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  1. Does someone know of a good interent documetary, like: arpanet>bbs>dialup>adsl>copper>optic? I would like it to be in a acting format, like if anyone has ever seen Jobs? Also would't mind it to be someone telling a story or normal documetary
  2. Hello, my dad has a Lenovo E540, and he wants some faster storage...I wanted to place in there a m.2 ssd(specs: M.2 2242, 200-500gb,budget, also NVMe won't work, needs to be sata) but I can't seem to find a brand that i know...Only some chinese shit that will probably die in a week. Also would it be better to just remove the optical drive and replace it with a standard 2.5" ssd? Thanks in advance, Erik.
  3. I know that the Shell in a Box is a web based linux shell.My html isnt good so i would like to integrate it into my WordPress site. Does that plugin exist? DISCLAMER: This web sute will be LAN ONLY! No outside access so hacking isnt a problem, it will be used behind a VPN server when i am not home to make a "Landing page" for all my servers for ssh, also i will see about getting noVNC and other stuff so i dont need to have 20+ programs (No, I dont want teamViwer, Pulseway, etc)
  4. Hello I have to VMs first and second gen, both don't work, also i the custom view i don't have HyperV listed, only Web Server...If you can assist further i would be happy
  5. I followed this guide so I can access my Windows 10 HyperV server from my Windows 10 laptop, I have used the not in the same domain option(which I really don't know what that domain thing with servers and PCs is in Windows if someone can give a link I would be happy)* and it worked I connected to the Server as an Admin(the same one that automatically logs in when the server starts). I can do everything except connect to the VMs.That is a problem because most of the time VNC and TeamViewer to the server and then VM Connection to the VMs is really bad resolution and quality. (i could use RDP but
  6. Hmm interesting. If Adobe apps like higher clocks then the 3600 would be better(or the 2700), thanks. The Xeon would have probably been the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2690 v2
  7. Hello I do video editing, code compileing, and after effects animation.Also i regularly run many Hyper V VMs, my question is what is better for that ryzen 5 3600 or 2 10 Core Xeons and some Generic mobo(either those Chinese ones or some basic SuperMicro)? 2. I thouth if I got the second option, would it be compatible with VMvare vCenter or is that just for "prebuilt" servers? 3. Would it be logical to install Proxmox on the dual 10 core machine and then pass a GPU to the Windows instance. Does every VM need a GPU? 3. a. Can i set it so that Windows instance can utilaze lets say
  8. Hello i wanted to ask a few questions about the Android backup space: Question(Requirment) 1.Best Android backup app (System backup, Schedule) 2.Best sync app with Nextcloud(WebDAV) support (1 Way, 2 Way, Exclude/Include Folders) aka, my goal is to recreate Dropbox(almost) Any help would be appriciated
  9. Thank you so much for your help, have a nice day.
  10. Thanks i have found these Panasonic NCR18650A, with a capacity of 3100 mah, any good.
  11. Hello, I want to restore my old laptop battery ut I don't want Chinese shit 18650s, if I am wrong please correct me, but if I am not wrong where can I find decent quality 18650s. And if possible could you please check if they ship to Croatia?
  12. Hello I have a t420 with an, non working battery and I'm wanting to replace it. Does anyone know a quality source that ships to Croatia?
  13. Try to run antivirus, try in cmd sfc /scannow to fix windows corruption/error and use a hdd S.M.A.R.T. program to check your hdd, or ssd software from your ssd manufacutrer to check health. If everything is ok and none or your components are way to hot on idle the as last resort reinstall Windows 10, if that doesnt help there might be na hardware problem. btw do you maybe have an overclock? Are you using an SSD or HDD(how old are they). How old is the pc(used or new) Did you install Windows or did it come with the pc? EDIT: Use cmd as administrator
  14. Also only 4gb of ram(probably in single channel(only one stick)) is low for many games 8gb or even 16 is a lot better...Althrough you might not see an fps boost in all of your games, but it will make the system a lot more responsive