
  4. Even a person with a very low IQ that has no mental problems can comprehend consequences. Hell, put an electric fence round some pigs and they'll stop touching it after realising it is electric...because they know the consequence of those actions. I know I said there were no wrong answers but really disagree with this one though. I believe your comment could be used to define the difference between someone who is sane VS insane. To take it 'deeper' I guess you could say being sane is intelligence, but I would argue that there are probably some intelligent insane people out there.
  5. Oh interesting, I don't think I have heard of that before. So in theory, if a new blockchain for a new cryptocurrency was created, someone could already have measures in place to ensure they constantly have 50%+ of the mining power which could be open to abuse.
  6. I have heard that Bitcoin and the blockchain can never be 'hacked'. I certainly believe that someone won't be able to just somehow break the blockchain and duplicate/create funds out of nowhere due to the strength of digital encryption. However, how true is that statement? -Can it not just be hacked currently due to current technology limitations? -Does there need to be a number of people in on it? -If a huge entity/organization (beyond the scope of ordinary hacker group) was interested in foul-play, would there be cause for concern? -If someone illicit in 5 years fr
  7. Just having a think about something and I'm interested to see what people think. This is a tech forum after all, so hopefully the average person is smarter on here rather than somewhere like Reddit. Anyway, how would YOU define intelligence? There is no wrong answer. I'm trying to understand how everyday people would identify 'intelligent' people vs average people; for me to understand this though, I need to know exactly how everyday people define 'intelligence' rather than using the literal definition from an English lexicographer / dictionary. Please let it be your
  8. I have never been a book reader since College to be honest. Ever since I left, I have been working and spend my free/spare time (when alone) either watching TV/films or gaming. However, I am now in a position where professional reading can drastically further my career for exams (Non I.T related). I have read some books in the last few months and have seen success and results from it; so reading good old fashioned books clearly works Anyway, since I'm from a slightly more recent generation I find it difficult to commit time to reading. I usually have to be focused or
  9. I used to be a miner myself about 6 years ago and since then, have dabbled a bit in cryptocurrency buying and selling etc. However, I have recently been introduced to 'Mining Hosting' by a very wealthy friend who is renting machines to make cash. The way it works (from my understanding) is that you pay to effectively rent a mining rig(s) remotely across the globe, typically somewhere with cheap electric costs and the owner/host of the rig mines your chosen cryptocurrency for a dedicated period (usually hourly) and then sends you anything mined straight into your crypto
  10. I have a 165hz monitor and a beefy GPU so can certainly hit more than that on certain games like R6S or OW. Is there anypoint in having more than the 165hz or is it just wasted electricity?
  11. Nvidia Reflex has recently been introduced on Overwatch and I have been watching some reviews on YouTube of it. A user said that it basically forces your GPU to work at full load to make full use of it even in a game where it may only need 40% performance (example) to operate the game at max settings, which therefore creates more frames. How does that differ from the Prefer Maximum Performance option under Power Management in the Nvidia Control Panel? - The description of this sounds pretty much like NR. Can anyone explain it better? Obviously, there is a d
  12. If you find what subreddit it is, feel free to comment it or DM me it as I would be interested in giving it a read. I work for a worldwide firm and can relate to what you said as well. Short term costs > Long term costs when it comes to priorities. Ah well things may change. I have started seeing paid advertisements over the last year for new companies offering 'compensation' for a data breach. Apparently the average claim is £1,000-£40,000. If you go to Google and type Data Breach compensation you will get tons of results. Seems to be a new growing market like cash-for-crash t
  13. Haha none taken. All i'm saying is, if you throw enough money at something, anything can be done pretty much these days. (Regardless of the rules, laws and how it is achieved as long as there is an end result.) So i'm just surprised firms don't do the above because of how big data fines are and that's whilst also ignoring the resulting damage from the fallout of Identify Theft and fraud.
  14. Haha, well as I've mentioned above, HVT, 'famous' people or well known companies are more subject to the spread of information than your everyday average Joe. That's one of the drawbacks of being famous/popular.
  15. Honestly I disagree with this. I have got stuff removed from the internet myself. I'm not talking about Google either. A simple cease and desist order can cause someone to remove your requested information. There are even companies out there now that specialize in this (https://brandyourself.com/) However, I do agree that taking down the information on the dark web will be much harder. But that's why I said paying a top-tier crack team tons of money and they would probably be adept enough to somehow trace and remove the information and could even partner with the NCA or similar org