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  1. Make sure your board also has the most up to date BIOS (can try this before messing with settings manually)
  2. 2 SSDs stacked on top of each other is as close to flush with the panel as you can get (~14mm) which you can shut. My guess is you could DIY the mount holes a little forward (to the right in the above pic for reference) for this application but its very close.
  3. Wife is gaming on that PC atm, I can check later tonight, I don't have a 15mm thick but I can stack another SSD on one of them and see if I can shut the panel with room enough to spare. Feeling the side of the case where the cable management comes out if it didn't, you could DIY the screw holes further right easy enough to make it fit but Ill double check when I can (tonight or tomorrow morning)
  4. How about this, I can only see IPS glow when I use my camera to see it, on my IPS panel (in fact until you had me check with a camera I didn't think I had any at all). Without the camera...my blacks are black as shit (in comparison)with no lights on in the room (now that I STARE at it in the dark I can kind of see a IPS glow but nothing like Im seeing here) EDIT - and my camera only sees it when Im at an angle - maybe this all has to do with the panel, and the fact its curved?
  5. I have not had issues buying used GPU's on ebay. I also understand "to good to be true" pricing, not buying stuff from overseas and biding my time to get the best bang for buck. The reason I use ebay is because of the hassle free guarantee afforded by them and paypal should an issue arise. But each person is diff so I only trust sellers with a lot of high ratings. But keep in mind, if you buy an RTX 2070 or similar, its going to come with a warranty, whereas the ebay one will not. Being that you are not very savvy (no offense) I would buy new. EDIT - heading out for a bit, the other awesome people here can help you, all of them are very knowledgeable (moreso than I tbh)
  6. Is your budget a solid $400 max? Either an RTX 2070 (edit, cause more VRAM) or an RX 5700 XT. But I don't mind buying used GPU's so Id buy a GTX 1080 ti used on ebay if it were me.
  7. Listen Linda just listen - you could, but that's on you to check ebay prices, shipping costs, etc If it was me, this is exactly what I would do - buy the new GPU, sell my old GPU - game on. If I felt like an upgrade was needed beyond that I would then part out the CPU (i7) and motherboard on ebay for the most money possible then upgrade to a Ryzen Zen2 system for that price.
  8. Im going to part ways with this thread - you aren't listening. i5 will perform same as i7 at a minimum. The i7 will provide better performance overall (multitasking and gaming at same time) and smash the i5 in games where more than 6 threads will be used. Cant say this any better way.
  9. Let me get this straight because I feel confused. You own an i7 7700 gaming rig. You can either trade that rig for a less superior rig (brothers) or not. Or sell it. But have $400. What I am saying is, that if you own this i7 7700 rig you could likely sell the CPU and motherboard, and upgrade WAY beyond the i5 9400 and reuse everything else and spend $0 on this upgrade. And then spend your $400 on that GPU.
  10. Rather than loosen the material off the standoff Id try this first
  11. @marcio if you are so interested in maxing your performance you should try to piece out your rig on ebay and buy a better than i5 9400 setup that your brother is offering you in exchange. You are losing in this trade, performance and $$$ wise.
  12. Im saying, as many have here that its likely a "wash" but that depends on what game. If a game will use all 8 threads your CPU has, whereas the i5 has 6 you will see even more noticeable improvement. If a game only uses 1 core, you are going to get basically the same exact results between the CPU's. Because of this "wash" I would rather have the additional 2 threads of the i7 7700 so that when I multitask I have more CPU horsepower (basically)
  13. Your case doesn't have a side panel to pull off for cable management to see the stand off? It should, and Id go from that route and use a sharp instrument to loosen the case material around it to allow it to easily pull free. My 2 copper coins
  14. @marcio If you have, and own that CPU and motherboard, @Fasauceome is right, don't do it. I know for a fact I wouldn't go from the i7 7700 to a i5 9400 based on resources, more threads, etc. Heres what it comes down to - and you should keep in mind as well: Used i7 7700 on ebay = $290 New i5 9500 = $150 You are losing in this "trade" as well.