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  1. AbsoluteFool

    Can my laptop run a minecraft server?

    Here is the simple answer. Yes it will work. And no it will not. Now let me elaborate why i say this. Your laptop is very weak and minecraft is very CPU/RAM hungry. While it will most likely handle 5 people just fine, it will be horrible for you to play on it at the same time. Other things to consider is how much you'll have to tweak the settings on the server to actually make it run smoothly. I will also recomend against using laptops for any server related jobs. I've done these things myself and all of the laptops i've used has died completely. They simply arent build for these types of jobs.
  2. I actually did something alike this in a dummy way. I just had NGINX webserver and a single php script to list up all the files on the web server directory then pointed them in to play of a spesific page. While it does lack subscription options and stuff it does work. However i will say, leaving sites like these open for the public can quickly draw bandwidth. But they are quite easy on CPU usage.
  3. I'm not gonna quote anyone here, as this is just "basic" information. Game servers you probably want high Ghz CPU's for, Alot of RAM and high up and download connection. As for the person above me. You can use apache2 or NGINX with php and MySQL to get a website up and running. However you still need to buy a domain name and point the domain to your IP with an A record in the DNS settings. You also need a static public IP for this. You can also run multiple domains from the same web server.
  4. AbsoluteFool

    WebRTC - Reflexive Connectivity error

    Discord did some changes to the WebRTC side in Discord. In theory WebRTC shouldn't need to open ports, it just need a singnaling and STUN/TURN to get past the firewall and relay the media around. Since WebRTC in theory allowed all Discord users to get eachothers IP addresses Discord made some changes. However, you should check your computers firewall, it's known to block these things sometimes. Also be aware of anti virus/maleware programs while using Discord.
  5. AbsoluteFool

    Truck stop movie theater setup

    Many ways to do this. You don't even really need plex or kodi. To my knowledge they all require login someothing i dobpt you want to share with all the trcukers. However, you could get a computer with nginx/apache2 (any webserver) and use Red5 or something. Write a simple website to select the movies and play them back from VOD. This way you wont need any login + you'll have the full source code for the website you wrote, so you can easily add custom branding.
  6. AbsoluteFool

    Server Drive Recommendations

    Doesen't those servers have a controller limit? What i'm saying is: Are you sure the server can see 4TB drives?
  7. AbsoluteFool

    Linux Server Distro's.. Which One??

    I came across a distro called nethserver lately. It's based on CentOS but made to be simple for starters. Wouldn't say it is for everyone. But perhaps it is something for you.
  8. AbsoluteFool


    Out from all the posts you've made i can easily say that you don't need a server before you know what it will be used for. A normal computer can do all these things. However, when you move into servers your knowledge about computers equals to BS. So forget the things you know and start over. A game server typically want high clock speed, but also need alot of RAM. A Web server Want high clock speed, but doesen't need too much RAM. Either of them really need "alot" of storage. Unless you put lots of junk on it. The first place you should start is make a list. Write up all the things you'd like to use the server for. And choose an opperative system. Example: Game Server (General) Web Server (Perhaps some dev Vhost) Media Server? Transcoding? Torrent? Torrent Tracker? RTMP/WebRTC? When you have done that it would be a good time to actually ask for advice in a forum like this.
  9. AbsoluteFool

    I need help with Pfsense

    Firewall blocking everything? You saying you made the firewall block incomming and outgoing requests? Oh man.. This is the reason people say that you should test before you jump into "production". This is not really a forum where you can find full time consulation. What you should do if switch out the pfsense box with a standard router/modem then troubleshoot it in a test envoriment, not while it is live.
  10. AbsoluteFool

    Can I host my own website

    Just as a friendly advice. I host my own webserver and while setting it up i found cloudflare has a free plan. Could be worth checking out as it will give atleast some protection.
  11. AbsoluteFool

    Linux Server Distro's.. Which One??

    All you really need for this is a linux installation with vsftpd or ssh. There is no "hard" configurations on what you want to acheive. It really depends how far you want to take it. You could use nextcloud or owncloud. However this would be harder to get up and running without some knowledge at all. FTP or SSH server is like single line §apt get install vsftpd or §apt get install openssh-server This will be the same command for all debian based systems.
  12. I use NGINX/apache with mysql and php as server side. Full SHH into linux VM. And VSCode (Visual Studio Code) it's all free.
  13. AbsoluteFool

    RDP Server

    Honestly you are better of saving money and buying a system with those specs. There are however clouds that spesialize in RDP.
  14. AbsoluteFool

    NAS & Gaming Server on same server

    You kinda answered your own question here. "I thought running a VM on Windows 7 or windows 10 for freenas" FreeNAS is its own OS you don't need Windows to be under it. Also as you said "FreeNAS would be the best option but no idea if it's the easiest" FreeNAS will give you the NAS you want. But can also be used as the game server with MineOS plugin as people have mentioned above. I don't know the full features of the MineOS plugin, but if you want other game servers than minecraft. You could simply just run a VM in FreeNAS. Instead of using Virtualbox (or similar) on Windows 7/10 and create a new VM for each thing you make.
  15. AbsoluteFool

    Need Help p4 gaming server project (ubuntu/linux)

    So basicly you want apache or nginx with a static html page with download links for diffrerent games?