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  1. actually its the opposite. Smaller proces is less current needed so less excess heat produced. And more overclocking headroom as a result.
  2. Well since i don't produce electricity myself i'm not sure. But I think its a flat fee.
  3. If you produce your own electricity in Belgium you still have to pay for "using" the net. This could be seen as the tax.
  4. why is the printscreen option listed under edge? i glanced over it the first time because i couldn't care less about edge. But the printscreen is a lifesaver in my day to day use.
  5. Seems like you are not that familiar with the geography of belgium... We are looking in to those things. But there's is nowhere near enough free space for solar and wind power. At least not enough if we phase out nuclear.
  6. I disagree the "internet" runs primarly on linux. Its estimated to run 96.5 percent on linux. There are far more devices out there running on linux. One of the big issues in my opinion is the lack of knowledge from the end user. Linux is mostly used by professionals, while our granparrents and kids probably use windows. Yes there will be more virusses for linux if it becomes mainstream. But the security level of linux will probably stay at the same level.
  7. LeSheen

    What Video Card should i buy for a 44inch 4K TV ?

    Well if you are just going to mirror the 1080 p to the 4k then the resolution of the tv doesn't matter. You are going to be fine as long as the gpu has more then one output port.
  8. Take a look at this article http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/75094-amd-ryzen-5-1600x-1500x-performance-review-2.html Technically it could work. But it't not recomended.
  9. LeSheen

    To those who say dont pre-order RTX

    Its not boxed if you run tests yourself ...
  10. LeSheen

    Trying to wake up/shutdown my PC.

    @NovaViper try using this guide wake on lan
  11. sure, when im at my desk. But would hate to bring one with me to the datacenter.
  12. LeSheen

    Random pick squares appearing on screen

    Maybe it could be discord. But im almost never in a call when it happens.
  13. LeSheen

    Random pick squares appearing on screen

    Oh i already made a post on the league forums. Thought rito fucked up again. But probably nvidea then. I have kind of the same issue. Every new loadingscreen in league flashed pink. Haven't noticed it in other games yet. But i havent had much time to game lately. Im running a gtx 970 btw
  14. LeSheen

    Where to get this adapter?

    Wait cables like that excist? I assume you can controll ws2812b with a compatible motherboard then? I need one, would be another powersupply being eliminated.