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  1. Left me thinking there some cobwebs that need worked out with AMI's newer stuff...a lot boot problems dude..and checked everything...can't be the cpu...never got any cpu errors or any beeps like that.
  2. Dark Humor and the schizoid man in 2018 lol
  3. Not much like I said...getting help from the state dude...I just don't know anymore...Need a way to make some money man... If anyone wants to point me in the direction of any opportunities message me or something. It's not my fault I was never that Blessed like some...
  4. Well I tend to be a motherboard Hoarder Lol I always tried to get and find some of the better Boards.
  5. It may not be that much better...all that old stuff needs clocked anyways...but It's a Xeon they were binned and selected better and a lot of those chips are still good. I find it unbelievable the x5650 is still ok and benches still like it should. They just about all had higher Tmax's, Quality and reliability went into them.
  6. Id rather see the HT and 4c/8t honestly that's a little more sound.
  7. under load stuff, tends to sound like some psu stuff. or even weird stuff with the cpu and gpu.
  8. I don't know crap units man. Evga released some pretty affordable 750w unit though...That's probably better than what I even have.
  9. Thing hashes like a Beast and then you are gonna go tear it up mining with it or some shit.
  10. Welcome to the Madhouse man lol, Forum troll mad Psycho JR lol
  11. I posted what's running...got a shitty Oem board...verified the x5650 still works should try to find a working sabertooth the added bios update then they could run and clock that chip. would be a solid backup. but no biggie, the Gigabyte z270 should be back tomorrow and can test out the delid/relid job on the 7700k
  12. Well the 1060 has been very applicable in 21:9 I think I did choose that right...while dx12 is not it's real strong suit. It's been fun though and the PNY version has performed flawlessly and is still ok. I do want to see some new Gen that's not over msrp and can jump right into 4k though easily. One of my next Logical upgrades.
  13. I do not know the Proceeds and Direction trying to go. I think it all feels old and more tiring and it aggravates me sometimes. But I mean if people can still use the stuff for something applicable and or have some fun, I do want to see that still and they might need some help you know.
  14. Nah Linus knows this real bullshit right here dude...gonna have an oem run that can run that chip and not clock it and shit.
  15. It is Ad Hoc if you can make some good Money People will even do shitty things dude. And not give a fuck.
  16. Yeah old cpus that still work surprisingly...but this is where it's even more nerdy transistor ageing and stuff.
  17. Throw that away burn it or something lol
  18. An Upgrade Option though Dude, Vega getting alittle more affordable, I still think it's impressive, despite a few little things.
  19. Linux cause noob be thy Noob and not gonna figure out how to even boot the shit lol
  20. I don't think Mac is any better I just thought it was cool. The Noobs would Probably freak the hell out about Linux so that's not much an option. So that Leaves Windows.
  21. Because it's apparently still winning in that accessible ease of use for end user thing. I do think it's been pretty smooth..smoother going than in the past that's for sure. I see the support or something.
  22. I don't care what it Really is, either one. But at the time that all really took off it was allll MacBook Killer stuff. Their right it's very Noob what happened lol....I heard that too, oh bro it's i7 and ssd and my Pentium and q6600 and Athlon sucks, and who the fucking hell here held on to a Celeron D...lol
  23. I just don't know what to say about em dude, I lost faith in them they need an intervention lol
  24. Retro and getting Ancient systems must be the new thing. Id rather avoid that. People don't upgrade their shit man never seen such a damn thing...have some affordable modern option's and it all surpasses old shit man.