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  1. Hello everyone I am trying to convert a multiple page PDF to Images on gimp . But Everytime i have to do it manually. When i Open a pdf as layer or image i have to convert it one by one . Is there any way I can convert multiple page PDF to Images on gimp. I know there many software and tool which can do the job but can i do this on gimp
  2. I click the play button on steam and it says configuring and the pop up vanish then it says running and then it doesn't launch
  3. CSGO isn't launching . I verify the file 3 times but the result is same. it is not launching . Steam client is updated . My windows is updated . but problem isn't fixed
  4. But now i saw that nothing is using my network but sometimes it happens sometimes
  5. I have a low end system . When windows update start. My computer is allmost unable to operate. So I check task manager sometime to see which app is taking ram and HDD speed. Since the last day, I was facing something unusual thing. I notice that my network was used 1%. That means an app or service is using my network. I look at the task manager and show that no app or service was using my network but in the network column it says that my network is used. I check the performance tab of task manager and show that something is downloading in the background . I check the windows d
  6. I get 55-60 ms ping on Sea Asia server. My connection is fine .
  7. What do mean by move to PC Gaming . I am playing on a PC
  8. I restart the PC but the result is same
  9. Md z

    GPU Price

    the 2nd thing will not happen
  10. Md z

    GPU Price

    Is there any possibility that the gpu price will fall ? I am trying to buy to GPU . but the price is very high . So when the price will fall . Even the 2nd GPU price is high for me.
  11. I am using Bleachbit to clean junk file . but recently notice that VLC media player and Potplayer History is not cleaned and file explorer history is not also cleaned. Is there a option to clean this history or I need to uninstall it ?
  12. Hello Everyone . Recently I buy a Xbox 360 controller (replica version) . In the Xbox controller there is button in the middle looks like a Xbox logo button . So when I press the button windows game bar appears in the screen. So I want to set this to take screen shot. Can I do that ?
  13. I use the VGA input and I didn't use dual monitor.