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  1. The pr0n industry changed this too...we were like RAZERS OMG SO TINY I CA...wait I can get internet? I can pull up xvid....wait a second BIGGER SCREENS NAOW!
  2. Tristerin

    Best pre built to upgrade

    Last night I almost hit the buy button: Xeon X5690 (6 cores 12 threads) 6gb DDR 3 ram, no HDD, no OS $190 shipped Dell Workstation. Just check Newegg for "X5690 workstation" - in this case this is a proprietary mobo. You can even get them for around $220 or so with a drafting GPU to use short term. EDIT the one I was looking at last night is gone, however this would be next runner up for me: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAC0F7F36675&cm_re=x5690_workstation-_-1VK-0001-1FEV2-_-Product
  3. Clean it like mentioned above, no vacuum (static) then put it in a bag of rice and seal it. Give it 8 hours and it will either work or it wont.
  4. Tristerin

    What can I do with a 80mm radiator?

    Anything you want, is the answer. If you want to have fun trying what is the worst thing that could happen? You spend money you would be spending anyways?
  5. Tristerin

    Reviewers and Gamers, 20 Series Duds?

    I think that the issues are absolutely exacerbated due to the conflated price tag. Product is releasing like most new releases...poorly because the money grab was the most important part for NVIDIA (and all other corps). I mean whens the last time a Game released with no issues lol. And people storm the gates over $50. They are tons louder over $800+
  6. Tristerin

    Reviewers and Gamers, 20 Series Duds?

    Me late 90's til like 3 years ago lololol I knew what hardware looked like in the case and how to check compatibility but that was about it in early 2000's. I only recently over the last couple years got fully integrated to the nuts and bolts of my hardwares (and understanding them, the why's how's and WTF is this!!!)
  7. Tristerin

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

  8. Tristerin

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    Didn't sign NDA. Found card for sale Posted Review Not sure how or why or for any reasoning that could be construed as a jerk move. Jealous perhaps that you (they) have signed an NDA to guarantee them to get a card to review...vs taking the risk (and rewaaaaardddd) of not signing and finding one through various networks to do the review before everyone else... Sounds like excellent marketing skills for HARDOCP. They took a risk, and are the only ones available with a reward.
  9. Tristerin

    Building a computer withoput a gpu or apu

    Buy a $15-25 used GPU to get video until you can afford the GPU you want. Then hang onto that cheap junk old GPU for instances just like this in the near future. I still have a AGP slot GPU somewhere in the parts pile that works just incase (on the slight slight off chance) someone needs me to trouble shoot a really old PC.
  10. I would save up the money, purchase more thermal paste and apply the correct amount needed to keep my CPU at acceptable temperature levels so I could leave it on 24/7 and not worry about my thermal paste being the reason my PC may let the magic smoke out of the box
  11. Tristerin

    Are Damaged Radiator Fins a Problem?

    that's no problem for a radiator from what I can see
  12. Tristerin

    The real reason I buy as much as I can online...

    Its not happened often but I am polite, explain my rights calmly and continue my way out - Ive only once had a cart load of things and I also understand the cart isn't mine so I unloaded it and continued on my way - they have no right and I wont begin to let that go lol. However I am absolutely not irate for the exact reasons you stated
  13. Tristerin

    GPU - Blower vs Dual Fan

    Blower to get hot air out of the case you cannot afford to have in it. Fans if you can afford to spin around hot air because you have sufficient intake and exhaust taking care of any issues this spun air may cause.
  14. Tristerin

    Console killing

    For example - Xbox One is powered by an AMD "Jaguar" Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with two quad-core modules totaling eight x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s. (this is a 2016 APU which is a CPU and GPU as one) That's a damn APU. No one should ever game on an APU. Ever. BUT - because optimization with direct x type stuff, and how its completely optimized for that chip ALONE and how that chip operates within the environment of an Xbox One is how they get 60fps in games like Fortnite. You try Fortnite with that setup as a PC in an Ryzen 2200g (newer APU) or something...Im just not sure it would even be worth playing, with only 8 gb of RAM...your OS and background stuff is going to suck up some of that etc - starting to make sense I hope!
  15. Tristerin

    GPU overheating Motherboard?

    Which drive is your OS on? If SSD then you are having issues with it. If HDD then you probably have a corrupt root (from my experience) or just a failing HDD. That GPU is very hot. Is your case well ventilated? Do you run any diagnostics like MSI Afterburner for your GPU temps? If you didn't have the heat issues prior to the GPU than that's likely the culprit overheating your system. Are you spinning all that hot air in your case, or not at all? Remove a side panel and see if that helps (should immediately notice a difference)