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  1. Not sure whats so heated about my reply. Can you, sir Author I. Meneses, (however there are none, so whats your pseudonym?) tell me how I was able to inflect my emotions in that reply? Please, educate me.
  2. Man I was reading this and thinking - I can drop it, I don't realllllly care about this conversation. Then that last part. Ill be here waiting, while you still have to ask to use the restroom.
  3. Tristerin

    PCB SATA connector help

    Correct - those Power Connectors supply very low power so multiple splits can come off the same "rail" from your PSU. All good!
  4. Tristerin

    Zalman ZM-GM4 knossos software issue's

    Awesome and informative! My gaming rig doesn't have a ODD either and when I opened the mouse and saw the disc I was like................................................... Lucky for me my GM1 software worked on the download but I would have had to install an ODD for just that lol. Glad to hear its working!!!
  5. Tristerin

    PCB SATA connector help

    Im getting that to, but that diagram size is way off lol OP - its the black thin L shaped slotted item coming from your PSU:
  6. 1.) White Knight giving Princess Cadence a name - Candace is cute. 2) Im pushing buttons? This is a forum, just keystrokes and your decision to read into it further than the text, capitalized letters, and punctuation provided. 3.) Agree - there is nothing to correct me on 4.) The Collegiate ladies and gentlemen 5.) The Author should understand that a Phrase (see also; a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit, typically forming a component of a clause.) wasn't used, but a statement was issued by the Poster loosely using words that can also be used in a well known Phrase (see also; that wasn't a Phrase). 6.) I did, and you said you were an Author. LOLOLOLOLOL 7.) Agree - you cannot correct me 8.) You White Knighted - we've already discussed my thoughts on those types. 9.) At this point I was like...maybe I should let him go then you followed on with the sentence after. 10.) Please, author, show me my anger in modicum of communication of text. Being available to reply? Replying? Not agreeing? Crazy how you read into emotion so easily, you must be an Empath as WELL as an Author...damn. 11.) Hell yeah and pray tell me - what would be embarrassing about this? I mean, embarrassment is a feminine way of attempting to get people to conform. So no I feel zero embarrassment for this conversation taking place. Did I put it in a format better understood by Authors?
  7. I have yet to be corrected - you have responded. I win again! This is fun. Im glad your so busy, and your life has so much going on that you don't have the time, that you have, for me. You give a damn, or you would have left already. I give a damn because White Knights are deplorable to me. They remind me of a falling Snowflake. EDIT - anything after that is...because I can.
  8. Wow, author. Re-read your second sentence - than ask yourself - why did I end this drivel with a question? Then read sentence number 4, and ask yourself - why did I end this with a question? But I guess only authors can understand this type of stuff. EDIT - you ended with that question because your not an author. You haven't published anything, yet you signal your superiority through a lie. Or, put your money where your mouth is (see, this is a PHRASE!) and give me a link to your works, Author.
  9. There are no women on the internet, you've learned young Padawan. You don't, but we are so don't espouse that statement - its not fact. Not sure whats "sad" about having my life in order to do what I want on my terms. Maybe I can find it on Amazon? Could you possibly do something sans signaling you are an author to try to convince me you have an understanding of Engrish?
  10. Tristerin

    Zalman ZM-GM4 knossos software issue's

    I hate software issues - so for me I would unplug the mouse, uninstall the Zalman software, reboot (with diff mouse in use), install software then plug in my GM4 - After that Ive run out of ideas personally
  11. Tristerin

    HP Motherboard dead/locked PCI-E?

    Just trying to help people while at work. Its Legacy Support issue after further investigating your mobo which is an MSI Jasmine.
  12. Well, you were wrong, and what you are doing is by definition White Knighting. So...yeah. It IS funny to me. And, best yet, I can do this all day too I mean, I used the words White Knight, and those are definable to what you are doing. Rushing to the aid of another forum poster in distress who just so happened to espouse herself as female (from what I can tell). Engrish bro, go write another book. It MIGHT help you.
  13. Tristerin

    HP Motherboard dead/locked PCI-E?

    Is your GPU power draw more than the slot can provide? Those older proprietary boards can be 50w max output etc (or less!!!). What is the model number and have you looked into that boards PCI-E power output?
  14. Tristerin

    Zalman ZM-GM4 knossos software issue's

    Can unplug mouse, uninstall drivers and software. Install software and plug mouse in, see what happens. Maybe windows will find a generic driver and it will pair with the software. My GM1 mouse install a week or so ago was..plug in mouse, download software, instant control. Just another angle to try to get it to communicate however.
  15. Tristerin

    Did my 970 just die on me? :(

    We don't have to stop there! Have you tried plugging your display into another port on the GPU? I.E. if you have it connected via HDMI port 1, can you connect it via DPI or DVI to your monitor? Or even a different HDMI port if there are multiple.