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    Linux, mech keyboards, books and badminton
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    i5 9600k
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    asus prime z390-a
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    32 GB corsair vengeance white rgb pro 2666
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    Gigabyte RTX2070 gaming OC white
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    nzxt h440 white
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    nzxt kraken x62
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    ak33 white (blue), 2 black ak33 (blue and black), steelseries 6vg2(black), ducky one 2 mini purewhite (blue), anne pro 2 (red)
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    Glorious model O / logitech g603
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    nuforce dac with sennheiser hd598, steelseries v2 white, macky 5 speakers
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. Yea I did. But I would never buy any electronics on it. I did buy a knife and an led strip which both were as advertised.
  2. Well a lot of elderly people in Belgium have a license without passing any test as well. This is because you could just get one at the city hall in the past if you promised that you were a good driver and knew the rules. However there is still a difference with this situation. These drivers don't need at license at all so it can't be revoked either... I'm curious how they are punished if they have a serious offense.
  3. I think it's the same here in Belgium. But I still think it's a bad regulation. Every driver should have a license. Also a bit weird to have the top speed at 45, since urban area's almost always have a top speed of 50...
  4. So can I stay in the same room while using it without hearing protection? Or do I have to wear fireproof gloves instead?
  5. Most events here in Belgium recommend to only use the site ticketswap. You can only ask for a small markup if you decide to resell your tickets. I once sold 18 euro tickets , 20 euro after handling fees (because I was ill the night of the event) for the maximum markup and got 25 euros. And I'm pretty sure they give you back your money if the ticket didn't work.
  6. Dutch article posted this a few days back. Only top 25 not top 20. America boasting again? https://tweakers.net/nieuws/163570/amerikaanse-marine-krijgt-supercomputer-met-amd-epyc-en-nvidia-volta-v100-chips.html
  7. Read my answer again... I started off with saying those things are already against the TOS. We don't need more regulations. We just need them enforced. I'm not solely blaming the parents. But according to the law their children under the age of 18 are still their resposibility. So if you cannot guarantee that they behave online then you should do anything in your power to restrict their access. I know it is more nuanced then this black and white picture I just painted.
  8. Agreed that those are horrible things and change is needed. However, those things are already against the terms of service of those services. No need for an extra board about it. Also a lot can be traced to back to bad parenting or not making enough time for their kids. Parents are still responsible for kids that age. I would rather see a ban on a lot of those services for kids that age. Would be in my opinion a better attempt at a solution. I just turned 24 I grew up at the same time smartphones and social media were developed. My first phone could only call and text,
  9. Is it a normal iso or a snapshot? If possible I would like to try booting it in VMware and pass through my gpu. Why isn't it possible to boot the games? You obviously still have some sort of graphics driver.
  10. I didn't know blizzard had plans to start "selling" cars.
  11. I'm not that sure of it. More and more people seem to understand that the current consoles (except the switch) are just cheap optimized computers. And now both microsoft AND sony are making those few exclusive games available on pc. At the moment by selling a subscription service, which I personally think well be their future. And apparently sony wants to port horizon zero dawn to pc? A new pc era might be upon us and I welcome it
  12. I thought this was out for years already?
  13. Well this is a stark contrast with the release of age of empires 2 definitive edition What a shame, was considering to try warcraft 3 for the first time.
  14. Just read an updated statement from them on tweakers.net (a dutch tech news site). They will still receive security updates and updates if possible. No new features.
  15. There's a big chance they already counted you