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  1. XAMPP is a software. Not a operative system. The PC or server you run the software on should be able to run 24/7 either it be a Windows PC or enterprise server equiptment. In theory all devices "can" run 24/7. Some might give you more trouble than other. People would prefer a dedicated server with a server OS to avoid unexpected shutdowns. Which often happen with regulare client OS like Windows 10.
  2. You should try $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; Using exec is pointless while you have the superglobals. I use the same feature on my website, it will redirct my computer to a development server, while other users are redirected to it's domain and production site.
  3. To be completely honest. The idea of just paying for a pre made VM that fit the need you have and just call that "installation" a day is a great idea. All the legal bs aside, yes we know. But how much time do you spend installing VMs now days? Sure i could spend a day and make VM's that are "white papers" but just downloading them and into production sounds easier to me. As for the license thing. You can legally distribute the VM in some countries but the buyer will have to obtain a license to use it legally. The idea is not stupit, finding the market i believe is the harder part.
  4. FFmpeg definitely have the power for this. How ever, i'm confused by what you mean "looping" 100 ~ 200 videos"? Anyways, what i can tell you from the top is my head is that FFmpeg will need fast read/writes from drives. So HDDs in RAID0 is ideal, SSDs in some sort of RAID configuration will maybe also work. I would quote atleast 64GB RAM and prefferebly two CPUs at 3Ghz +
  5. You need a static IP to use VNC servers. TeamViewer and other tools have TURN/STUN servers that allows you to avoid the firewall and all port forwarding. Not sure about the alternatives here, but that's what i assume you are after.
  6. Short answer. You can't. The creator just need to join a community that own a certrilized plattform.
  7. Am i the only one till now that doessn't use adblock? Ok. I have tested it. But honestly as i own websites that show ads (Not those autoplaying video ads or full screen pop-ups etc). But i do prefer watching an ad instead of donating or subscribing directly. Although i do that aswell, moustly on rotation, one month here, another month there and so on. To be completely hoest no i wouldn't feel bad about using adblocker on bigger websites like google, youtube or amazon. My however, concern here is that the internet will close behind a payment wall if everyone use adblocker. And it will, it's already happening here. What's really needed is a clear policy on how ads are shown. Like here in Norway you must write "advertisement" over the ad. Otherwise it's against the law. I also think the data gathering and mining google does with the data is idiotic. it's mass manipulation that are directly corruptive, and is used for corruption aswell.
  8. Trying to save money for a company is the worst mouse trap for any employee. Cancel the connection agreement. There is abselutely no way to get a passive income or an active for that matter that will even land you close to zero with this.
  9. You want a Virtual Private Desktop (Twist from VPS or virtual private server), which indeed can be created in virtualbox even how outdated and sad virtualbox is. Anyways, the answer you are looking for is a type 1 hypervisor. That's what people would use in a real datacenter. You really think they would have their virtual desktops rely on a bare metal server with a type 2 hypervisor on? Why even bother asking?
  10. The ISPs here are kinda tricky. Even if you contact them you won't get any real answer. Changing ISP might even give you more latency than you already have. If you are going to switch i'd hear with your friend what ISP he have. If possible i would also trace the route at his computer to look for differences on your route and his. Which gives you atleast a "somewhat" lead to go after. In you're quest for less ping.
  11. ul.sidenac li a.active:hover changes the color for everything that's text when you use "color", to change background color you should only need the "li" and background-color: #000; You don't even need and shouldn't nest serval ID,Tags and classes together while you're still learning. Simply break them up like il{background-color: #000;} ul.sidenav {} etc etc and set the values you want. When you are more comfortable you can nest tags, id and classes and end up with #example .example li {} or #example,#example2{} p.s you don't even need to specify it as ul.sidenav{} you can use just "ul{}" or .sidenav{} and it would have the same results.
  12. Netdata or Zabbix have these features and more..
  13. The Cloud and VM and what type of hypervisor you choose is not even remotely the same. Perhaps you should make up your mind what you are asking for. Type1 hypervisor will always be prefered over a type2. And as it seems you do have knowledge about this i don't really understand why you ask a question at all. Btw Citrix uses XenServer...
  14. It looks to me that you're ISP uses telenor wholesale, as i my self live in Norway where Telenor is located i can tell you instantly that they are horrible as a service provider. You can also see from your trace why exactly i state this. Most of your ping comes from when you're hertzner in germany redirects your traffic to telenor, which then is sent to the internet service exhange in Norway, and then goes toto "ownit" in sweeden. Short sayd your connection is routed like this : de (Probably germany), jumps to telenor (no = Norway) then to ownit in sweeden. Each of these increase in latency each jump it has to take. The routing through telenor in Norway is you're issue.
  15. I don't use type 2 hypervisors alot. But for the applications i do use them for virtualbox seem to be more than good enough. It has the most basic that's needed and can simply be transfered to any type 1 hypervisor of my choice later on. But yeah.. Virtualbox licensing is tricky as with all free stuff