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  1. Ok, gotcha. I took the screen shot a few days ago and it wasn't like that, it was it's own listing. Hopefully this is just 3rd parties.
  2. Ok, gotcha. I took this a few days ago and it wasn't like that originally. It was it's own listing. But thankfully this is looking like a 3rd party seller... I hope.
  3. Ok, I found this while browsing Amazon. It definitely looks like it's from MSI themselves but there is the chance it's just another scalper disguised as them. I would be furious if this is actually what MSI's RTX 3090 msrp is going to be like.
  4. I have a project I'm working on I think should add some wireless controls to. I'm restoring a 86 ford bronco, and for those of you that don't know this, the glass on the tailgate slides down to open the back. The only way you can roll down the window when the window is in proper condition, is either using the switch on the dashboard next to the a/c controls or by inserting the key into the tailgate and turning it to roll up and down the window. Since I'm replacing the whole tailgate anyway due to rust, I want to add some wireless features to the bronco, one of which is to roll down the window
  5. I got a few projects I'm storing on my 6tb IronWolf drive, and while it's doing the job the same drive also stores data for other things as well like movies and music. I am currently building a NAS to properly store everything but I am going to be keeping a copy of my projects on my main PC. Either way transfer speeds are still a bit on the slow side and I would like to give it a performance boost. Is there a way to add a ssd cache to my 6tb D drive safely without loosing everything? I am going to backup everything before I even try so don't worry about losing data. My workstation
  6. I am working on a commissioned computer for a client who wants beauty over performance. Keeping everything on a budget, I decided to get the Phantek Neon RGB Strips for the case, a NZXT H510. I got a MSI Tomahawk B350 for the motherboard and a Ryzen 2400g. I layed out the strips and inserted the plastic tabs the way I wanted to. When I went to plug it in, I saw that it was a 5v 3 pin plug. It didn't come with a adapter, no mention of needing anything to work, nothing. I even checked reviews like from Bitwit about it and it looked liked it was plug and play, and that is why I got them in the fi
  7. I got a Note 9 512gb that I just installed Dex on my computer for. It connects via usb so I can easily use my current keyboard and mouse no problem, share files, etc. One thing I noticed is that the screen resolution is a bit low, looks like 720p instead of 1080p, and the refresh rate is a bit low. I know that it's a phone and it's not uber powerful. Is this just a setting fix I can change for better responce/resolution, or is this a compromise I'm gonna have to deal with? I would like to get 1080p(granted 720p doesn't look too bad so far) and I would like to get a higher refresh rate, so arou
  8. I got a couple project ideas I want to discuss with people here but I do not know where to properly post them. My ideas are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other simular stuff. Is there a DIY Electronics page here on the forum?
  9. ... I may have a idea. So I'm planning on building a PFSense router anyway. Are there any 4G pcie cards that can accept a SIM card? The reason I ask is because while we do have a landline internet connection, my dad still has a 4G Verizon router that was grandfathered in our plan with our phones. This is still connected to our house phone probably to keep the phone number as we did away with landlines altogether until I got the new internet in the house. We are still paying for it and it is still active. Here is my idea, what if I installed the Verizon router SIM card i
  10. I live out in the American Midwest (Iowa)20 miles from the city. We had a bad home internet experience for years with multiple companies. AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon, which the latter had the better options at the time. We are surrounded by cornfields and we couldn't get any land/wire based for decades. It was only recently that Quest/Centurylink started branching out in my area, and now we are getting 10mbps download with 1mbps upload with a unlimited cap. Sure that's slow for the majority of you guys but to my family it's a huge leap as we barely got 600kps each month before.
  11. I built my first Threadripper pc a little while ago and I am definitely in love with my system. My build is a Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard, bios version 2001 x64(probably outdated) Threadripper 2920x 12 core. 64gb 16x4 3200 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Ram (CMW32GX4M2C3200C16) Corsair H115i Platinum AIO RTX Titan stock cooler Corsair HX 1200 psu Corsair 750D case Airflow edition I built this for light gaming and 3D rendering/animation and so far it's doing great for that, but I know I got some extra horsepower hidden in there somewhe
  12. I have a Galaxy Note 9 which I like a lot. I don't plan on getting another phone for a while. I want to learn how to make simple commands and extra features for it. For example, a feature I want to make is I want to have a semi-shutoff. I don't know what else to call it. Basically, say if I press the Bixby button(which I never use anyway) or a combination of buttons, the phone would shut off the screen, touch, and fingerprint scanner. The purpose is so I can play a Floatplane, youtube, or netflix movie and I can just keep my phone in my pocket without worrying about extra battery b
  13. I was browsing Craigslist yesterday and I came upon a ad for a local computer shop that was selling a Dell Optiplex 960 SFF with a built in floppy drive for cheap. By the time I got there It was sold and they didn't have anymore. This little computer would have been great for me cause I needed something for that can except older and modern forms of media, so the floppy option was perfect plus it had a dvd writer too. Not to mention it was small enough I could just store it without a issue. So I looked on ebay for a similar one but couldn't find one with a floppy drive.
  14. I've got a feeling that this is going to be a very quick and easy post. I am looking for a budget MATX computer case for some computers I am planning on selling. What I am looking for is quality build, some decent air flow, good esthetics, all with a budget of under a $100. Preferred color is black. Going to purchase on Amazon. A window would be awesome, but not necessary. Don't really care if there are any 5.25 drive slots or not.