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  1. What Video Card should i buy for a 44inch 4K TV ?

    Well if you are just going to mirror the 1080 p to the 4k then the resolution of the tv doesn't matter. You are going to be fine as long as the gpu has more then one output port.
  2. Take a look at this article http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/75094-amd-ryzen-5-1600x-1500x-performance-review-2.html Technically it could work. But it't not recomended.
  3. To those who say dont pre-order RTX

    Its not boxed if you run tests yourself ...
  4. Trying to wake up/shutdown my PC.

    @NovaViper try using this guide wake on lan
  5. sure, when im at my desk. But would hate to bring one with me to the datacenter.
  6. Random pick squares appearing on screen

    Maybe it could be discord. But im almost never in a call when it happens.
  7. Random pick squares appearing on screen

    Oh i already made a post on the league forums. Thought rito fucked up again. But probably nvidea then. I have kind of the same issue. Every new loadingscreen in league flashed pink. Haven't noticed it in other games yet. But i havent had much time to game lately. Im running a gtx 970 btw
  8. Where to get this adapter?

    Wait cables like that excist? I assume you can controll ws2812b with a compatible motherboard then? I need one, would be another powersupply being eliminated.
  9. Is it worth getting a gtx 1060

    Especially if you don't know wich 3gb version it is.
  10. GPU for 3440x1440

    Hey guys, I just received my 3440x1440 monitor. I know my system isn't powerfull enough (yet). At the moment im running a gtx970, so i should be able to game on 2560x1080 in the meantime. But i was wondering wich card to get 1080 just barely runs this resolution at 60 fps i think. So i was thinking i might be better of waiten for next gen cards. Other specs don't really matter at the moment since im going to build a new rig this winter anyway. Im not gaming that much right now because its way to nice weather over here in belgium. So i have patience to wait a while.
  11. Sort by

    Hi im relatively new here, so it could be that im just blind. I really enjoy reading the latest topics. But i have to select it everytime i open a new page. Is there a setting somewhere to change the default sort by to start date? Would be very usefull especially in the technews subforum.
  12. 4k vs UltraWide vs... for 2nd display

    I wouldn't recommend an ultrawide as a secondary screen. You will have to move your head way to much to see anything. I will be way out off your vision if you are watching a movie for example. However an ultrawide as primary with a smaller screen as secondary could be handy.
  13. Trying to wake up/shutdown my PC.

    For this to work you need power to your psu, and an active networkconnection at all time. Otherwise the magic packet can not be received.
  14. Computer Wont Turn On

    Clearing the cmos might work as well.