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  1. Grockle88

    Extra external SSD what todo with it?

    use it as a paperweight i guess
  2. Grockle88

    ML 140 X2 or SP 120 w/ controller

    NM just checked, that isn't a thing
  3. Grockle88

    ML 140 X2 or SP 120 w/ controller

    my motherboard only has 2 fan headers, aside from CPU 1&2, doesn't the controller include a fan hub for the RGB set?
  4. Grockle88

    ML 140 X2 or SP 120 w/ controller

    trying to decide between this or two of these i can't decide which, since both seem to have their benifeits over the other
  5. Grockle88

    R9 280

    welp, time to think on this. i will probably resume this journey tomorrow
  6. Grockle88

    R9 280

    broke my discord install too
  7. Grockle88

    R9 280

    ix nay on the overclockay. instant hard lock in 3Dmark
  8. Grockle88

    R9 280

    an and it should dynamically clock based on thermals and that sort?
  9. Grockle88

    R9 280

    i had mine clocked at that for a while, but i downclocked because of some flickering
  10. Grockle88

    R9 280

    like a this?
  11. Grockle88

    R9 280

  12. Grockle88

    R9 280

    What should i aim for clock speed wise?
  13. May as well just wait to make sure it will work at this point
  14. Grockle88

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    Tbh, I wouldn’t mind a 7400 for the clockspeed boost
  15. Grockle88

    G810 Orion spark 89.99 on amazon

    Huh. Welp, turns out it was actually the 910 https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Orion-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard/dp/B00N3OELPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1544814337&sr=8-1&keywords=G810+Orion+spark