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  1. It wasn't a troll post. Edit: I'm a dummy dum didnt realize this was referring to an older post.
  2. A couple degrees can be the difference between unbearable and bearable when the room temp is 80-85 degrees f Source: room used to be hotter then hell in the summer due to unfortunate positioning facing the sun and bad vent runs.
  3. No, the length of time you can use the hardware is considered part of the value. There's a reason people dont just buy harbor freight tools when a proper makita or dewalt will last much longer. It's a well known fact that PC hardware lasts much longer than mobile hardware. And has better price to performance by miles.
  4. Plot twist: It doesnt run off battery its just straight 120v
  5. Not a good comparison. PC hardware stays relevant for about 3-5 years and I've seen it used for close to 10. This is atleast partly why it's common for enthusiasts to buy expensive hardware. Phones are dead after 2-3 years which is pathetic imo.
  6. If LG continues to be an absolute bro then they'll get my money if not then they won't. I hope LG continues with this trend of functional devices I'm seeing.
  7. You also have to consider the production of both materials as well. You also have to consider e-waste which is rarely ever recycled for some reason. Anyway for the process of making glass (which I know little about correct me If I'm wrong) you need a specific type of sand which comes from riverbeds. Its needed due to it's very round nature which happens from water erosion. Obviously making either glass or plastic is not good for the environment. but we also have to consider how apple fixes the back glass. There are lots of variables I hadn't thought much about until now. This is a
  8. The plastic can't be nearly as bad as the 600 dollar back glass "replacement" on an iphone 10.
  9. I guess that's a better way to put it for the majority though. I've seen people arguing about it before though I'm still of the belief that it's a negligible difference.
  10. I wonder how long until people that are arguing about this realize that IHS stands for internal(maybe integrated dont remember off the top of my head) heat spreader. It doesnt make much of a difference and if it did then amd would mention it or it would have a special cooler design.
  11. Louis rossmann did a video or two about the comptia exams. Might wanna check those videos out usually louis has a pretty good opinion on things.