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  1. One think I want to learn is how to make custom mechanical keyboards with a new pcb design rather than just use one that's premade. The reason for this is I want to be able to design my own peripherals that may not be avaliable. Say for example I have to make a small keyboard to fit in a custom All-in-one pc, or I want to swap out a old keyboard in a vintage computer with a more modern one. One project I want to do is I have a Commodore 128 shell I got in a lot with other vintage stuff. No motherboard or other electronics, just the plastic. I want to turn it into a cool
  2. I work on 3D stuff as a hobby and going to monitize my content soon. One investment I want to make in a little bit is getting a RTX Quadro 8000 or 6000. I am using a RTX Titan right now and it's helping a lot but it could use another gpu paired with it and the Quadros have a blower cooler so that helps with heat. I want to get the 8000 because I can use the full 48gb of Vram for my larger scenes and RTX 3090, while may work, is pretty power hungry and does not have a good cooling option when paired with another gpu, unless there is a aftermarket blower for it. I see some on Ebay b
  3. I had a idea I wanted to try for my private Discord server with 5 friends. I want to find a way that a program or a bot can stream a mp4 or similar file on a video chat automatically, say like I set the video to play for a specific time and/or I can select what plays later at another specific time. The purpose of this would be to host a stream party where we can gather and watch something, then when that file is done the next file could automatically play or wait until the selected time. Perfect for intermission. Also I was thinking bot or program so I don't have to be logged in wh
  4. Has anyone used this before here? How well does it work and is there anything I should know? Would it do what I want and boot off of a pre-installed SD card or usb?
  5. I am looking for a Raspberry Pi emulator or some kind of virtual machine to run on my laptop. The reason is I want the ability to pop a micro sd card or usb into my laptop and be able to boot Raspbian or any other OS that was meant for the Raspberry Pi from that sd/usb card like it would on a real pi. To me at least this could have quite a few advantages. One, I don't have a dedicated pi to install software and new drives to test the OS or program, and if I did it would take up space I could use for something else. Plus it wouldn't be portable nor all in one package like a laptop
  6. Thank you so much for the help and advice guys! I may have to hold back a bit and think about my options. Since nothing is broken right now, the best solution might be to hold off watercooling until I can find a good case for the new loop and 3090. Will have to find a use for my old case though. Also the new case has to have at least 2 front 5.25 bays for a optical drive and HDD hotswap bays. That's the reason why I got the 750D. And yes I do use them, lol. Also don't worry about my Threadripper. It's average temps under load is 39°C and only once have I seen it jump to 55° from a
  7. I have a pc I built over a year ago that I love. It has a Threadripper 2920x, Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard, 64GB 3200 ram, a RTX Titan that was an upgraded from a 1080ti, a 1200w Corsair PSU, all in a Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition case. I built this pc for my hobby 3D modeling and rendering, explaining the Titan upgrade because I needed more Vram for my bigger projects. I also use the computer as my gaming system. For the most part everything works and runs fantastic, most games and renders have the graphics card running average around 45°C with a locked framerate
  8. Ok, that's good since my i5 is a 8th gen. Where should I go or what's a good tutorial to use to install it?
  9. Somehow I have a feeling this is a quick yes or no question. However I looked all over and I cannot find any info saying it absolutely needs a dedicated gpu or not. Just stuff like Nvidia and AMD, nothing otherwise. Gonna be completely honest with you guys and you should know I have no experience with Vulkan or any other API at all besides using it unconsciously. The reason I'm asking is cause I was inspired by Anthony's LTT video on installing Pop_OS instead of using Windows 11. I wanted to try Linux for a while and that video made me take the leap. So I bought a used Thinkpad L38
  10. I have a EVGA FTW GTX 1070 that I'm wanting to put in a build for a friend, the problem is that I need a blower style cooler for it to work and not overheat the pc. As we all know, buying any new card with this option is not feasible, so I want to take what I got and make the best for it. I'm wanting to put the card in a Asus G20CB, hence why the blower is necessary and not really optional. Is there options for the card? Could a founders edition cooler fit and plug in? Any aftermarket options that are even better? I don't really care what it would look like in the end, it's gonna b
  11. Ok, gotcha. I took the screen shot a few days ago and it wasn't like that, it was it's own listing. Hopefully this is just 3rd parties.
  12. Ok, gotcha. I took this a few days ago and it wasn't like that originally. It was it's own listing. But thankfully this is looking like a 3rd party seller... I hope.
  13. Ok, I found this while browsing Amazon. It definitely looks like it's from MSI themselves but there is the chance it's just another scalper disguised as them. I would be furious if this is actually what MSI's RTX 3090 msrp is going to be like.
  14. I have a project I'm working on I think should add some wireless controls to. I'm restoring a 86 ford bronco, and for those of you that don't know this, the glass on the tailgate slides down to open the back. The only way you can roll down the window when the window is in proper condition, is either using the switch on the dashboard next to the a/c controls or by inserting the key into the tailgate and turning it to roll up and down the window. Since I'm replacing the whole tailgate anyway due to rust, I want to add some wireless features to the bronco, one of which is to roll down the window
  15. I got a few projects I'm storing on my 6tb IronWolf drive, and while it's doing the job the same drive also stores data for other things as well like movies and music. I am currently building a NAS to properly store everything but I am going to be keeping a copy of my projects on my main PC. Either way transfer speeds are still a bit on the slow side and I would like to give it a performance boost. Is there a way to add a ssd cache to my 6tb D drive safely without loosing everything? I am going to backup everything before I even try so don't worry about losing data. My workstation