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  1. Creating a DHCP server, with a twist, need help

    As far as i know, and i could be wrong here. You can't access the two other machines because the DHCP server is not a router. So it cannot make two connected machines communicate. However, there might excist a way to make this happen. Not saying it's recomended but it should work. Spin up a VM and install Pfsense then diable the DHCP for pfsense in exhange to use the windows server DHCP server instead. As far as i know Pfsense should handle 10G. Another way i can think of, is using Pfsense in a wm with DHCP enabeled then just use the server as a "meeting point" if you know what i mean. Otherwise you'd need a switch or router capable of handeling 10G. (As i said, i will not garantee that anything of this will work, or be recomended at all.)
  2. OS and programs for multi use server

    I'll assume distros are a personal prefrence. Some people like one other people not so much. So instead of getting a whole thread why and why not. I'd go with the one you like the most
  3. Change public ip address

    Good thing we're on the same side. Those are just facts not education meterials lol
  4. Change public ip address

    Here is some educational material for you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_address
  5. Change public ip address

    More educated? If he was so educated he would know the term or TTL on the lease time. When you break that connection the TTL ends instantly. Ignorance. he know everything about how IPv4, MAC and DHCP works. But he don't know the right technical terms. In other words he can conntact his ISP and get some education from them. He seem impossible to reach.
  6. Change public ip address

    Before you talk about who doesen't know how anything works. Try to check your own facts. Each nic have a MAC address. That's how the internet works, you cannot use ethernet or any connection without it. If the ISP bound each IP to every MAC address on a device the IP would still be assigned to something that does not excist making internal problems for the ISP. The MAC address is a uniqe indentifier for the NIC. When you change the MAC address the isps DHCP server will act as this is a new device connecting assigning an ip to it. In other words, what you called "Timer" on the DHCP server (Learn the term btw: TTL or Time To Live) ends it will assign you a new IP, by changing the MAC address you force the TTL to end. I suggest you do some reading in IPv4, MAC and DHCP. And stop being a big mouth, you make no sense what so ever. "Timer" lmfao
  7. Change public ip address

    Yoiu know that made no sense what so ever? If the ISP bound the IP to every mac address that would cause huge internal problems. The MAC address belongs to each nic, when you change the MAC address the isp will think you are a new device and assign you an ip address. With other words you force the TTL (or DHCP timer) as you called it, to end.
  8. Change public ip address

    If the IP was bound to the MAC address the ISP would sit with a bunch of IPs that are not in use. In other words changing the MAC address just brut forced the TTL. The MAC address has nothing to do with how ISP assign ip addresses, Staticly or automatic.
  9. OS and programs for multi use server

    If Linux is preferred you've already answered your question self. Pick a linux distro and enjoy
  10. Change public ip address

    The IP wont change that easily. The IP from your ISP have a TTL or instant EOL at time out. Changing the MAC address on the router has nothing to do with changing the IP provided by the ISP. So again. Why are you talking about these DHCP things?
  11. Change public ip address

    Why are you putting in this? The DHCP server on the router can't change the public IP for him. His ISP have to do this. That list of things was just useless.
  12. bridge a network adapter to use vpn

    Not sure if i understand what you want to achieve here. Are you saying that you want to use port 1 for lan in and port 2 for vpn out? Or maybe you want to bridge both ports to become lan in?
  13. Change public ip address

    DCHP is for local IP not public. You'll have to contact your ISP or wait for the TTL to run out from your ISP side.
  14. I need an advice to choose between this two solutions

    And how would you get internet without a routrer? Electronic Wizard is right that you need a switch, you don't get anywhere by adding more routers.
  15. Ethernet connection being capped at 10 mbps

    You simply cannot expect your task manager to tell you why you get lower speed than you would want. There are too many factors in connection speed and i can see serval of them missing here. My first question is: What connection is provided to you? Do you have drive capacity to handle these speeds? Do you have the right network cable? Why would you expect your pc to pull full speed if it's not needed? Another things to ask yourself is: Are other people using the connection? Please be more clear in what you are asking.