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  1. Hey, Top 5 is awesome! Great job everyone, and thank you for your contributions! This particular line stuck out to me from the Final Report: Thank you, @GOTSpectrum, for reaching out to people individually and pulling them into the event. Personally, I wouldn't have even known it was running if I hadn't received that DM from you, and I suspect it played a large part in getting past those "starting difficulties". Well, that and @leadeater's army of servers handling the first few javelin tosses. I had a lot of fun with this event - the small team size made strategizing i
  2. Just got another 16 threads on WCG. I'm now completely tapped out at 128 threads - I physically have no more hardware that BOINC could be run on.
  3. Agreed. WCG tasks can take a good few hours to complete out the gate, we probably won't know the full extent of our output for another hour or two.
  4. Same here - got all 108 threads moved over to Javelin.
  5. My take is that however you get the compute power you're throwing at a project, you're ultimately still advancing a scientific cause. If you believe in that strongly enough or are just having enough fun with playing around with resource management/competing, it shouldn't matter where the compute resources come from. ... Also it would be difficult and time consuming to enforce anyway, and arguably the entire point of these events is to drive a surge in progress on various compute projects...
  6. NFS doesn't seem to be handing out new tasks for the moment. I've switched my machines back to SiDock for a few hours to keep them active.
  7. I'm not sure of how to double-check pending credit for NFS@Home, but I apparently have 4,717 tasks being uploaded presently.
  8. For anyone who has been bunkering, Sprint is now active!
  9. On that front, I have no idea why the Einstein tasks stick around at 99% for so long before closing. It's a mystery to me.
  10. This is showing as using "0.9CPUs" because a certain amount of CPU power needs to be reserved to actually run/feed data to your GPU, not because you're getting CPU tasks. This is reserving one core (one "CPU") to do that. Folding@Home does exactly the same thing.
  11. Einstein@Home is the current GPU project!
  12. Alright, I now have all 100+ threads bunkering for the sprint. Time for sleep.
  13. Yeah, I think I just happened to glance at my project list, saw the three letter acronym, and went "oh right it's that one". I hadn't even attached NFS@Home to my 5950x box yet. D'oh. For reference, I now have NFS@Home running, and it's consuming exactly 680MB per thread.
  14. You're right and I'm running on entirely too little sleep! Thank you for the sanity check. That's an especially silly mistake because I mentioned earlier today it was NFS@Home.
  15. Man, LHC@Home is a memory hog. I think I'm running out of memory before I run out of cores on my 5950x - currently sitting at 28GB of 32GB memory used, but only ~80% CPU usage. I'm letting BOINC have access to 95% of RAM so in theory there's another 2.5gb available for it to take, but... yikes. They also don't run without network access. This puts a wrench in bunkering, because apparently the tasks will only run when upload is enabled - they appear to complete internal tasks in chunks and upload each bit as they go, refusing to continue until the upload finishes (see https://lhcathome.web