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  1. AbsoluteFool

    Industrial grade gaming server

    I don't think the question is wrong. The explaination of what type of server you want however is wrong. From my understanding the title says "Game Server" then it goes to data server. All servers handle data of some sort. If you want a server to handle information like documents, pictures etc a simple FTP server can do this. And that doesen't have to be expensive for even a big community. If you're looking to host game server for a few thousand people. One server will not work in your favour. If you can tell what the server is going to do i might be able to give a better answer, also i'm sure alot of other people can do aswell.
  2. AbsoluteFool

    Help me "game" on a server board? Need advice.

    Why don't just get a dual cpu socket motherboard for workstation? The 1366 CPU servies was commonly used in workstations so your best bet is to get a workstation board, as it can use mostly all of the server features aswell. Why limit yourself in a rack chassis? People often ask why you have Xeons when you game. But the truth is xeons wortks great for gaming. And it's not a multitread issue. It's a speed issue. Most xeons (Without paying for it with your head.) Lays around 2-2.5Ghz, while I7 have a massive boost over the xeons and therefore make it more appealing for the consumer market. So my question would be why do you need a I7 when a core 2duo with a boost in GHz would do the trick for gaming? The horrible truth is that people chase their own tails.
  3. AbsoluteFool

    Does anyone know what this port is?

    Those can be either external HBA cards or RAID cards. Most likely used to connect a disk shelf of some sort. SFF-8088 would be the correct name of the connector. My guess is that the previous owner used it with a Disk shelf or daisy chained something with them.
  4. AbsoluteFool

    Game server using old hardware

    The main aspects of game hosting is CPU and RAM, if those are limits you'll have a hard time. Most game server hosters use high Ghz CPUs like 3Ghz and up, often acompanied with 64+ GB of RAM. The different games normally have windows/linux features for hosting the dedicated servers, in theory you could swap system however do not quote me on this. I suggest you just try. as for your hardware. Alot of game servers run great on core 2duo, but this depends on the age of the game. Like if the game is from that era it would work. If it's a never game you'll have problems almost instantly.
  5. AbsoluteFool

    What is this? EMC2 Corp X1E+

    These are alot of fun. But i believe Electronics Wizardy are right. You're not gone use that without the control box. This looks like an expansion module to me very alike the EXP that IBM has for the DS series. It's more or less useless without the "Controller" box from my knowledge. Anyways this is what i could find online about it, perhaps it'll give you some other information that you might want. https://www1.la.dell.com/la/en/corp/enterprise/pvaul_cx300/pd.aspx?refid=pvaul_cx300&s=corp https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pvaul/en/cx300_specsheet.pdf
  6. AbsoluteFool

    Mcpe server

    A laptop can get 100% up time if you run a server system on it. 100% up time is quite dynamic thinking about desktops and laptops. With a teblet he will kill it in no time, so he'll be back to setting up the server again in a few days.
  7. AbsoluteFool

    Mcpe server

    The best option for having servers that is online 24/7 is a system that is ment for 24/7 operation. A tablet seems to be a bad option as it'll be online all the time and evenetually the battery will fail, only question is how long time will it take? As a laptop you could dual boot a server system to achive this, however i would remove the battery and run it completely from cable only. Also you'll want a cable for the internet as WiFi is very dodgy here. Then you need the requirements to actually run the server 24/7. If you are gona access this server outside of your own network you'll need a static external IP, or pay for a dynamic DNS host. You'll also have to port forward your router so you can actually access the server. Lastely you'll also want to make sure you want to pay the power bil for this reason, and that your laptop will be completely useless for everything else as long as the server is running.
  8. Firstly you should get your computer a static IP, this way it won't change all the time and the port forwarding won't be wrong. You c,an do this directly in windows or probably reserve it on your router. Then you also have to calculate that you're probably on a dynamic IP at your isp so you'll have to check this everyday and give her the new IP as it changes.
  9. AbsoluteFool

    What OS to use for VMs?

    My guess is that you are on a DPE 2950 or something similar.. ESXI 6.5 would work, but not the latest version. How many VMs you could put on it depends mostly on the RAM, CPU. With 8GB RAM i'd say 3 VMs maybe 6 at maximume if you are very carefully with the allocation. Also you'd need two LGA775 CPUs to my knowledge to actually have enough cores to get up more than 4VMs as each VM will take atleast one core each. For hypervisors there are Hyper-V, ESXI (6.5 as i said), Proxmox, KVM, XCP-NG, XenServer and many more that i don't really bother looking into.
  10. AbsoluteFool

    LTT Gaming Server?

    What you are suggesting is already being done in Norway. A completely community based hosting system, people can host their own servers or borrow a server completely free for a set time period or extended period if the server is populare. Been following the development of this for a while and they are actually taking alot of business away from game server hosting providers. Sadly this option is only available if you actually live in Norway at this moment.. But maybe someone will adapt the same idea for other countries..
  11. AbsoluteFool

    Guide to VM?

    I'm not enterly sure what you are asking about. But for me it sounds like you want each thinclient to run of it's own VM from a server. While this have serval sulutions, it's very hard to say which solution you are after. One sulution could be to install windows on the thinclientsw install VNC and have VNC connection to each VM. Second solution can be using FOG to PXE boot the thinclients Third solution is to have all thinclients use the same VM with diffrent user accounts to access the server. Of course there are many more ways, but that would be a very long list..
  12. AbsoluteFool

    Need help setting up a website and FTP stuff

    Don't windows have all those things as kinda next, next, finish installations? Alternatively you can use Hyper-V and use some linux VMs, apt-get install lamp-server^to get Apache2, php and mysql. And then apt-get install vsftpd to install FTP server.
  13. AbsoluteFool

    Help me here

    I'm not sure if it'll work. But VNC could be an option to try. I'd use that over teamviewer anyday, however i got no idea how it'll perform in games. The other option i can think of is to use dedicated servers on the games it's possible compared to use remote tools. As the problems with remote tools is not just latancy, but how the data is transfered from computer to computer. Even just running Windows as you've experienced running teamviewer is still a damn challenging task. Sorry for repeating the latency again. But your best guess that i can think of right now is VNC.
  14. AbsoluteFool

    XenServer vs VMware

    Yeah only the 57XX is supported now. You should still be able to get 6.5 tho which should work.
  15. AbsoluteFool

    XenServer vs VMware

    I prefer ESXI. Xen Server i believe is bad as they turned on their heels. They fork XCP-NG might be a better option. I hear lots of good things about proxmox, but honestly their UI just puts me off. But it's good we're all diffrent. If you want simple however i'd got for ESXI.