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    I'm quite sure i came from between two legs...

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  1. AbsoluteFool

    What is required for streaming pc?

    OBS and encoding/transcoding itself is a CPU hungry task. Modern CPUs preferably with many cores are the best bet. I selv have a dual socket system i use for streaming and it's blazing!
  2. AbsoluteFool

    Computer to do everything.

    To be completely honest. This is a very small setup and the parts you've choosen should work good. However, i do wonder what hypervisor you'd use for this? is it VirtualBox or VMware Workstation? My knowledge on Type 2 hypervisors are very limited.. Hopefully someone have more knowledge here than me.
  3. What type of SSL are you installing? Is this a server that points to an A record or a site that already have A record set? You can use Let's Encrypt for this. unless a specific certificate is required.
  4. AbsoluteFool

    G2A and Kinguin...

    The base idea of those sites are like craigslist. You sell licenses you've gotten in one way or another and hope for a sale. The thing is. Each license comes with a set of terms from the company that the license can be used at. Like Windows for example. You buy a personal license without right to resell or transfer the license to another license holder. These sites are pretty much the same as piracy.
  5. AbsoluteFool

    Got 1 gig internet but getting 400mbs

    How do you have 8Gbps internet? You mean 1Gbps not 1 gigabyte. Did you check if your router supports those speeds?
  6. AbsoluteFool

    I can not find my unraid server when connected to my router

    This PC that refuse to browse to Unraid doesen't happen to be windows 10? In that case i'd check windows features for "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support" Just tic on that feature. If that is the case i had the same problem myself
  7. AbsoluteFool

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    I see. Well, did you set your computer to a static IP? perhaps it changed? If people can connect without port forwarding there is a security hole somewhere in your network.
  8. AbsoluteFool

    I can not find my unraid server when connected to my router

    Hold on a second.. Is it just the Unraid server you don't find in like file explorer in windows?
  9. AbsoluteFool

    Access point speed problems

    This can be more reasons than i (honestly) don't really want to list up. But oh well, what do we have forums for? Just because the router can deliver 300Mbps doesen't mean it can deliver that over WiFI. The speed you'll get over that depends on the device aswell, not just the "access point" If your internet speed is 400Mbps and you have two computers using 200Mbps each there simply is no internet left for your other devices
  10. AbsoluteFool

    I can not find my unraid server when connected to my router

    connect the switch to the router and use cat5+ you'll have gigabit internally.
  11. AbsoluteFool

    I can not find my unraid server when connected to my router

    Connect the modem directly to the router, then connect all your devices to the router.
  12. AbsoluteFool

    Forward a port on Telstra smart modem

    First of. Why are you striking over an internal IP? It's not risky to show it. Also how are you running your server? Is this set to the default port on the host machine? (Check server.properties) What OS are you running your server from? How can your friends connect if the port forwarding isn't working already?
  13. AbsoluteFool

    Internet Broadband 2

    I actually had a very similar problem a while back. After swapping out the main router from my ISP, and testing everything on the inside. I ran a test with help from a guy from the tech support over their fiber like from inside my house to the "hub" up my street. That worked fine, and then tech guy then told me there was a switch cabbin located not far from where i live,he got in his car drove up and swapped the port in the switch and the connection was working fine again. However, i'm not saying that this is your problem. I'm just saying that it could possible be an option after checking everyting internal.
  14. I heard about this dude looong ago http://onemanmmo.com/ i'm actually supriced he haven't given up this project yet. But hey, he have an incredible skill set in his sleaves. So possible. Maybe. Worth it? Abselutely not. The change you'll ever finish it is super small. The change it'll be populare is even smaller. But yes it's possible to make a massive game completely alone.
  15. AbsoluteFool

    HTML/CSS Help

    Try using html { background-image: url("location");} this will give you a background image on the page. If you want this to change like "click image in div 1 - Shows as background" click image in div2 show as background. you need javascript or php