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  1. A computer and a server is basicly the same thing. A PC = Personal Computer. A server is just a system that serves content. Such as files for a file server. The problem with using a laptop as a server will however be heat, the laptop is not build for this purpose and it will kill it quite faster.
  2. I run an automated FFmpeg script to transcode all my videos on a rpi b+ without any extra cooling it's alive even after 8 months. Wouldn't suggest using a rpi for this though...
  3. 1. Host is a server/computer with filezilla server or similar installed. 2. You're on a PC i'd assume? A PC can be a host as long as it serves something. 3. Yes you can use a domain name when you point the domain to the IP of the PC or server that runs a service. This will then be called a hostname.
  4. Web server should only be TCP port 80 and/or 443. TPC External post 80 - 80, TCP Internal port 80 - 80. Also you should enable hairpinning so you'll actually get access from your external IP.
  5. You lack power to a SATA drive, Dell PowerEdge 2950 Gen 1,2,3 only have support for 2TB drives. GPU power is also lacking unless you are prepared to do some real DIY mods.
  6. RAIDZ-1 would be RAID5. Wouldn't trueNAS or the software you are using tell you this? That you can lose Xdrives before data is lost?
  7. Why would he need permission to break into something the ISP have already gived him access to? The term ethical is way to subjective and far too often missused. The best rule is if you do not own it do not touch it.
  8. You should download the code https://github.com/donatj/Circle-Generator/archive/master.zip Upload it to your website and then use an iframe like i said before. I really hessitate to give you a clear answer because i think it will be more acheiving for you to actually make it yourself. Think of my response as a very poorly written user manual. Anyways. I'll check back in a few days to see if you figured it out, if not i'll give a full proper manual on how to do it. Good luck!
  9. Honestly if you are afraid of using power a single system wont really help you much. A computer that is on idle doesen't really pull that much power. Powering on and off anything that is a server is generally missing the whole point with using a so called "server". From what i understand you want a computer for your development, which should be strong. And you want a plex server for movies. The simple way to do this with thinking of power consumption is to eliminate the need to have things online. A virtual envoriment wont really help you here. Even if you power of
  10. I've actually seen these many times. While i like the concept. For most people they are just a waste of money. When a cable fail you need to replace the cable cartigde which costs more than a cable obviously.. But sure! If cosmetics is all you care about have a go at it.
  11. Is this a self-hosted lisence of invision? If so i don't have the files to upload. However i can give you some ftp details to one of my servers and you can see if the files will upload there before you give me anything?
  12. I don't think giving away login info is a good idea. What are you trying to upload? I might be able to help you with away around using ftp.
  13. Have you tried the web ftp in cPanel? It's hard to give an answer without seeing what's going on.
  14. That's a question with quite a bit variables. Can be your internet connection that's unstable. The host machine. Or just many people uploading stuff at once to the host.