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  1. It says 1986 but I don't think that this is that old. It doesn't have pins on the base but in the laterals
  2. I think that it is powering on but, the monitor doesn't receive any signal and neither muy keyboard or my mouse has power. The first time that I have power it on this morning booted normally but the pc was completely frozen, the cursor moved, but I couldn't click and control alt delete didn't work either, so I power it off and turned back on and now I'm stuck with the problem that I described in the beginning. Note: the bios doesn't beep and there is not usb power or display output. The computer was working normally the day before, I didn't install anything before this happened.
  3. Unless you're going to play on Cycles (Blender's ray-tracing rendering engine) there is no game that can drop the fps under 144 at 720p (I don't have a RTX 3080, so I can't talk by personal experiences but the benchmarks talk by themselves)
  4. In seasonic weabsite: https://seasonic.com/wattage-calculator?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=ee10d0e038209f63d88f7a305a2b114145964508-1604316985-0-ATY-roSKwvO8apvn8xoXwcVy23TjYofhP4xgjM_c2qMd1w-D-yxcdB0b6ijtcEDIzZgbjGPDDrL8nMuSSEGhGHgmIWxj0-Uhh9Gn-8l7XjWjmrkYZc_5iuZBvudM8rnmYRLTQTfLTsQVKs1fGJ5bhNuu7YtoLVaMtLlNijREWe_fRONm-z6eOaGRCItN40Qv2iKbu6TYutIgjGeZ7ZXN4p4SwnUWQvZLkfkLhpdj77M2-bsbJ8bX-Tit-Ckj07Y3SXYOC4iDiKRONjUapCf4pabGlZGYtZQPGZhGl5iLhSz2# You can pick the 3080ti/3070ti for the wattage calculator
  5. When it is for buying, even if it is for 2 min
  6. At what gmt 0 hour comes out the rtx 3070 fe? And the aib partners?
  7. A friend of mine has an htc one and he is trying to change the language to spanish but apparently only lets you change the language to french, English, deutsch, italian and turkish. It's running android 5 so it's pretty old, anyone has the same problem or know what to do?
  8. The mobile gpu couldn't support overclocking, so don't try to overclock it, is not a good idea, at most you will get 3-4 fps so doesn't worth it
  9. I'd say that if he likes management games he should try city's skylines, there isn't any in app purchases and it's pretty fun.
  10. If you have a 27" as I think you do, 1440p is more than enough, I have a 34" 1440p and I don't have any problems with that's. For me it's way better 1440p 144hz than 4k 60hz.