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    i5 9600k
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    asus prime z390-a
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    32 GB corsair vengeance white rgb pro 2666
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    Gigabyte RTX2070 gaming OC white
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    Glorious model O / logitech g603
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    nuforce dac with sennheiser hd598, steelseries v2 white, macky 5 speakers
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. I don't see ARM taking over. There is not enough compatible actually used software. The biggest market is still business, not general consumers. As long as there is no absolute need for it they won't make the jump. Change is expensive and mostly slow so I wouldn't bet on it.
  2. Depends on your definition of supporting. Almost all will launch. Some are stretched or have black bars. Some have none scaling GUI. Even more have cutscenes that don't work,are stretched or have black bars. Square enix games are often unplayable on ultrawide. A lot of games support 2560x1080 but not 3440x1440. I can go on and on... signed, a fairly frustrated 3440x1440 owner
  3. To be honest I don't really see much benefit in screens larger then 34 inch for gaming. On a 34 you already have stuff in your peripheral vision. Only benefit I can see for gaming is to split it and have multiple inputs connected to it. But then again I would prefer a 34 inch with a secondary smaller monitor on an arm so you can move it around. I currently have a lg 34 inch ips 60hz and a 1080p monitor next to it. Wish I had a higher refresh rate. HDR would be nice, but I dont feel the need to upgrade.
  4. That's not clear at all if you read the op's post. I have not read the article either since it's in polish. My reactions are based on the op.
  5. I don't know how to feel about this. In my opinion if you leave a mode out until later on then you are selling an incomplete game. Once again dodging the initial reviews. In my opinion it would better be released as a standalone mode/game. One recent example would be fortnite.
  6. Well it depends who you are and/or how much money you have. coughtrumpcough
  7. - It not that much slower, but still 100 euros cheaper - Like i mentioned I have a rtx2070. Would be dumb to switch to something less powerfull. -> 5700xt best amd has to offer at the moment. - I was talking about high end, not fair performance comparison. That's the best they have to offer.
  8. Ah the land of freedom. Must be fun to live there
  9. Most posts here recognize the bang for the buck approach of amd and respect it. Yes their highend CPU's are finally competitive with intel even beating them in some cases. Unfortunately this is not (yet) the case for their "high end" GPU's . The rx 5700 xt was a good competitor to the rtx2070, but now we have the rtx2070 super. And that's not even the real high end of nvidia (rtx2080, rtx2080 super, rtx2080ti,...). The rx5700xt is more then enough for 1080p gaming, but 4k and 3440x1440 is a bit to much to chew for it. I would love to swap my rtx2070 for some amd card if it actually could improve performance on 3440x1440.
  10. Releasing this later on doesn't change anything. It will still not be considered in a review. And it doesn't change anything about my statement about the industry in general. In fact you just pointed to another distressing trend in games, shipping them incomplete. You could argue that it would be a dlc anyway, but where do you draw the line then? For the cd project fanboys, not attacking them specifically. I'm just voicing my concerns about the broader trends in this industry.
  11. I really dislike this trend of adding the micro transactions later on. In my opinion it's just a dirty way to avoid the critics. Hardly any reviewer adjusts his review/score after a month or so after release.
  12. I started working as a junior linux engineer earlier this year. I have worked as a general system engineer before with an active directory as well. So I can compare the two a bit. - Easier to maintain a stable big environment. - Uptime, our record holding server has an uptime of 1753 days. - way faster/easier to work with, once you have learned it. Something that takes me longer to learn and do in a windows server gui I can do with a few terminal commands. Usually even more control or flexible. - Can update packages without having to reboot. - In our case better support (redhat enterprise). - lightweight and able to liveboot from USB (easy if you need to troubleshoot a problem) - ....
  13. "Free" money is always popular. I use it when I can. But most webshops in Belgium are not supported.