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    At Home watching Anime
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    Computing - Gaming - Anime
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    Ryzen 2200G 3.5Ghz -3.7Ghz Turbo
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    A320M-K Asus
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    MSI GTX 1050OC
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    Cooler Master (Don't Know the actual case ID)
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    1TB HDD + 60GB Kingston SSD + 120GB Sandisk SSD
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    EVGA 500W power supply
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    HANNS.G HE225
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    Wraith Stealth
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    Magic Eagle Keyboard
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    Magic Eagle Mouse
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    Earphones that came with my phone
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    Windows 10

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  1. but i am getting free electricty from my student dorms. So i dont have an electric bill to pay sort of.
  2. Since I stay on my pc all day i was wondering if I should mine whilst i have video lessons online and doing some coursework. I have a 3070. WIll I be able to do daily task whilst mining? and will my gpu lifespan shorten or no?
  3. This image was taken from linus' rtx 3060ti review video, i noticed in one of the slides for the RT cores it says 46 First gen rt cores, and for tesor cores it says second gen is this true?
  4. Going_AFK

    Help pls

    no, it gets rid of temp files mainly and if you go into advance version you can get rid of the old windows
  5. Going_AFK

    Help pls

    press disk cleanuip
  6. Going_AFK

    Help pls

    wait lemme send screenshots
  7. Hi, I am a game development student currently we are doing coding based work only nothing 3D yet, we are going to do 3d next semester when we will be going on campus for the first time. I want a laptop for coding so far and with fast compilation times but I want thunderbolt since I want the eGPU expansion for the future
  8. I had a problem with my router it was a new router and i was consistently getting high jumps of intervals of like every 7 seconds maybe get the router checked out
  9. A match made in heaven. (im waiting for 5600 to release)
  10. I just got my 3070 and wondering do I need to use 2 different 8 pins or can I use 1
  11. I am just wondering if it is worth it now, I got a 2200g currently and my motherboard supports the 3600,i know the 5600 is coming at one point but im just wondering if the difference in performance will matter, im only running 2 1080p monitors 1 i use for gaming, im planning to get the 3070 aswell but i currently got an OC Strix 1060
  12. you can make it cleaner it is just a temp solution until the 3070 launches