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    Ryzen 7 2600X
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    ASUS Strix X-470-I Gaming
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    2X8GB DDR4 3200
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    Red Devil Vega 56
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    Raijintek Ophion
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    500GB M.2 NVME SSD, 256GB M.2 NVME SSD
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    x3 Noctua 120mm
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    Custom 60% Build with Holy Panda Mech switches
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    Hifiman HE-4XX
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    Windows 10
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    Razer Blade Stealth i5-7200u
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  1. The little black button looking speaker? It will let the motherboard beep out codes like error codes when nothing else is working which can be useful. If there is something like a boot problem where your computer isn't loading, the basic BIOS can't beep error codes through the Logitech speakers. You could leave it out, maybe just know where it is so if you ever have problems you can plug it in. This is what I think you're talking about:
  2. You have given us so little info to go on, no one can tell you if its fake or not.
  3. Even with my volume maxed out on a pretty decent audio setup and earbuds, I'm not really get much of anything useful from that audio clip. From your written explanation, sounds like something is getting hot, fans turn on, then they shut off when they reach temp or something. My hunch is the PSU would be making the clicking noise, but that's just a guess. I wonder if you could run something like a system benchmark (3D mark) to make it pull a high load and make it do the clicking on command when the test stops and it cools off or something, that might help you pinpoint what/where the problem is.
  4. Your link doesn't work/load. Just use something like Imgur or upload the image directly here. What does "overclocking" entail? Did you just max out the voltage and pump up the clockrate? Sounds like a loose display cable or your GPU is artifacting because you damaged it overclocking. I would only think you'd damage it if you were really not careful with voltage or something and you got really unlucky. If you've reinstalled windows, and used DDU in safe mode, that is pretty thorough in ruling out software issues, which leaves hardware, and the same time we seem to have had a hardware failure, i
  5. If you are modifying a file, and you just shut off your PC or something while that is happening, its usually corrupts and ruins that file. You don't turn off a computer while its updating because the files its updating are being modified. Windows tells you to not turn off or restart during an update because its modifying/updating the files for the operating system (which is pretty important for your computer to run). If you shut it off while windows was updating, you likely ruined the windows install and need to look into possible ways of recovering it (maybe you can run some recov
  6. If hes trying to afford a i5-9400 to get the best he can now, I doubt he is able to afford to get both a CPU and a motherboard to switch to AMD, and still have enough money for a better deal AMD CPU.
  7. You'll likely need to update the BIOS with your current CPU in it. Usually involved putting the BIOS file on a USB, booting into BIOS, and using an update utility there where you select the file off the USB. You'll need a CPU installed to get into the BIOS and do this. You probably want to search up a guide for your specific motherboard.
  8. If you aren't already, you'll probably want to utilize something like Unraid for the server OS as well. I have a CS380 case, with a full size ATX AM4 motherboard. I'm currently running a 2700x in it. Advantages are with AMD and AM4, I have tons of options for processors to cheaply drop in to follow my needs, and it has a bunch of expansion slot space for Ethernet ports, GPUs, SATA expansion cards, ect. The case itself has a large amount of HDD bays, and I've replaced my 5.25" bays for 3 more HDD bays, so I can fit 11 HDDs, full size board with plenty of PCI-E, and a good motherboard for AM4 (g
  9. You really need to get a budget. Are we talking $500? $2500? Your asking for a server that's hosting a LOT of servers. You could justify a very expensive system if you were truly looking to host that much. Each ARK server is recommended 2 CPU cores, ~50GB of storage, and 8-16GB of RAM. Per server. Your wanting a server to host 7-10? For it to be a good experience on each server, you talking 128GB RAM, and a Ryzen 3950x, to start (and just for ARK servers). What's the internet connection backing all that too? In summary, I think you need to get a ballpark budget or max price you'll
  10. If enabling a feature of the CPU made the system go haywire and malfunction, that's not really a feature. It is fine to have on, and won't affect anything even if you aren't using it.
  11. Looks like that build above doesn't include a 2TB HDD though, but thats not very expensive. Also, I have first hand experience that drivers have not been great on the 5700 from AMD, as much as I like AMD, its a problem.
  12. If you can build it yourself or have someone help, a build like the above is a newer CPU, better for gaming. The prebuild, is the SSD NVME? Doesn't seem to say, or specify the RAM speed (which is important on Ryzen). Its also sure to have a crappy motherboard and PSU. With the build above, you almost sure to be getting a better SSD, motherboard, and PSU, and a better CPU especially for gaming. With that said that prebuilt doesn't seem to be awful, you can just always get a better deal/build doing it yourself.
  13. 3950x will beat the Intel and it will have way more affordable upgrade options going forward, if it were me, 3950x.
  14. Yeah do not put 8 times the baking powder in that will certainly ruin it in how it rises and in flavor (and if it was 7/8th decayed, you would use 1/8th more, 12.5% more, not 8x, 800% more). Its probably just fine. Do the water test like someone recommeneded.
  15. Your probably fried your CPU from maxing out the VCORE voltage. That's is literally the one thing you do not want to do that too, and if you did any kinda of researching on overclocking you would have been warned about cranking voltage like that.