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  1. For the small price difference of $41 I would go with the Asus in this case. Nothing against Gigabyte, but I've heard this card for them is a little louder than what is desired. Plus you know it in your heart you'll love telling your friends about your Rog Strix =p
  2. Chinese DDR4 ram worth it?

    Mate, everything made is basically Chinese anyway. Lul
  3. Cheap ddr3?

    Lifetime warranty huh? I had NO idea about that.
  4. Cheap ddr3?

    Thanks for the help! i wish I had local shops that sold that kind of stuff around me, unfortunately I have to drive around 45minutes or so to find some of those kinds of shops.
  5. Cheap ddr3?

    Read my statement above, I'm just going to use ebay and trust in their buyer protection
  6. Cheap ddr3?

    Alright you convinced me. Easy peasy. I just bought a 1080ti off ebay a few days ago. Thinking about this post...feels kind of dumb posting it now LOL. *buys 1080ti off ebay* ---> ~worried about buying ddr3 ram ~ oops
  7. Used monitors

    Ehh, Ebay is fine with buyer protection, you could also ask if it's still under the manufacturer's warranty too.
  8. Hey guys, I'll be giving my laptop to my wife but she has...let's say issues with her patience. Anyway, I will be replacing the current 5400 hdd with a much needed SSD. I wanted to upgrade the 8gb's of ram to 16. So far from my own quick searches, it will be about $100 bucks for 16gb's of ddr3 at 1800 mhz using a 204pin connection. Is that just above average or am I not looking hard enough for a much better price? ddr3 is so old (in my opinion) but it's costing only $50 less than my ddr4 coutnerpart @ 3000mhz with RGB. Any help with websites that can help me find some for cheaper or discounted? I'd go with ebay but I don't want some dud sticks that they grabbed from some scrapyard lol. I use PCPartPicker for my quick search earlier by the way. Thanks for any help guys.
  9. Help with a $1200 build

    Why in the heck did you give this man a mini atx lol.
  10. Help with a $1200 build

    I was going to suggest the Kinguin key as well. Buying win10 for msrp is umm, well it sucks lol. I agree with the larger SSD, he will thank you later. Monitor is fine honestly, the card won't be pushing out anything higher or demanding so it's a great fit for it. Go ahead and use that saved money to go from a 1tb to a 2tb. Seagate's barracuda is 2tb for around $60.
  11. cooling suggestions

    If it works, it works right? But unfortunately I don't think he will like the Hershey fans very much
  12. Guys I need your help.

    When sticking to a stricter budget, AMD is your best bang for your buck. If you want more..longevity you could go with the blue team, but it costs more. Your build isn't bad by any means though, these people suggesting AMD just want to give you a better bang for your money cap. But sticking to your build isn't bad at all, the only thing is that SSD, it is too small, sorry. Just a fact. Even my 500gb will be too small at some point and I will have to drop like $300-400 on a 1tb SSD.
  13. cooling suggestions

    I do like the reviews for Noctua but those damn BROWN fans!!! They're hideous! They probably don't match anyones build unless they have a chocolate build going on lol. I don't want to go and have to buy extra fans simply because the stock ones are too ugly
  14. Gaming Chair Recommendations

    For the most part it is, anywhere your cat would climb or get on yes. It seems very durable, but cats do have those darned claws.
  15. PC Crashes

    Well it's definitely not being under powered, goodluck. =/